Kitzhaber moderates Executive Keynote Panel to close 2017 Oregon State of Reform Health Policy Conference


Former Oregon Governor John Kitzhaber moderated our afternoon Executive Keynote Panel during the 2017 Oregon State of Reform Health Policy Conference on October 11th.

The panel included a diverse cross-section of executive leaders in Oregon health care.

  • Greg Van Pelt: Executive Director, Oregon Health Leadership Council
  • Imelda Dacones: CEO, Northwest Permanente
  • Jeff Heatherington: CEO, FamilyCare Inc.
  • Janet Meyer: CEO, Health Share of Oregon

The panel turned a traditional model of questioning on its head. Whereas traditionally Gov. Kitzhaber was given questions by stakeholders and asked to point towards solutions, during this panel, the shoe was on the other foot. ┬áDuring this session, key stakeholders were put on the spot with questions by Oregon’s former governor.

The conversation moved quickly into the unit-cost of health care, focusing on pharmacy and hospital costs.

It also highlighted the necessity and the ability of Oregon to lead on its own on health care rather than waiting for clarity from the federal government.