What They’re Watching: Rick Weaver, CEO of Comprehensive Healthcare

Rick Weaver, CEO of Comprehensive Healthcare, joins us in this edition of What They’re Watching to discuss the importance of communication among health care professionals while planning for integration. Weaver’s commentary stresses the significance of open discussion and active engagement among all those involved in the integration of behavioral and physical health in Washington.

“I think from the state we have to continue to work to have a really clear set of answers for people. I’ve been on both sides. I’m a provider but I’m also now working in government and sometimes there’s a disconnect in the communication. People all speak different languages even though we all speak English. County commissioners speak a different language than state bureaucrats and providers and others and we have to just keep talking to get those messages really crystal clear. We have to answer questions and be transparent about the answers.”

“The reality is that integration is here. It’s the law of the state, it’s moving ahead and we’ve got to get ready for it. You can’t just do that in a week. You’ve got to start planning now… the most important choice is get engaged. Even if you decide not to be a mid-adopter, you’ve got to be engaged and be talking to healthcare authority and DSHS about how this is going to work. And if you want input, now is the time to have input, and if you wait until the end, there won’t be any input.”