Podcast: Trump’s impact on Texas healthcare

State of Reform tries to bridge the gap between the world of health care and that of health policy.  We do this in part by providing a platform for the voices of senior executives and health policy leaders.  The content generated by them is then shared across multiple discreet information channels, providing insights wherever consumers access their information most easily:  web, email, social, video, small-run book publishing, and conferences.

Today we add podcast to that list of channels where you can learn directly from senior members of the health care and health policy world.  This is content in their voice, reflective of their thinking.  And this is probably content you won’t find anywhere else on the internet.

This podcast series will focus on the state health care conversations taking place across America.  Rather than the theory of policy, we’ll hear from the practice of it – how policy is getting implemented and what that means for the health care sector of our economy.  Expect to hear stories ranging from Hawaii to Baton Rouge.

In our first podcast episode, we go to Texas, probably the staunchest state-opponent to the Affordable Care Act.

We wondered: Is a Trump presidency good news for Texas health care?  What we heard a range of answers – but some acute anxiety.

You can listen and rate us at iTunes, via your favorite podcast app, or just take a listen below.