Podcast: A Conversation with Mike Kreidler

Mike Kreidler, Washington State’s Insurance Commissioner, joined us as our morning keynote speaker at our 2017 Inland Northwest State of Reform Health Policy Conference in Spokane on Sept. 13. He shared some prepared remarks, then sat down for Q&A with DJ Wilson and members of the audience. He touched on his recent testimony before the US Senate HELP Committee, the state of the ACA in Washington, and what might lie ahead for our region.

On 1332 Waivers, Kreidler shared what he had conveyed during his testimony:

Senator, I’m not asking for the State of Washington for more money. I just want more certainty going forward. If you can speed up the process for waiver approval or evaluation so we know it is either thumbs up or thumbs down, that would be a huge benefit to us as a state. So rather than 6 months if you could get it down to 2 or less months that would have a very positive impact for us as we take a look at 1332 and see if there’s any opportunity for the state of Washington.