Washington DOH updates its COVID-19 vaccine administration plan

On Thursday the Washington State Department of Health announced 6 facilities that have been approved in the state to administer the COVID-19 vaccine once it is released. The department did not identify the specific facilities.

Three hundred and seventy five health care providers have already applied to administer vaccines, so Washington will likely have more approved facilities soon. The DOH provided this resource for facilities who wish to apply to be vaccine administrators.



The CDC required all states to create a vaccine implementation plan by Oct. 16. Washington’s plan identifies which populations to vaccinate first, recruits vaccine providers, gathers feedback from disproportionately affected communities, and trains providers on things like vaccine handling. It does not include a specific timeline for when the vaccine will be distributed.

The DOH does not know when they will receive the first doses. The federal government did not give them any additional information about the dosage amounts or when the DOH will stop receiving additional doses.

In early November, a safety workgroup assembled to evaluate the safety of the new Pfitzer vaccine. Washington, Oregon, and Nevada joined California in a coalition of western states aimed at testing the safety of the vaccine before its release.

While it was initially uncertain whether this would stall the implementation process, recent developments like today’s news from the WA DOH signify first doses might be administered in the near future.