Municipality of Anchorage opens Vera Whole Health Clinic for employees

This press release was provide by the Municipality of Anchorage.

Mayor Ethan Berkowitz and Vera Whole Health President and CEO Ryan Schmid announced the grand opening of the Municipality’s Vera Whole Health Clinic, which will serve municipal employees and their dependents as a primary and preventive care provider.

“We looked for ways to improve health outcomes and reduce costs, which is why we are pleased to join the Anchorage School District in offering a Vera Whole Health Clinic for municipal employees and our dependents,” said Mayor Berkowitz. “This is the kind of innovation that should improve access and availability to health care, and lead to substantial savings.”

The City anticipates cost savings from the clinic’s opening. Employers who partner with Vera see a significant reduction in employee healthcare claims, up to 25% in the first year alone through the reduction of high-cost urgent and emergency services, and the coordination of specialty care and follow-up.

Approximately 70% of the adult population on the Municipality of Anchorage health plan has not had a physical or wellness exam in two years. The opening of the Vera Clinic will remove barriers to wellness care for employees and their families, providing access to high-quality care with less waiting and more time spent with providers.

“Vera Whole Health is delighted to support the Municipality of Anchorage, its employees and their families,” said Schmid. “By aligning financial incentives and providing social, mental, and physical care, we can support individuals to reach optimum health and the Municipality to save money. It’s immensely humbling to be part of a win-win-win solution.”

The City’s clinic is the second Vera Whole Health Clinic to open in Anchorage, following the Anchorage School District’s employee clinic’s opening in fall 2017.  School district and municipal employees will be able to use the clinic of their choice as part of a cooperative agreement.