ACH semi-annual reports show progress toward milestones

The Washington Health Care Authority (HCA) released a summary of the first Accountable Communities of Care (ACH) semi-annual reports today.  The reports outline milestones achieved and incentives earned by ACHs from January 1, 2018 through June 30, 2018.

Currently ACHs are at Year 2, Quarter 2 of the demonstration project and still largely focused on assessment of existing systems.  Milestones for this reporting period include:

  • Assessment of current state capacity;
  • Strategy development for domain focus areas (systems for population health management, workforce, value-based payment);
  • Definition of Medicaid Transformation evidence-based approaches or promising practices, strategies, and target populations;
  • Identification of partnering providers –which involves executing master services agreements with partners.

Each ACH also provided status updates of on-going project efforts associated with their particular project plans. The semi-annual reports of each ACH can be found here.

The summary notes that all ACHs met their milestones and earned incentive dollars for their work. The largest amount of incentive dollars, over $24 million, was earned by Healthier Here, the ACH that covers King County.  The lowest amount, just over $5 million, was earned by North Central ACH which covers Chelan, Douglas , Grant, and Okanogan Counties.

ACH detailed Implementation Plans were due the state on October 1st, but are not yet available for review on the HCA website. Future reports are expected to contain an assessment of progress to these more specific implementation activities.

More information on state Medicaid Transformation activities can be found on the HCA website here.