2013 Inland Northwest Detailed Conference Agenda

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8:30 am          Welcome and Introductions

Opening remarks to set the stage for the day and put the conference in the broader context of State of Reform activities focused on bridging the gap between health care and health policy.

DJ Wilson: CEO, State of Reform

8:40 am          A Federal View on Implementing Reform:  Questions with Director Johnson

Now that reform’s landmark efforts are here, what does the most senior member of the Obama administration’s local health care team think of the progress – and challenges? She’ll be asked directly by one of the region’s most experienced health care leaders.

Susan Johnson: Region 10 Director, U.S. Department of Health and Human Services
Tom Fritz: CEO, INHS

9:30 am          Olympia Insiders Talk About What’s Next in Health Policy

Find out what’s really happening in Olympia from some of the folks who follow legislative policy most closely – the lobbyists and staff who work on health care policy day in and day out.

Joe King: CEO of Joe King and Associates
Misha Werschkul: Legislative Director, SEIU 775NW

Jason McGill: Health Policy Advisor, Office of Gov. Jay Inslee

9:30 am          What the Insurance Exchange Means for You

Hear the most detailed report available on how the exchange will work, what it will mean for employers, and what to expect as ‘open enrollment’ begins on October 1st.

Brad Finnegan: Operations Program Manager, Washington Health Benefit Exchange

9:30 am          The Future of Medicare: From Patients to Plans

It’s not just the Affordable Care Act that is driving change in Medicare. With new reimbursement models being proposed by MedPAC and pressure from a retiring ‘boomer’ demographic, the future of Medicare can be expected to be much different than what we see today.

George Rice, MD: Board Member, AARP
Anne Whigham: Case Management Operations Officer, Aging and Long Term Care of Eastern WA
Nancy Fisher, MD: Chief Medical Officer, CMS Region X

10:30 am         Health Information Exchange: Lessons from the First 20 Years

Hear from two leading voices in HIT today as they offer extended presentations on their lessons learned from the first twenty years of work on information exchange, and what they think that means for the next twenty. Expect an interactive discussion with detailed questions and answers.

Fred Galusha: CIO, INHS
Brett Crown: Strategy, Tiani-Spirit
Jon Copeland: CEO, Nuvodia

10:30 am         Transitions in Care As We Age

As people age, managing their care takes more and more collaboration. From ERs to nursing homes, from the family care giver to the long term care giver, how communication and coordination occurs with our senior population can offer some important lessons for the rest of the system.

Nick Beamer: Executive Director, Aging and Long Term Care of Eastern Washington
Lee Taylor: Director, Strategic Initiatives, Spokane Medical Society
Jeff Liles, MD: Medical Director of Care Management, Providence Medical Group

10:30 am         Workforce Development Strategies as Coverage Expands

With an estimated 280,000 new Medicaid beneficiaries joining another 280,000 new insurance exchange enrollees in 2014, it’s reasonable to ask “where are the providers that will see these patients?” This panel will offer their perspectives on what the future looks like when it comes to workforce development.

Dan Ferguson: Director, Washington State Allied Health Center for Excellence
Diane Sosne: President, SEIU 1199NW
Lisa Brown: Chancellor, WSU Spokane
Rebecca L. Stolberg, RDH, MSDH: Department Chair/Professor, Eastern Washington University

10:30 am         Update on the State Health Care Innovation Planning Process

Perhaps the most important work in health policy – outside of the work related to the Affordable Care Act – is the effort underway to develop innovations in health care in preparation for a major CMS grant solicitation by the HCA. Learn about that work and offer feedback before the final report is completed.

Nathan Johnson: Assistant Director of Health Policy, Health Care Authority

11:30 am          Strategies for Small Employers in 2014

Perhaps more than most, small employers will have a range of potential options and benefits in front of them as a result of the Affordable Care Act. However, it’s possible that no other group has as few resources available to them to support good decision making as this group. This panel will discuss what these smaller employers should be weighing as 2014 draws closer.

Trevor Moore: Director of Sales, Eastern Washington, Premera
Mark Patrick: Partner, Moloney + O’Neill Benefits

11:30 am         Team Based Care and Models for Provider Collaboration

For all of the talk about “innovation,” some of the most impactful changes can come from the success already in place. These speakers talk about what has worked – in practice rather than in theory – and how to spread the success of those innovations throughout the delivery system.

Peg Hopkins: CEO, Community Health Association of Spokane
Kelly Stanford: VP, Spokane & Central Washington, Group Health Cooperative
Mark Loveless, MD: CEO, Alpha-R Systems

11:30 am         Legislative Leadership: Democrats

These legislative leaders on health policy will talk through the work during the interim legislative period and the initial thinking ahead of the 2014 legislative session.

Sen. Karen Keiser: Ranking Member, Senate Health Care Committee
Rep. Timm Ormsby: Member, House Appropriations Subcommittee on Health & Human Services
Rep. Marcus Riccelli: Member, House Health Care and Wellness Committee

11:30 am         Better Health Together:  A Regional Response to Health Care Reform

In an environment of unprecedented Federal and State health policy and program changes, Regional Health Improvement Collaboratives are ideally poised to customize health care reform initiatives at local and regional levels. Better Health Together (BHT) is one such collaborative bringing diverse partners together to create  a regional voice, platform, and suite of resources that will favorably impact the Triple Aim in Eastern Washington.  This session overviews the launch of the BHT, its current regional initiatives, and its vision for creating meaningful changes in health and health care for our region.

Deanna Davis: Executive Director, Better Health Together

12:30 pm         A Conversation About the Future of the Insurance Exchange

Implementing the exchange has been successful – but not smooth.  The challenges of building a new organization are many, from the practical to the political.  This special keynote session will talk about what it took to get here, and whether we’ve met expectations or not.  What can we expect when the exchange goes live?  What will we see in 2014 and beyond?  

Bill Baldwin: Partner, The Partners Group
Teresa Mosqueda: Legislative Director, Washington State Labor Council
Sen. Linda Evans Parlette: Caucus Chair, Washington State Senate Majority Coalition Caucus 
Moderated by Antony Chiang: CEO, Empire Health Foundation

1:45 pm          Setting Benchmarks for Improving Care in the Inland Northwest

With all of the money spent in health care across Eastern Washington and Northern Idaho, how can we know if it’s doing any good? How do we measure population health in a way that can demonstrate progress towards achieving the “Triple Aim?” These health care leaders take on the question and offer their perspective.

Garman Lutz: Chairman, Empire Health Foundation
Torney Smith: Administrator, Spokane Regional Health District

Jeff Collins, MD: Chief Medical Executive, Providence Health Care

1:45 pm           Strategies for Driving Consumer Engagement and “Uptake”

With hundreds of thousands of consumers now able to access health insurance benefits – either through Medicaid or on the exchange – how will they learn about the opportunities before them? How will they navigate enrollment? Who has the job of actually helping? This panel includes folks thinking through those very questions today.

Kristen West: Vice President for Grant Programs, Empire Health Foundation
Sharon Beaudoin: Director of Programs, WithinReach
Jesus Hernandez: CEO, Community Choice

1:45 pm          Legislative Leadership: Republicans

After an historic legislative session, Republicans have re-asserted themselves in ways that many expect to stick around for at least the next few years. This panel will allow some of the key Republican members an opportunity to lay out their thoughts on health care, health policy, and 2014.

Rep. Susan Fagan: Member, House Appropriations Committee
Rep. Paul Harris: Ranking Minority Member, Appropriations Subcommittee on Health & Human Services
Rep. Joe Schmick: Ranking Member, House Health Care & Wellness Committee

Rep. Shelly Short: Member, House Health Care & Wellness Committee

1:45 pm          Experience Talking: Using Technology to Foster Collaboration

Over the years, there have been a lot of failures using technology in healthcare.  There have been some successes, too.  We’ve seen the idolatry of technology and we’ve seen the ignorance to technology.  How can we take that wisdom and apply it to efforts at collaboration?  What are the strategies, the benchmarks, and the pathways to success?

Donna Radcliff: Flight Commander, Fairchild AFB, Health & Wellness Center
Rick Rubin: CEO, OneHealthPoint
Lt. Col. Matthew Albright: Flight Commander, Fairchild AFB, Health & Wellness Center

2:45 pm          The Future of an Expanded Medicaid

Medicaid is changing, in both subtle and not so subtle ways. You’ll hear from some of the most important players in Washington State Medicaid today talk about what is coming, what is ideal, and what is realistic for the future of the program.

MaryAnne Lindeblad: Director, Washington State Medicaid Program
Daryl Edmonds: CEO, Amerigroup

2:45 pm          Community Based Strategies to Address the Challenges of Reform

Some of the most important innovations in reform today are happening outside the scope of federal and state government. It’s being driven through philanthropy, by way of collaboration, and based on a double bottom line generating both social and fiscal return on investment. And, it’s making an impact.

Jack Thompson: Consultant, Cedar River Group
Vanessa Gaston: Director, Community Services of Clark County

Melanie Gillespie: Executive Director, Community Health Education Foundation

2:45 pm          An Honest Conversation About Cost Drivers in Health Care

It’s hard to get to get costs under control if we can’t be honest about the key costs drivers in health care. Plans and providers both face a classic “prisoner’s dilemma” where collaboration is in reach but both stand to lose if the efforts aren’t done in cooperation.

Eric Earling: Director of Corporate Communications, Premera
Paul Fletcher, MD: Assistant Medical Director for Primary Care, Group Health Cooperative
Scott O’Brien: Chief Strategy Officer, Providence Health Care

3:45 pm          A Report from the Office of Governor Jay Inslee

The Inslee administration has perhaps the most health policy challenges facing it of any administration in Washington State in more than a generation – and perhaps ever. Hear from our closing speaker as he outlines the tasks and roadmap laying before Governor Inslee and his team.

Bob Crittenden, MD: Senior Health Policy Advisor, Office of Gov. Jay Inslee