Podcast: The Future of Oregon’s Health System, Health Policy, and Fiscal State

This session turned the tables on health policy discussions in recent years. Instead of answering questions, John Kitzhaber will be asking them of some of Oregon’s most important players in the health care and health policy worlds. Where is Oregon health care going? Why does policy making appear so difficult? What are the answers to the fiscal challenges? We ended our 2017 Oregon State of Reform Health Policy Conference with this thought provoking session with some of Oregon’s most important health care voices.

  • Imelda Dacones, MD: President and Chief Executive Officer, Northwest Permanente, P.C.
  • Jeff Heatherington: Chief Executive Officer, FamilyCare Incorporated
  • Janet Meyer: Chief Executive Officer, Health Share of Oregon
  • Greg Van Pelt: Executive Director, Oregon Health Leadership Council
  • Hon. John Kitzhaber: Former Governor, State of Oregon (moderator)