Koch Brothers Produce Another Weird Video on Obamacare

Generation Opportunity Logo

The Koch brothers have been funding some pretty strange anti-Obamacare public relations campaigns of late.

And they are generally pretty creepy.  The last one was pretty unsettling.  So, too, is the latest ad they’ve launched, which we’ve posted below.

Now, granted, these are targeted to a younger audience.  The group which is funded by the Koch brothers, Generation Opportunity, is a “non-profit millennial advocacy organization” focused on younger people.

And, I understand that the idea of these is to generate buzz around the piece without having to spend money for an actual media buy (something we’re helping here).

I also get that the idea of a high “creepy factor” is meant to rub off on the idea of Obamacare itself.  However, it seems like the “creepy factor” reflects more on Generation Opportunity and the Koch brothers than the law.

Take a look at the latest advertisement released this week.  See what you think.