Governor Walker issues Administrative Order addressing homelessness

Governor Bill Walker signed Administrative Order No 294, strengthening the Alaska Council on the Homeless. The Administrative Order expands the duties of the Council to coordinate services and resources across state agencies to implement Alaska’s Plan to End Long Term Homelessness, focusing on housing stability, increased employment and income, and meeting the needs of specific homeless sub-populations. It also expands the stakeholders involved in solving housing issues for Alaskans to include the Commissioner of the Department of Workforce and Labor Development, the Alaska Federation of Natives President, and the Executive Director of the Alaska Coalition on Housing and Homelessness.

“This Administrative Order adds critical positions to the Alaska Council on the Homeless,” said Governor Walker. “By gathering experts who are already working to make sure all Alaskans can meet their fundamental needs together, we can expand our work to end homelessness in Alaska.”

This press release was provided by the Office of Alaska Governor Bill Walker.