Arizona Doctor’s petition calls for governor to shut down the state

An Arizona doctor is petitioning Gov. Doug Ducey to shut down the state for 14 days to stop the spread of COVID-19 and has picked up over 125,000 signatures from residents who agree with her.

Scottsdale doctor, Dr. Julie Ann Heathcott, started the petition saying a state-wide lock down is the only way to slow the advance of COVID-19 and that voluntary stay-at-home efforts are not working.


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“We need to lock down the country,” Heathcott said in her on-line petition, which is quickly attracting more signatures. “Every physician in the entire United States knows this. We, Arizona physicians and non-physicians, are begging for the Governor to lock down the State since the President will not make the decision. Please protect us. Every hour that people are out on the streets adds weeks to how long this will last – not to mention the insurmountable number of deaths that will also occur because of it.”

Heathcott hopes to get at least 150,000 signatures on the petition.

Ducey has issued several orders aimed at halting the virus spread but has stopped short of ordering a issued a state-wide lockdown.

So far, Arizona has recorded 665 confirmed COVID-19 cases and 13 deaths.