What They’re Watching: The Future of Medi-Cal 2020

With California’s 1115 waiver approved last fall by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS), leaders in the state’s health care sector are deep into their thinking about how $7 billion can actually drive transform through the system.

State of Reform invited thought leaders from across the silos of health plans, counties, philanthropy, and health care professional services to reflect on the future of Medi-Cal 2020. Listen to this group talk about some of the financing mechanisms and practical implementation strategies that will keep the ball moving in the right direction for the health of California’s population.

In this video, you will hear from the following industry leaders:

Peter Long, President and CEO of Blue Shield of California Foundation
Cindy Ehnes, Executive VP of COPE Health Solutions
Sandra Hernandez, President and CEO of CHCF
Jill Gordon, Partner at Nixon Peabody
Hilary Haycock, President of Harbage Consulting

“We hear the tagline of we’re moving from volume to value in health care,” said Long. “That’s a great tagline, and it’s incredibly complicated to think about what that means and how we will implement it. So I think we spend a lot of time on how you will make that happen in a way that achieves the Triple Aim.”


“The real question is where does the rubber of money meet the road of provider incentives and the ability of providers, not just to do what is considered the right thing, but to sustain that change over time in a business model,” said Ehnes.


The 2016 Northern California State of Reform Health Policy conference will build on this discussion of California’s Medicaid program in a 1:45 pm panel titled “Medi-Cal 2020: Implementation of Transformational Care Financing.”

Learn what is next in the sustainable redesign of California’s Medicaid program.

The event will be on April 6, 2016 at the Sacramento Convention Center.