Oregon seeking feedback on CCO 2.0

Oregon has been building towards a re-procurement of Medicaid for sometime. It was initially planned for a go-live in 2019 but for a host of reasons, that procurement has been delayed for a year until 2020.

With that additional time, OHA is looking to collect stakeholder feedback on how well the current Medicaid model is working, and what might be updated in the next procurement.  It is kicking off a series of public meetings and feedback tools.

They are referring to the next phase as “CCO 2.0.” From an email from OHA:

Coordinated Care Organizations (CCOs)started in 2012 and were part of Oregon’s promise to improve health, provide better health care, and lower health care spending. We now have more than five years of experience with the CCO model and lots of data about what is working and what needs more work over the next five years. We are calling this next phase “CCO 2.0.” The CCO 2.0 contract will start in 2020, but we are already laying the groundwork.

This process includes an online stakeholder feedback tool, which you can take here until April 15, 2018.

Additional background was provided via this document  titled “Health system transformation in Oregon: lessons from the first five years.”

Since 2012 Oregon’s Medicaid reforms and the CCO model have saved taxpayers an estimated $2.2 billion.

The next five-year CCO contract will start in January of 2020.  Between now and then there is a lot of work to do to develop policies for CCO 2.0, the next phase of health system transformation in Oregon.

Starting in March, OHA and the Health Policy Board will kick off a series of public meetings to gather your input on policy recommendations for CCO 2.0.   Formal recommendations will be presented at the August Board meeting.