Want To Report On Healthcare?

STOR Grammond Mast

We’re looking for some smart talent to help us provide coverage of the health care and human service sectors.

State of Reform tracks the health care sectors in three states:  Washington State, Oregon and Alaska.  So, we need a talent that knows how to be in (at least) three places at once.

You’ll be part of a larger team, working on a series of different things for State of Reform.  But, you’ll be primarily tasked with supporting our news site, finding and vetting some of the most important stories in health care.

We’ve had some big ones the last year or so.

–  This one got picked up by the Seattle Times, the PSBJ and various outlets across the country.

–  This one got re-posted and forwarded throughout the Oregon health care community.

–  This one was a favorite of national reporters and got re-tweeted repeatedly.

So, you’ll be tracking some pretty impactful but fine-grained work.

If you’re interested, drop us a line to info@stateofreform.com.   We’d love to see your resume.