Aetna and Zoom+Care announce new accountable care collaboration in Oregon

Aetna and ZOOM+Care today announced an accountable care collaboration that will offer employers in the greater Portland area a health care model designed to reduce health care costs while providing a superior patient experience. The health care savings will be specific to each employer, with the potential to save up to 15 percent over comparable broad network Aetna products.

The new commercial product, the Aetna Whole Health – ZOOM+Care plan, will be available to fully insured and self-insured large employers in Washington, Clackamas, and Multnomah counties on July 1.  Aetna Sales Representatives will begin quoting the Aetna Whole Health – ZOOM+Care plans with local insurance producers on May 1.

Through this unique collaboration, Aetna Whole Health – ZOOM+Care members will be able to manage their health care needs on their mobile phone including scheduling same-day primary care, urgent care, and specialty visits at ZOOM+Care neighborhood clinics, checking lab results and viewing online medical records. Members will also have on-demand access to board-certified emergency care physicians at the ZOOM+Care SuperTM Clinic. Additionally, members will have seamless access to a curated list of local hospitals and specialists for additional healthcare needs.

The Aetna Whole Health – ZOOM+Care plan provides member-focused, coordinated care designed to help companies achieve cost savings, while also:

  • Delivering a more coordinated, personalized health care experience for members;
  • Providing patients with comprehensive care management programs; and
  • Supporting radical access to efficient on-demand care

“Aetna is pleased to work with ZOOM+Care to provide a simpler and more efficient health care experience for our members in Oregon,” said Norm Seabrooks, president of Aetna’s Northwest operations. “By aligning our goals with ZOOM+Care, we will be able to provide health care options that will help our members live healthier lives while lowering health care costs for employers.”

“Since our founding in 2006, ZOOM+Care has grown in popularity by designing a healthcare system that puts the customer in control — delivering on-demand complete care you control with your phone,” stated Dave Sanders, MD, co-founder of ZOOM+Care. “We are pleased to take our long-standing relationship with Aetna to the next level, to bring together our skills and resources to find a new way forward – to prevent disease, to heal, and to delight – while addressing the root causes of the high cost of care.”

New payment agreements reward improvements in quality and costs of care
The collaboration features a new payment model to reward providers for meeting quality, efficiency and patient satisfaction measures including:

  • The percentage of members who get recommended preventive care and screenings;
  • Better management of patients with chronic conditions such as diabetes and heart failure;
  • Reductions in avoidable hospital readmission rates; and
  • Reductions in emergency room visits.

Aetna is working with health care organizations nationwide to develop products and services that support value-driven, patient-centered care for health care consumers.

This press release was provided by Aetna.