Bree Collaborative seeks feedback on LGBTQ Health Care and Suicide Care reports

The Dr. Robert Bree Collaborative requested public comment this week on two new draft reports and recommendations that address LGBTQ Health Care and Suicide Care in Washington State.

The Bree Collaborative was established by the Washington State Legislature in 2011 to bring together public and private health care stakeholders to identify specific ways to improve health care quality, outcomes, and affordability in Washington State. The group focuses on identifying health care services with significant variation in care or utilization, which can signal waste or unnecessary tests or services, and recommend evidence-based, cost-effective strategies for improvement. Members are appointed by the Governor and include representatives of hospitals, health plans, employers, physicians, and quality improvement organizations from across Washington State.

Since its inception, the group has published 28 reports and recommendations for a wide variety of fields – from Addiction and Dependence Treatment, to Obstetric (Maternity) Care, to Total Knee and Total Hip Replacement Surgery Bundled Payment Model and Warranty. The recommendations are sent to the Washington State Health Care Authority (HCA) for review and approval. The HCA then uses the recommendations to guide state purchasing for Medicaid and the Public Employees Benefits Board Program, as well as other programs.

The draft recommendations on LGBTQ Health Care establish that LGBTQ people have challenges and health care needs distinct from those who do not identify as LGBTQ. They may also face access issues relating to health insurance coverage and policies that reinforce stigma among the health care system and across communities. The draft report includes proposals to align care delivery with existing evidence-based, culturally sensitive standard of care for LGBTQ people in Washington State and decrease health disparities through three focus areas:

  • Communication, Language, and Inclusive Environments
  • Screening and Taking a Social and Sexual History
  • Areas Requiring LGBTQ-Specific Standards and Systems of Care

Public comment on the LGBTQ Health Care Recommendations may be given by taking this survey.

Draft Suicide Care Recommendations tackle the issue of suicide as both a preventable outcome and a public health issue with long-lasting effects on family members, friends, and clinical providers. The report suggests implementable standards integrating suicide prevention, assessment, management, treatment, and supporting suicide loss survivors into clinical care pathways.

Public comment on the Suicide Care Recommendations may be provided by taking this survey.

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