Arizona allows refills without seeing a doctor during COVID-19 outbreak

Elderly and at-risk Arizonans can now get emergency refills of their medications without having to see a doctor under an order issued Thursday by Gov. Doug Ducey.

Ducey’s order allows pharmacists to dispense emergency refills of maintenance medications for a 90-day supply and an additional 90-day supply if needed. Under the order, Arizonans would be able to receive a refill on their medication for up to 180 days, while avoiding the trip to the doctor.




“We want to make sure our seniors and vulnerable populations are staying safe and physically distancing to the greatest extent possible, while having access to needed medications,” Ducey said. “This commonsense order will also free up physicians to focus on providing critical medical services at this time.”

Ducey’s order also outlines new requirements when filling hydroxychloroquine and chloroquine, including limiting the prescription to a 14-day supply, requiring that prescription must be presented with a diagnosis code for COVID-19 from a prescriber, and more.