OPA releases Health Care Quality Report Cards

The Office of the Patient Advocate (OPA) released their 2017-2018 Health Care Quality Report Cards today. The report cards are an online tool consumers can use to compare various health organizations as they make their health plan choices during open enrollment.

“This detailed and unbiased health plan information is a valuable, easy to use tool,” said OPA Director Elizabeth Abbott. “I hope these report cards can continue to help Californians make informed health care choices.”

The report cards rate the quality of medical care and overall patient experience of California’s ten largest Health Maintenance Organizations (HMOs), six largest Preferred Provider Organizations (PPOs), and over 200 commercial medical groups. Consumers can use the report cards to compare specific HMOs and PPOs while making their health plan decisions. The report cards also provide additional information about which organizations are most effective at treating various sub-groups of patients and treating specific conditions.

Health Maintenance Organizations:

Kaiser Permanente – in both Northern and Southern California – received the highest marks for quality of medical care. They were ranked as “excellent/4 stars” for nearly all measurements of quality.

Sharp Health Plan was the only HMO to receive the full 4 stars for overall patient experience. Satisfaction with plan services and plan doctors were high for Sharp.

Aetna Health of California, Inc. had the lowest quality of care score (fair/2 stars), and Anthem Blue Cross received the lowest score for overall patient experience (fair/2 stars).

Preferred Provider Organizations:

Anthem Blue Cross came out on top of the PPO ranking with “good/3 star” scores for both quality and patient experience (none of the PPOs received 4 star scores). Patient experience was ranked “fair” for most PPOs and CIGNA received a “fair” evaluation for both categories.

The report cards for commercial medical groups are available here.