State of Reform Policy Conference – Oregon 2013

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StOR Logo OR 13 - TimePlaceDateAhead of most states, Oregon has embraced a “lead by example” approach to health care reform. As a result, Oregonians need to look no further than their communities for thought leaders and experts to provide health care insights and discussion.

For health care innovation to continue in Oregon, ideas need to be heard from different perspectives across all levels of the system – from policy leaders and state agencies to the commercial marketplace, from vocal physicians to the IT community. The State of Reform Health Policy Conference attempts to create an open, honest, and transparent exchange of views on the most challenging topics facing health care today.

Bridging the gap between health care policy and political reality is the Oregon way.

Now, in this climate of accelerated transformation, the necessity to provide a venue for collaboration and diverse conversation – particularly the kind found at the State of Reform Health Policy Conference – is more important than ever.

Last year we hosted our first Oregon State of Reform Conference. Because of it’s success, we are planning on hosting State of Reform in Oregon this year as well.

Want to join us? If so, drop us a line and let us know you’re interested.