Hawaii Medicare enrollment up as Medicaid enrollment decreases

Enrollment numbers show that Medicare enrollment is up while Medicaid enrollment has decreased slightly.

Medicare Enrollment

Medicare Advantage enrollment has increased since January 2017 to March 2018. Stand-Along Part D enrollment has also increased in the same time frame.

HMSA, Kaiser Foundation Health Plan and UnitedHealthcare cover approximately 80 percent of the enrollees, but only UnitedHealthcare has seen significant growth since Jan 2017, adding more than 3,200 new enrollees, including 1,000 since December.

Less than 45 percent of Medicaid eligible people in Hawaii are currently enrolled. The Big Island only has about a third of eligible people enrolled. Enrollment and preferred carrier varies by island, as seen in the tables below that show Medicare Advantage enrollment by island as of March 2018.

Medicaid Enrollment

Preliminary counts in January 2018 show a decrease of 1.4 percent in Medicaid enrollment since January 2017. The preliminary count shows 355,804 Medicaid enrollees.

HMSA has the largest share of Medicaid enrollees, but has also seen a decrease in enrollment in the last year. All other carriers, except HMSA and UnitedHealthcare, have also seen Medicaid enrollment decreases.