2013 Oregon Detailed Conference Agenda

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8:30 am          Welcome and Introductions

Opening remarks to set the stage for the day and put the conference in the broader context of State of Reform activities focused on bridging the gap between health care and health policy.

DJ Wilson: CEO, State of Reform

8:45 am          It’s Live!: An Update on the Health Insurance Exchange

With the exchange open and taking applications, the CEO of Cover Oregon will provide an update on how things are going and some initial lessons learned for the project moving forward into 2014.

Rocky King: CEO, Cover Oregon

9:30 am          Case Studies of Care Integration:  FamilyCare Inc.

The CEO of the longest established Medicaid managed care organization in the state will offer detailed insight into their integration strategy, a list of successes, and some ideas on how to sidestep potential mistakes.

Jeff Heatherington: CEO, FamilyCare

9:30 am          Salem Insiders Offer Insights on the Future of Health Policy

There is a lot happening in Salem in anticipation for next year’s legislative session.  These three Salem insiders track policy closely, and offer their take on what you can expect to see on the health policy agenda this fall and next year.

Tom Holt: Director of Government Affairs, Cambia Health Solutions
Jeremy Vandehey: Government Relations Manager, Kaiser Permanente
Josh Balloch: Senior Account Manager, PacWest

9:30 am          Strategies for Consumer Engagement and “Uptake”

With hundreds of thousands of consumers now able to access health insurance benefits – either through Medicaid or on the exchange – how will they learn about the opportunities before them? How will they navigate enrollment? Who has the job of actually helping? This panel includes folks thinking through those very questions today.

Dawn Bonder: President and CEO, Health Republic Insurance
Brenda Johnson: CEO, La Clinica
Lara Blackwell: Director, Service Delivery Integration, Cambia Health Solutions

10:30 am          Case Study: Marketing the Cover Oregon Experience

Cover Oregon is credited with one of the more unique consumer engagement and marketing campaigns in the country.  Learn about how the project came about, from market research to creative concept development, from the agency that put it all together.

Jordan Delapoer: Director of Brand Strategy, NORTH

10:30 am          Managing Hospitals and Systems Through Reform

Guiding the ship that is a hospital is a challenge.  Doing it during these uncertain times is even trickier.  We’ll hear from these three senior leaders as they lay out their vision and thinking regarding the future of hospitals and hospital systems in the Northwest.

Judy Richardson: Medical Director, Mid-Columbia Medical Center
Sarah Cave: Vice President of Strategy, Innovation, and Development, PeaceHealth

Kitty  Powell: Chief Innovation Officer, Accountable Care, Providence Health & Services

10:30 am          Aligning CCOs with the Rest of the Marketplace

Governor Kitzhaber’s challenge to the CCO community is to prepare the delivery system for service to the exchange beneficiaries and public employees – yet another significant task.  Listen to the thinking and the approach these leaders are taking as they think through the next steps in Oregon’s transformation project.

Mary Nolan: VP, Business Development, FamilyCare Inc.
Benjamin LeBlanc, MD: Chief Medical Officer, Ambulatory Quality, Providence Health and Services
Tanveer Bokhari: Director of Quality Improvement, Portland IPA

11:30 am          Strategies for Employers in 2014

The challenges facing employers in Oregon due to the complexity of reform are significant.  These three leaders have been thinking through and offering solutions to employers for months in the run up to 2014.  Listen as they share their thoughts on how employers can move through the confusion and challenges.

David Lechner: VP of Sales, LifeWise of Oregon
Karen Scholes: Account Executive, Wells Fargo
David Snodgrass: President & CEO, Healthcare Management Administrators, Inc.

11:30 am          Policy Leadership: Republicans

Republicans in the legislature join this panel to lay out their vision and their thinking regarding health policy in the run up to next year’s legislative session.

State Representative Tim Freeman: Member, Ways and Means Subcommittee On Human Services
State Representative Bill Kennemer: Member, Health Care Committee
State Representative Jim Thompson: Vice Chair, Health Care Committee

11:30 am          Using “Big Data” to Drive Health Care Decisions

Data is empowering consumers and systems alike in new and unique ways.  From pharmacy purchases to delivery redesign, this panel will bring you up to speed on some of the latest in health care data utilization.

Aaron Kamauu, MD: CEO, Anolinx
Scott Decker: President, HealthSparq
Joe Fazio: Assistant Director, Benefit Informatics and Business Services, OHSU

11:30 am          Innovations that Empower Consumers

New tools are coming to consumers to allow them to make more informed – and more powerful – choices than ever before.  Listen as these visionary organizations describe how data, choice and empowerment are creating fundamental shifts in the ways consumers purchase health care services.

Ryan Schmid: CEO, Vera Whole Health
Clarence Williams: Business Development Executive, Practice IQ
Todd Everett: Business Development, Castlight (invited)

12:30 pm          A “Fly on the Wall”:  Insight into the State-Federal Dialog Around Transformation

What happens when the State of Oregon and the Federal government talk privately?  How do they get what they need from each other to best foster Oregon’s innovation project?  We’ll listen in as Ms. Johnson and Dr. Goldberg have a “private” conversation.  The conversation will be followed by a moderated discussion led by DJ Wilson.

Susan Johnson: Region 10 Director, U.S. Department of Health and Human Services
Bruce Goldberg: Director, Oregon Health Authority

1:45 pm          Models for Care Integration:  ATRIO and Trillium

These two organizations will offer attendees some insights into how their organizations are addressing the challenge of care integration.  They’ll speak to the lessons learned and the challenges that have been most problematic.  Come with your questions to this interactive discussion!.

Ruth Bauman: CEO, ATRIO Health Plans
Holly Jo Hodges, MD:  Medical Director, Trillium

1:45 pm          Policy Leadership: Democrats

Legislative Democrats join our event to discuss their plan for the 2014 legislative session, including policy ideas and topics for discussion.  Bring your questions!

State Representative John Lively: Member, Health Care Committee
State Representative Alissa Keny-Guyer: Vice-Chair, Health Care Committee
State Senator Elizabeth Steiner-Hayward:
Member, Health Care and Human Services Committee

1:45 pm          Engaging CCOs from the Periphery

Health doesn’t stop at the delivery system.  And, while transformational, health care doesn’t stop with the CCO.  These experts talk about how to best integrate the non-traditional delivery system which exists outside of the CCO model, but which may be integral to the success of the project.

Ben Hoyne: Executive Director, CCO Oregon
Derald Walker:
President & CEO, Cascadia Behavioral Health
Ed Blackburn: Executive Director,
Central City Concern

1:45 pm          Lessons from Tribal Health Care

The native health care system has some tremendous lessons to be gleaned for the rest of the health care system.  From the payment model to the delivery system, this panel will highlight the most relevant “best practices” that are applicable to the IHS system – as well as the rest of the health care world.

Lael Echo’Hawk: Counsel, Garvey Schubert Barer
Brendan McKenna: President, American Indian Health Services

2:45 pm          The Future of Health Benefits and Employer Sponsored Health Care

Employers aren’t waiting for federal laws or state-based transformation.  They are moving ahead and fundamentally changing the way their employees receive health care benefits.  Listen as these leaders talk through what is happening on the employer side of the health care spectrum.  

Brian Devore: Director of Healthcare Ecosystem & Strategy, Intel
Kathy Loretz: Deputy Administrator, PEBB-OEBB
Daniel Mitten: Executive Director, Oregon Coalition of Health Care Purchasers

2:45 pm          Strategies for Integrating Behavioral Health

It is commonly accepted now that we can’t solve many of the physical health issues people have without also addressing some of the behavioral health issues people have.  So, what are the lessons learned from those who spend their time thinking about integrating behavioral health?  These experts will address that question, and more!

Susan Marie: Behavioral Health Medical Director, Central City Concern
Renee Boak: Director of Integrated Health
Services, Cascadia Behavioral Health
Veronica Sheffield: COO, WVP Health Authority

2:45 pm          Workforce Development Needs as Expansion Moves Forwards

How do we make sure the workforce we have is the workforce we need as expansion moves forward?  With the demands of expansion, these speakers will talk through the systemic challenges involved in that question, and how the system is responding.

Edward Junkins MD: Associate Dean for Academic Affairs, Western University of Health Sciences
Joanne Warner, DNS, RN: Dean, University of Portland School of Nursing
Jane Renken: System Director for Workforce Planning, PeaceHealth

3:45 pm          Redefining Value:  The Health Care Sector Responds to Reform

Our closing panel brings three senior health care executives together for one thoughtful – and thought provoking session – to address the question of how the definition of “value” is shifting in today’s health care ecosystem.  The session will be moderated with questions from the audience.

Howard Graman, MD: CEO, PeaceHealth Medical Group
Richard Popiel, MD: CMO & EVP, Cambia Health Solutions
Ralph Prows, MD: CEO, Oregon’s Health CO-OP