2013 Alaska Detailed Conference Agenda

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8:30 am          Welcome and Introductions

Opening remarks to set the stage for the day and put the conference in the broader context of State of Reform activities focused on bridging the gap between health care and health policy.

DJ Wilson: CEO, State of Reform

8:40 am          Keynote:  Solutions from State-led Innovation

Commissioner Hultberg has been described as one of the leading innovators and system thinkers in Alaskan health care.  Listen to her outline of the approach her department is taking as it seeks to control costs and improve health care outcomes for state employees and retirees.

Becky Hultberg: Commissioner, Alaska Department of Administration

9:30 am          Innovations Coming to AlaskaCare

Now that new health plan partners have been selected for AlaskaCare, and following up on Commissioner Hultberg’s morning keynote, you can dig into the weeds with this panel as they talk about innovations in care coming to the state employee and retiree population.

Jason Gootee: Regional Manager, Moda Health
John Wagner: Network Market Head, Aetna

Emily Cotter: Strategic Initiative Health Coordinator, Department of Administration

9:30 am          CMS and the State: A Review of the New Federal Marketplace

Come hear from the state about the approval process for plans on the Federal Marketplace and see what will be one of the first public demonstrations of the Federal Insurance Marketplace coming to Alaska.

Priya Helweg: Office of External Affairs, CMS Region X
Bret Kolb: Director, Alaska Division of Insurance

9:30 am          Leveraging Resources from Outside Organizations for Health Reform

Philanthropy and community giving have the potential to push health reform forward in ways the system may not be able to do on its own.  Listen as these experts provide their insight on how to access funding to support health system improvement.

Craig Nolte: Regional Manager, Community Development, Federal Reserve Bank
Sharon Scott: Program Officer, Mat-Su Health Foundation 

10:30 am          Innovations that Empower Consumers

New tools are coming to consumers to allow them to make more informed – and more powerful – choices than ever before.  Listen as these visionary organizations describe how data, choice and empowerment are creating fundamental shifts in the ways consumers purchase health care services.

Ryan Schmid: CEO, Vera Whole Health
Shauna Sanford Howell: Director of Channels, Castlight

10:30 am          Developing Models for Provider Collaboration

Collaboration among providers doesn’t just happen.  It takes a thoughtful approach to building a culture and work flow that delivers care across provider silos, and with a payment model that supports it.  Listen to this panel describe how each of their organizations is working to foster provider collaboration.

Eric Earling: Corporate Communications Director, Premera Blue Cross
Jocelyn Pemberton: Executive Director, Alaska Hospitalist Group
Bill Bunker: CEO, Clarity Health Services

10:30 am          A Discussion of Payment Reform and Principles

The Department of Health and Social Services is working with stakeholders on a number of innovative initiatives related to payment reform.  Participate in a discussion on the principles of payment reform in a stakeholder engagement session building on the work already underway.

Josh Applebee: Deputy Director, Policy, Department of Health and Social Services
David D’Amato: Government Relations Director, APCA

10:30 am          Impacts of Medicaid Expansion

The governor has said no decision will be made on Medicaid until the end of the year.  What are the implications and impacts associated with the governor’s potential policy decisions?  One of the state’s leading policy voices will walk us through data and analysis highlighting an important perspective on the matter.

Valerie Davidson: Senior Director of Intergovernmental and Legal Affairs, Alaska Native Tribal Health Consortium

11:30 am          Strategies for Employers in 2014

Some employers are doing some very innovative things outside of the reform initiatives under ObamaCare.  Others are taking a very thoughtful but more cautious approach. This panel will speak to challenges and the strategies before employers and the options they have as reform continues to unfold.

Terry Allard: Sr. Benefits Advisor, The Wilson Agency
Josh Lewis: Senior Manager,  Moss Adams
Barbra Nault: Partner, Garvey Schubert Barer

11:30 am          Making Health IT Meaningful

Information technology has been both at the center and periphery of health reform for almost two decades, and on one point, it seems most now agree:  for HIT to be meaningful, it must be a means and not an end unto itself.  This panel will discuss the collaboration and innovations in care that come from thoughtful use of health IT.

Tony Miles: Partner, Stoel Rives
Clarence Williams: Business Development, Practice IQ
Karen Sidell: Meaningful Use Project Manager, Alaska Native Tribal Health Consortium

11:30 am          Legislative Leadership: Democrats

Listen to Democratic members of the legislature address health policy and health care issues.  Bring your questions and your feedback on what the future of Alaska health policy looks like.

State Senator Bill Wielechowski
State Senator Hollis French
State Representative Geran Tarr

11:30 am          Collaboration through Consolidation

Sometimes driving collaboration requires a merger or acquisition strategy.  In healthcare today, such activity is happening around the country at a breakneck pace.  As this activity has picked up in Alaska, there are some key lessons from the outside that can inform Alaska market activity as well.  

Brent Fisher: Managing Partner, Alaska Search Partners, LLC
Robert Grannum: Partner, Moss Adams

12:30 pm          Keynote:  Solutions from the Outside

FamilyCare is Oregon’s longest serving Medicaid managed care organization, and now one of the state’s leading care coordination organizations (CCOs).  Listen to the lessons learned from almost thirty years of working towards greater collaboration – where there was very little before – and the innovations which are underway in Oregon

Jeff Heatherington: CEO, FamilyCare

1:45 pm          Leveraging the Exchange for Business Solutions

At its core, the exchange offers tremendous opportunity for businesses as they seek transparency – and even tax credits – by purchasing on the exchange.  Today, the exchange is limited to employers with 50 or fewer employees – but it turns out that’s more than 90% of firms in Alaska.  This panel will speak to those small businesses and HR leaders that are looking at the exchange and wondering if its a fit.

Len Sorrin: VP Congressional and Legislative Affairs, Premera
Elizabeth Ripley: Executive Director, Mat-Su Health Foundation
Joshua Weinstein: Senior Vice President, Northrim Benefits Group

1:45 pm          Collaboration in Long Term Care

More Alaskans are choosing to stay in Alaska in retirement rather than move on to the lower 48.  That is bringing about a new challenge for the system as it addresses issues related to long term care with magnitudes of numbers that are pushing the system.

Amanda Lofgren: Program Officer, Alaska Mental Health Trust
Dennis Murray: Senior Program Officer, Alaska State Hospital and Nursing Home Association
Sandra Heffern: Chair, Anchorage Chamber of Commerce
Cable Starlings: Administrator, Anchor House

1:45 pm          Legislative Leadership: Republicans

Some of the leading Republican legislators will join this panel to discuss the future of health care policy in Alaska, the challenge of managing rising costs, and what we might expect from the 2014 session.

State Senator Fred Dyson
State Representative Mark Neuman
State Representative Lora Reinbold

1:45 pm          Demonstrating “Value” in Health Care Today

Transparency, and the cost pressures faced in Alaska, are bringing about a new interest in ‘value.’  That in turn is leading to new initiatives and new thinking about how best to organize the delivery system to improve performance.

John Brassell: Director of Business Development, Alaska Regional Hospital
Mark Foster: CFO and Executive Director OMB, Anchorage School District
Nancy Merriman: Executive Director, Alaska Primary Care Association

2:45 pm          Role of Navigators and Brokers in Consumer Engagement

Getting consumers engaged who haven’t been engaged before is a central challenge facing the health care industry in the next six months.  These three experts will talk about the strategies in place and the thoughtful approaches to engagement underway.

Sue Brogan: VP Community Engagement, United Way of Anchorage
Jennifer Bundy-Cobb: Vice President, The Wilson Agency

2:45 pm          State Policy Solutions from the Health Care Commission

The Executive Director of the Alaska Health Care Commission will offer a briefing on the work of the Commission and a number of the policy recommendations that are coming from that work.

Deborah Erickson: Executive Director, Alaska Health Care Commission

2:45 pm          Integration of Behavioral Health

It is now broadly accepted that treating physical health without addressing the behavioral health issues which may be complicating treatment will make improved health outcomes very difficult to achieve.  This panel will talk not only about the importance of integrating behavioral health but also about strategies currently underway in Alaska to be successful at doing it.

Delisa Culpepper: COO, Alaska Mental Health Trust Authority
Shane Coleman: Clinical Assistant Professor, University of Washington, South Central Foundation

Heidi Baines, MD: Medical Director, Quality Integration, Anchorage Neighborhood Health Center

3:45 pm          Keynote:  Observations from HHS, the State of Alaska and the Tribal Health Sector 

Our day concludes with three of the most prominent leaders in Alaska health care talking on stage together about areas of agreement, possibilities for system improvement, and the benefits of collaboration where interests align.

Susan Johnson: Region X Director, U.S. Department of Health and Human Services
Dr. Ward Hurlburt: CMO, Alaska Department of Health and Social Services
Roald Helgesen: CEO, Alaska Native Tribal Health Consortium