Release: Healthplanfinder Enrollment Grows to 77,000

Washington State Marketplace Sees 40 Percent Increase in Coverage Sign Ups in November

Washington Healthplanfinder today announced more than 77,000 residents have enrolled in health coverage since Oct. 1. Nearly 660,000 people have visited the site since launch and more than 145,000 people have created accounts. More comprehensive information, including county-by-county data, will be distributed tomorrow in a separate report.

Updated enrollment numbers from Oct. 1 to Nov. 7 are included below. To provide a clarification to previous reports, please note that the individuals included in the “applications completed” totals also includes individuals who have fully enrolled.

Web and Call Center Data

  • Unique Visitors 659,124
  • Total Site Visits 3,529,358
  • Page Views 15,533,622
  • Unique Page Views 10,900,435
  • Accounts Created 145,183
  • Call Center Volume (November) 17,474
  • Average Call Center Wait Times (November) 24 min

Enrollments Completed

  • Qualified Health Plans 9,230
  • Medicaid Newly Eligible/Coverage Jan. 1 38,884
  • Medicaid/Immediate coverage 29,648
  • Total 77,762

Total Completed Applications

  • Total Applications 81,166

Total Applicants Included on Applications Completed*

  • Qualified Health Plan Applicants – QHP Only 55,773
  • Qualified Health Plan/Medicaid Mixed** 74,090
  • Medicaid Applicants Only 23,584
  • Total Applicants** 153,447

*Note: These numbers reflect enrollments and applications through Thursday, Nov 7. Applications completed also includes those who have fully enrolled. Individuals represented on Qualified Health Plan applications completed have selected a health plan but have not yet submitted payment. Payment is due on Dec. 23, 2013 for coverage that begins on Jan. 1, 2014.

*Note: Qualified Health Plan/Medicaid Mixed indicates applications in which at least one individual on the application is purchasing a Qualified Health Plan while others may be eligible for Medicaid.