Email: “Unusual news and request from Qliance”

I received this email from Erika Bliss, the CEO at Qliance, Thursday afternoon.  I thought it noteworthy for a host of reasons, so with Erika’s permission, I wanted to share it with our readers. — DJ



Hello family and friends,

I awoke today to a surprise message from a stranger who took it upon herself to reach out to support Qliance.  We have been toiling away since we bought the company about a year ago, revamping our model, streamlining the company, and building on all of the hard work of the past 10 years to bring high-quality, personalized, effective primary care to the public.  We have been recognized in many major press venues, including this recent article in Forbes.

We have several very large contracts either signed or in process and have been searching for capital to help us build up the company to be able to take on this new business, but unfortunately there is very little money (we’re talking loans, not even investor money) out there for women-owned businesses without a big name behind them.  We’ve actually been told things like, “You’re out of your league” or “I don’t like to lend to women” or “if you only had a big name behind you then people would fund you”.  So we’ve been reaching out to our private networks to find people who believe in our vision and want to help us fund the next stage of Qliance.

In that process, someone we didn’t even know took it upon themselves to start a GoFundMe Campaign for Qliance:  Here’s the email she sent to us:

Dear Cheryl and Erika,

I was inspired by your letter so I created a GoFundMe Campaign because your story moves me. I have set up the account where you will be the beneficiary of all funds. GoFundMe will contact you for your bank information. I hope this works out for you and all of the lives you impact both now and in future.

I will put this link in all of my woman networking channels and I hope you do the same.

 Tell your employees to keep up the fight for doing good.

I am so touched by this act of solidarity – in these times it is especially uplifting.  You all know me and how deeply committed I am to making positive change in this world, and the reason Cheryl and I bought Qliance last year was so that we could make sure that its mission continued to grow.  I hear from patients every day who are so grateful for the care provided by our staff, care they tell us they can’t find anywhere and that has changed their lives for the better.  I also hear weekly about new Direct Primary Care practices opening across the country to serve their communities in this way.  That’s what gets me up every day to keep fighting for health justice for all of us and our future generations.

Please, if you feel so moved, contribute, and/or forward this to your friends, family, network, whoever, every little bit helps, and I can guarantee you that it will go to good use.  We are on the threshold of bringing this model to hundreds of thousands more people across the country both in person and virtually and don’t want to miss this opportunity.

Some of you have already helped us in one way or another, and I am truly, deeply grateful – for your moral, physical, and financial support.  Thank you for continuing to believe in us!




Erika Bliss, MD

Staff Physician

CEO – Qliance Management Inc.

President – Qliance Medical Group of WA PC