UnitedHealth Group hiring health plan CEO, other positions in Alaska

Based on new job postings, it appears that UnitedHealth Group has been awarded the Coordinated Care Demonstration Project RFP in Alaska.

UnitedHealth Group has posted a job opening for a Health Plan CEO in Alaska. The position was posted earlier this week and will be located in Anchorage, Wasilla or Palmer.

According to the posting:

“The CEO Position directs the strategic development, growth and operations of the Alaska health plan within the State of Alaska’s Coordinated Care Demonstration project. This role has overall accountability to meet revenue, membership and operating income objectives, develop key provider affiliations, establish an influential relationship with the state, direct and effectively develop strategic goals into specific business plans, and create a successful, collaborative team of people to achieve these goals.”

The future CEO must “develop, lead, execute market-specific health plan strategies and programs for the government sector” and “identify and/or provide input into potential merger and acquisition candidates to grow Medicaid business.”

UnitedHealth Group also posted an opening for a Community Outreach Specialist the same day as the CEO position. The position will focus on social determinants of health and health disparities. Candidates are also required to be bilingual/fluent in a Native American/Alaska language and have demonstrated knowledge of the tribal communities, relations and treaties.

United is also searching for a Chief Medical Officer for the UHC Community Plan of Alaska to “promote the State’s Coordinated Care project.” The position requires “5+ years of experience in Medicaid/Medicare government programs of Medicare fee for services.”

Another open position is the Director of Operations, who will be “Accountable for the day to day and long-term operations for the health plan in Alaska Coordinated Care demonstration project.”