Statement by Chairman and CEO Bernard J. Tyson, Kaiser Permanente, on the draft text of the Better Care Reconciliation Act

Kaiser Permanente believes progress in health care should be judged on access, affordability and outcomes. Changes to our nation’s health care laws, therefore, should increase access to high-quality, affordable care and coverage for as many people as possible.

We cannot support the current Senate draft bill, as it is clear that the changes to Medicaid and the reductions in subsidies for low-income people enrolled in the Exchanges will lead to reduced coverage in our country. We are concerned that the repeal of the individual mandate without alternative incentives for enrollment likely will lead to fewer people enrolled and higher premiums, and that changes to the state waiver process could also result in the erosion of coverage of needed medical services. We acknowledge that the draft attempts to address the need for market stabilization measures, but these provisions are outweighed by the broader impact of the legislation.

The draft bill does not expand coverage; it does not do enough to protect people in need of care, nor does it provide enough assistance to those who need help in paying for health care and coverage. We will continue working to share our perspective with the Senate on how to address these concerns to improve health and health care in this country.