Speaker presentations now available from 2018 Texas State of Reform

We hosted our second annual Texas State of Reform Health Policy Conference yesterday and it was one of the largest, most diverse convenings of senior health care executives and health policy leaders in the state. It is always an honor to bring the different silos of healthcare together. Here are some of the presentation materials from the speakers at the event.

A Survey of Other State Models for Financing Care

Melody Anthony: Deputy Medicaid Director, Oklahoma Health Care Authority
Winfried Danke: Executive Director, CHOICE Regional Health Network

A Vision for a Post-ACA Texas Health System

Stephen Love: President & Chief Executive Officer, Dallas-Fort Worth Hospital Council
Chris Larson, DO: Owner & Physician, Euphora Health
Deane Waldman, MD: Director, Center for Healthcare Policy, Texas Public Policy Foundation

Developing a Consumer-Centered Healthcare System

Katarina Lindley, DO: Physician & Owner, Eagle Medical Center Direct Primary Care
Shana Palmieri: Senior Vice President, Behavioral Health Division, XFERALL
Lucas Artusi: Systems Designer, Design Institute for Health, Dell Medical School & College of Fine Arts, University of Texas at Austin

Improving the Texas Behavioral Health System

Octavio Martinez, MD: Chair, Behavioral Health Integration Advisory Committee, HHSC
Amy Granberry: Chief Executive Officer, Charlie’s Place Recovery Center
Carol Nati: Medical Director, MHMR Tarrant County

Legal Questions in Health Reform in 2018

Michael Smith: Senior Counsel, Strasburger
Jay Henderson: Attorney, Fibich Leebron Copeland Briggs

Managing Care Transitions between Acute and Long Term Care

Amanda Fredriksen: Associate State Director, AARP Texas
Ellen Martin: Director of Practice, Texas Nurses Association
Bob Kalin: Vice President of Long Term Care Operations, Molina Healthcare of Texas

Strategies to Manage the Opioid Crisis

Rep. Joe Moody: Vice Chair, House Select Committee on Opioids and Substance Abuse
Kimber Lee Falkinburg: Executive Director, Spread Hope Like Fire
Matt Feehery: Senior Vice President & CEO, Memorial Hermann Prevention and Recovery Center

The Future of Texas Medicaid

Kara Crawford: Chief of Staff, HHSC
Jamie Dudensing: Executive Director, Texas Assoc. of Health Plans
Anne Dunkelberg: Associated Director, Center for Public Policy Priorities
Jennifer Minjarez: Policy Analyst, Center for Health Policy, Texas Public Policy Foundation