State of Reform Policy Conference – Washington 2012


Complete agenda details for the 2012 State of Reform Health Policy Conference are below. For an agenda summary by topic, click here.

8:30 Welcome & Introduction

Opening remarks to frame the days discussions and presentations.

• DJ Wilson: Host, 2012 State of Reform Health Policy Conference

8:45 Thought Leadership: Big Ideas for Policy Makers

What are some of the big ideas in the marketplace that might inform policy makers moving into the 2012 legislative session, and beyond? These executives will discuss.

• Jonathan Hensley: President, Regence Washington
• Aaron Katz: Lecturer, Univ. of Washington
• David Rolf: President, SEIU 775NW
• Pete Rutherford: Chief Executive Officer, Wenatchee Valley Medical Center

9:30 Case Study: King Care at King County

Using innovative incentives, and a focus on changing the culture around employee benefits, King County has dramatically bent the cost curve, while significantly improving health.

• Karleen Sakumoto: Manager, Employee Health & Well Being, King County
• John Scoggins: Health Care Economist, King County

Integrated Delivery Networks and the Market

Hospitals are active in the market building the kinds of systems necessary for coordination across the spectrum of care. From quality improvement to cost control, hear about the strategic considerations at play in that effort.

• Peter Adler: SVP Strategy, Innovation & Development, PeaceHealth
Marcel Loh: Chief Administrative Officer & SVP, Swedish Health System
• Claudia Sanders: SVP Policy Development, Washington State Hospital Association
• Dave Brooks: Chief Executive, Northwest Washington Region

Scope of Budget Pressures Facing Washington

As Washington continues the longest, slowest recovery of any economic recession in decades, state government continues to face dramatic budget challenges. Hear from the experts about the size and scope of those issues ahead of the 2012 session.

• Nick Federici: Advocacy Chair, Our Economic Future Coalition
• Jason Mercier: Director, Center for Government Reform; Washington Policy Center
• Rep. Zack Hudgins (D-Seattle): Member, Ways & Means Committee

RHA’s: A New Model for Coordination?

Regional Health Alliances are efforts underway across the state to coordinate health care services at the local level. Find out what is happening and how this will impact broader system reform.

• Christine Barada: Director, Spokane County Community Services, Housing, and Community Development Department
• Amnon Shoenfeld: Director of Mental Health, Chemical Abuse and Dependency Services, King County
• Vanessa Gaston: Director of Community Services, Clark County
• Anne Tan Piazza: Associate Executive Director, Washington State Nurses Association

10:30 Reality Check: Obstacles to Real Care Coordination f

For all of the talk around care coordination, the traditional barriers to coordinating patient care often still exist. Hear some frank talk about the kinds of problems still in the way of working together in health care.

• Rick MacCornack, PhD: Chief Systems Integration Officer, Northwest Physicians Network
• Cindy Robertson: Administrator, NorthShore Medical Group
• Peter Gelpi: Chief Executive Officer, Clarity Health Services

Insurance Exchange: The Practical Considerations

As 2014 gets closer, the operational and practical considerations of an exchange are coming into sharper focus. Listen to how the plans and the exchange leadership are working to get ready.

• Jim Grazko: VP and GM of Underwriting, Premera
• Richard Onizuka:
Director of Health Policy, Health Care Authority
• Sue Sharpe: Executive Director, St. Luke’s Foundation and Exchange Board Nominee
• Patricia Lichiello: Director, Policy Center Initiative, Univ. of Washington School of Public Health

Health Care & the 2012 Campaigns

Health care reform is President Obama’s signature piece of domestic legislation, as well as a key wedge issue in Washington’s governor’s race. How will that impact the way health policy is shaped, and what can we expect to see as a result?

• Shannon Affholter: Vice President of Business and Economic Development, Economic Alliance Snohomish County
• Zach Silk: President, Silk Strategic
• John Wyble: President, WinPower Strategies

HIT 2.0: Moving to Performance Based Health Care

Health information technology is a powerful means to the end of transformational health care. These speakers can address the next level of HIT implementation, from “meaningful use” to true information leveraging for care.

• Rick Rubin: Executive Director, OneHealthPort
• Tom Stevenson, DO: Chief Medical Officer, Covisint
• Mike Smyly: Chief Business Development Officer, INHS

Case Studies in Innovation: INHS Beacon Grant and Coordinated Care Health

Two of the most interesting stories in health care today that you probably haven’t yet heard: INHS and the Beacon Grant, and Coordinated Care Health.

• Jac Davies: Director of the Beacon Community Grant at INHS: The Beacon Grant is a $15.7 million initiative to develop information technology tools to aid the care of diabetic patients in the Inland Empire. This presentation will explore the strategies and successes of this innovation model.

• Mary Mason, MD: Chief Medical Officer & SVP, Centene Corporation & Coordinated Care Health: Coordinated Care Health is the local face of a national Medicaid managed care plan that has applied to enter the Washington State marketplace. This presentation will discuss innovative programs in managed care to lower costs and improve patient outcomes.

11:30 Costs and Culture of Employee Health f

Moving organizations to better health and lower costs takes a concerted approach to changing the culture of employee engagement of their health benefits. Listen to some first hand accounts of success – and some almost successes, as well.

• Jay Fathi, MD: Medical Director, Community Health, Swedish Health System
• Brendan McKenna: Director, Business Development, BenefitMD

Key Policy Challenges: Dual Eligibles

At $20,000 per person for average health care costs, the population of citizens eligible for both Medicare and Medicaid are an expensive challenge to address. Hear about policy discussions focused on addressing this population.

• Rep. Laurie Jinkins (D-Tacoma): Member, House Health and Wellness Committee
• Bea Rector: Project Director, Duals Innovation Grant, Aging & Disability Services Administration
• Susan Tuller: Executive Director, Providence ElderPlace
• Misha Werschkul: Legislative and Policy Director, SEIU 775NW

Policy Leadership: Democrats

Hear from some of the leading legislative Democrats in health care policy development. Bring your questions.

• Rep. Eileen Cody: Chair, House Health and Wellness Committee
• Sen. Karen Keiser: Chair, Senate Health and Long-Term Care Committee
• Sen. David Frockt: Member, Senate Health and Long-Term Care Committee

Report from CMS: John Hammarlund

John Hammarlund, the most senior regional leader from CMS will be on hand to discuss the changes at CMS, the innovations being promoted, and the future direction of the agency.

Health Care and Social Media

The way health care organizations are engaging their patients is changing. Likewise, patients are learning about providers and health information in new ways. In both cases, social media plays a central role in communicating about the health care marketplace. Learn about how these organizations are using social media to drive the conversation.

• Melissa Tizon: Communications Director, Swedish
• Charlotte Stuyvenberg
Director of Communications, Premera
• Leigh McMillan: Vice President, Marketing, Avvo

12:30 Keynote Address: Jay Inslee f

Jay Inslee has represented Washington state at the federal level for more than a decade – as representative for the 4th Congressional District from 1992-1994 and the 1st Congressional District since 1999.

He was a central player on health reform, both in his position on the House Energy and Commerce Committee and advocating for reform in Democratic caucus meetings.

Mr. Inslee has declared his candidacy for Governor in 2012 as a Democrat.



1:15 Payment Strategies for Improved Care & Lower Costs f

Fundamental delivery system re-design must start with the financing piece first. Learn about some of the major efforts underway to reshape health care financing – and delivery – in Washington State.

• Phil Haas: Vice President of Northwest Markets, Aetna
• Beth Johnson: Vice President of Provider Services, Regence
• Richard Onizuka: Director of Health Policy, Health Care Authority

Coming Next to Medicaid

From integrating behavioral health with traditional medical care, to merging Basic Health with Healthy Options, there is a lot happening in Medicaid today. Hear some of today’s thinking that will lead to the Medicaid of tomorrow.

• Rebecca Kavoussi: Director of Public Program Strategy and Development, Group Health Cooperative
• Preston Cody: Director, Division of Healthcare Services, Health Care Authority
• Betsy Jones: Director of Product Development, Community Health Plan of Washington
• Lance Heineccius: Director of Performance Improvement, Washington State Medical Association

Policy Leadership: Republicans

Legislative Republicans will be on hand to offer their insights into coming legislative policy discussions, and the shape of the debate heading into 2012. Bring your questions.

• Rep. Bill Hinkle: Member, House Health Care and Wellness Committee
• Sen. Cheryl Pflug: Member, Senate Health and Long-Term Care Committee
• Rep. Barbara Bailey: Member, House Health Care and Wellness Committee

Building Community Health Capacity

Where the reach of federal and state governments stops, innovative new players are filling the void. Listen to some of the more dynamic and interesting stories in the state on addressing local health care needs.

• Antony Chiang: Executive Director, Empire Health Foundation
• Carl Zapora: Superintendent, Verdant Health Commission
• Roberta Nestaas: President/CEO, Lutheran Community Services Northwest

2:15 Report from HCA: Doug Porter f

Doug Porter, Administrator of the Health Care Authority will be on hand to lay out Governor Gregoire’s vision for health policy in 2012, and the plans for the HCA.

Hospital Consolidation: The Market Responds

The market activity of hospitals in Washington State has drawn attention from the front page of daily papers and from policy makers in Olympia. Listen to observations from the market about recent activity.

• Scott Kronlund, MD: Chief Medical Officer, Northwest Physicians Network
• Paul Guppy: Vice President, Washington Policy Center
• David Olson: Associate Administrator, Wenatchee Valley Medical Center
• Joe Gifford, MD: Chief Medical Officer, Regence

Strategies to Reshape Medicare

Consumers are taking advantage of new Medicare benefits available to them as a result of the Affordsable Care Act, providers are adapting to reimbursement challenges and more changes are on the horizon. Join a dicussion with diverse stakeholders to hear the latest.

• John Doyle: Chief Financial Officer, Wenatchee Valley Medical Center
• Ingrid McDonald: Advocacy Director, AARP Washington
• Andrew Tartella: External Affairs Liaison, CMS-Seattle Office
• Debra Entenman: Community Outreach Manager, Office of Congressman Adam Smith

The Supreme Court & Reform

Now that the appeal to reform has made its way to the Supreme Court, the stage is set for a blockbuster decision in late spring. What should you expect to see and how should you plan to react?

• Stephen Rose: Chair, Health Law Department, Garvey Schubert Barer
• Sallie Sanford: Asst. Professor of Law, Univ. of Washington

3:15 Keynote Address: Rob McKenna (by video conference) F

Rob McKenna is serving his second term as Washington’s 17th Attorney General. As the state’s chief legal officer, he directs more than 500 attorneys and 700 professional staff providing legal services to state agencies, the Governor and Legislature.

In 2010, Mr. McKenna worked with a bi-partisan group of 26 attorneys general across the country in filing a legal challenge to various provisions in the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act. That challenge was affirmed in federal court, and now awaits appeal.

Mr. McKenna has declared his candidacy for Governor in 2012 as a Republican.