Podcast: State Representative Geran Tarr on Alaska Politics

“To hell with politics, just do what’s right for Alaska,” was US Senator Ted Stevens motto. With an Independent governor, a Democratic lieutenant governor,  a coalition majority caucus in the House, and a Republican majority caucus in the Senate, Alaska state government appears to have embraced Senator Stevens’ motto.

We sat down with State Representative Geran Tarr in early August to talk about the current state of Alaskan politics, and what it means to do what’s right for Alaska. Rep. Tarr was co-chair of the House Resources Committee last legislative session, and served on the House Health & Social Services Committee.

Rep. Tarr talked us through the budget deal and the challenges of filling a multi-billion dollar deficit. She shared her thoughts on federal health reform efforts and the events that occurred in Charlottesville, VA the week before our interview. We circle back to health care and her work on ACEs and social services.

Since Governor Walker plans to call legislators back for a fourth special session in October to address the budget deficit, listen to get an insider scoop on the state of Alaska politics. As always, thanks for listening.