An unscientific poll

This morning I had the pleasure to speak to a retirement community home as their breakfast speaker. About 55 residents were there and I was explaining why hospitals were against the American Health Care Act even with the Amendments. Many of the people were very conservative and asked excellent questions and I could sense (by their questions) that some did not agree with our take on the uninsured would go up, people with pre-existing conditions would have cost prohibitive premiums in some cases and the 5:1 ration would hurt older Americans below the age of 65.

So I decided to take an informal, unscientific poll. I asked how many were covered under Medicare? Every hand in the room went up. I then asked if they were satisfied with Medicare coverage and out of pocket costs (traditional or managed-care product)? Every hand went up. I then asked how many would support the House of Representatives voting today ( obviously hypothetical ) to allow the state of Texas the option to accept a Medicare block grant, determine their benefits and become the official custodian of their care and price the costs of benefits ? Not a single hand went up and I could see light bulbs going off across the room by the faces of the residents.

Sometimes it takes bringing the situation to a personal level for understanding.

My point, public health and the health care of Americans should never be political! Political policy should never be public health care policy .