Maui Health Systems ends private postpartum room fee increase

At Maui Memorial Medical Center, new parents will no longer have to pay as much as $672 dollars for a private postpartum room.

When Maui Health Systems took over Maui Memorial Medical Center and two other area hospitals at the beginning of July, the company raised the price of a private room from $152 to $672. Following the announcement, Maui Health Systems faced backlash from families and they announced they would put a hold on the rate increase for six months. They are now saying, as of November 1, they will not collect these increased fees.

According to a news release, “All patients will be given a private room if one is available when admitted.”

Maui Memorial currently has 11 postpartum rooms which will serve as private rooms on a first come, first serve basis.

“The majority of new moms will not have a shared room during their stay,” says Chastell Ely, spokeswoman for Maui Health System. “Once we reach 12 moms, out of necessity, some rooms will become semiprivate. However, one adult support individual of the patient’s choice will still have open visitation and be welcome to stay, unless this poses a risk to patient safety.”

The Star Advertiser reports that previously, fathers couldn’t stay in shared overnight rooms, but Maui Health Systems has changed its policy so that one adult can stay in a shared room if a private room isn’t available.

“We will make every effort to provide families private opportunities to bond with their new baby,” said Dr. Martin Newman, obstetrics and gynecology medical staff department chairman.