Health care bills sent on to Governor Brown

Questions about the ACA and lingering arguments about universal coverage in California lead health care to feature as a prominent issue this year in the legislature.  With the end of the 2018 legislative session on August 31st, legislators have now sent the final batch of bills up to Governor Brown for signature.  Health care bills have so far, avoided vetos with a couple already receving approval.  Governor Brown has until Spetember 30th to decide their final fate, either sign, approve without signature, or veto. Here are some key bills that we have been watching:

SB 320 –  Sent up on September 5th, this bill paves the way for access to medication abortions in state university health clinics. The costs of implementation will be funded by a private consortium committed to ensuring a full range of women’s health options from campus health clinics.

AB 595 – Signed on September 7th, the law provides for stronger oversight over large health plan mergers in an effort to protect patient and public interest. Now large health care service plans will be required to give notice to, and secure prior approval from, the Director of the Department of Managed Health Care in order to consolidate.

SB 910 – Signed up on August 24th, but proposed before the Trump administration recently announced new rules expanding the definition of short-terms plans, this bill prohibits the sale of short-term plans in the state in an effort to protect the stability of the individual health insurance market.

SB 1108 – Sent up on September 5th, the legislation would  prohibit work or community engagement requirements, waiting periods, or time limits for determining Medi-Cal eligibility in an effort to ensure less obstructed access to coverage.

SB 1375 – Sent up September 10th, the law changes the definition eligibility for small employer health plans so that individuals who are self-employed cannot join association health plans in an effort to protect and maintain participation and stability of the individual market exchange.