Sendero Health Plans waives cost-sharing for COVID-19 treatment

Sendero Health Plans announced today that the company’s Board of Directors voted to waive all costs to its members for treatment of COVID-19 with in-network providers. 

The nonprofit, Austin-based community health plan’s members will not be on the hook for deductibles or 20 to 30 percent of of the cost for treatment.



With the Board of Directors vote, Sendero became the first affordable care act health plan serving the Austin area to waive cost-sharing for treatment. This latest move follows Sendero’s decision to waive copayments for in-network doctor visits and lab costs to screen for COVID-19.

As a community health plan, Sendero does everything we can to ensure our members get the quality care they need,” said Wesley Durkalski, president and CEO of Sendero Health Plans. “We have eliminated cost sharing for COVID-19 testing and treatment and are working with members with income changes to help them stay covered.  We are helping our members get connected with resources we have, not just for care but for all basic daily needs.”

In addition to waiving costs for COVID-19 treatment, Sandero said it is taking other steps to mitigate the outbreak’s consequences for its members. 

In early March, Sendero redeployed staff to conduct outreach calls to members most at risk of being impacted by the outbreak, including over 500 low income, high acuity, former uninsured in Central Health’s Medical Access Program (MAP) members now insured with Sendero. 

According to Sendero, the calls regarded the plan’s telehealth services and ensuring members had access to resources for basic needs. 

In addition to expanding telehealth services, Sendero says it is providing free prescription delivery through larger pharmacies; allowing early refills for maintenance medications; and extending provider claims submission deadlines.