With critical shortage Bloodworks Northwest kicks off Bold for Blood donation challenge

Bloodworks Northwest kicked off its Bold for Blood Challenge last week. A response to the local blood supply shortage, the challenge invites northwesterners to give blood before September 3rd while harnessing  the power of social media to challenge at least three others to do the same.

As of July31st, Bloodworks Northwest’s supply dropped to a critical 1-day supply level to serve all the 90 hospitals and blood therapy patients in the region. Blood has a short shelf-life of only 5 days for platelets and 42 days for red blood cells so it takes approximately 800 donors a day to maintain the necessary blood supply.

Each pint of blood donated can save the lives of up to three people as it is separated into platelets, red cells, and plasma which can be used fresh, or frozen and stored for up to 12 months. Supplies are down because donors are on break from school or on vacation, according to Bloodworks.

To join the challenge:

  1. Donate: Register here to give blood at a Bloodworks Donor Center or mobile drive anytime through Labor Day.
  2. Share: Take a picture with the official BOLD FOR BLOOD sign or simply pose with a flexed arm. Post on your social media channels using the hashtag #BoldforBlood.
  3. Invite Others: In your social media post, tag three friends you challenge to be #BoldforBlood.