Amgen announces job changes for Thousand Oaks employees

Biotechnology giant Amgen notified nearly 500 employees at its corporate headquarters that their jobs would be reassigned, relocated, or cut altogether.

The restructuring will take place over the next year and a half.

Amgen plans to open a new facility in Tampa which will employ around 450 people. Amgen expects the first 50 employees to transfer to Florida from Thousand Oaks in October.

Thousand Oaks employees will also be given relocation packages to transfer to other cities.

“Approximately 100 Thousand Oaks-based Discovery Research and Translational Science roles will transition to our sites in Cambridge, Mass., and San Francisco,” said spokesperson Carol Pawlak.”The reason for this move is to align and advance functional capabilities, co-locate staff with cross-functional teams and increase access to innovation and talent in Cambridge and San Francisco.”

Other employees will be reassigned to other positions at Thousand Oaks or will have their positions cut. The number of expected layoffs is still unknown.

“The actual number of staff departing Amgen will be significantly different from the number of employees receiving the March 22 notices,” said spokesperson Kristen Davis.

Amgen released 2016’s financial results back in February.

“We finished the year with strong operating performance,” said Robert Bradway, chairman and CEO in a press release. “We anticipate several new product development opportunities and launches in 2017…We have established a firm foundation for longer-term growth.”

Amgen saw an increase in total revenues, operating income, and net income from the last fiscal year.

In his letter to shareholders, Bradway cited Amgen’s goals for the future as investing in innovation, expanding Amgen’s geographic reach, and improving delivery systems.

“Significant transformation and process-improvement efforts have been an integral part of our operational execution at Amgen over the past four years,” Bradway writes. “Since 2014, these efforts enabled us to realize approximately $1.2 billion in transformation and process improvement savings.”

The latest changes fall in line with Amgen’s trend of downsizing. Back in 2014, Amgen closed four facilities and eliminated up to 2,900 jobs.

In the email to employees, Amgen explained it picked the Tampa location for “availability of skilled talent, proximity to our global sites, high quality and affordable cost of living for our staff and potential to grow in the future.”

The Thousand Oaks campus will remain as corporate headquarters. Amgen is the largest private employer in Ventura County.