State of Reform Policy Conference – Alaska 2012


With over 50 speakers, and 18 breakout sessions, we are pleased to announce our Detailed Agenda for the 2012 State of Reform Health Policy Conference!  Here you’ll find complete agenda details for the event.  We will announce the keynote speakers Sept 13th – two weeks before the conference.  You can also expect a few updates to the lineup between now and the event, so check back from time to time.

For our summary Topical Agenda, an easy scan of the sessions and topics, click here.

Opening remarks to welcome guests, set the table for discussion and to frame the topics addressed at this year’s conference from the host of the event, author on health care policy and a leading health care consultant.

•  DJ Wilson:  Host, 2012 State of Reform Health Policy Conference

What are some of the big ideas in the marketplace that might inform policy makers moving into the 2013 legislative session, and beyond?  How is the market responding to the uncertainty surrounding reform implementation?  DJ Wilson will moderate a conversation with four diverse thought leaders in Alaskan healthcare.

•  Jeff Davis:  President, Premera Alaska
•  Stephen Rose:  Chair – Health Law Dept., Garvey Schubert Barer
•  Jeff Jessee:  CEO, The Mental Health Trust Authority
•  Jennifer Bundy-Cobb:  Vice President, The Wilson Agency

The leader of one of Alaska’s health plans takes the stage to offer specific solutions to the uniquely Alaskan challenges to the health care system.

•  Jason Gootee:  Regional Manager, ODS Alaska

From campaign rhetoric like “Repeal and Replace” to legislative terms like reconciliation and filibuster, what will the 2012 elections mean for state and federal health policy in 2013?

•  Jim Egan:  Executive Director, Commonwealth North
  David D’Amato:  Government Relations Director, APCA
•  Lawrence Weiss, PhD:  Former Executive Director, Alaska Center for Public Policy
  Amanda Makki, PhD:  Legislative Assistant, Office of US Senator Lisa Murkowski

Medicare is in a state of flux – from accountable care to changing reimbursement.  Hear from some of the leading thinkers on Medicare policy in Alaska about what is coming next.

•  J. Patrick Luby:  Director of Advocacy, AARP
•  Barb Doty, MD:  Physician & Board Member, AAFP
•  Judith Bendersky:  Health Program Manager, Medicare Info Office SHIP

Learn about three new models of collaboration – a care community, medical neighborhood, and a medical home – and how each has been employed for successful care delivery redesign.

•  Eric Earling:  Senior Manager- Corporate Communications, Premera
•  Pete Gelpi:  CEO, Clarity
•  Heidi Baines, MD:  Medical Director, ANHC

Hear from leading legislative Democrats as talk through their approach to health reform, the pending elections and the coming legislative session in a moderated panel discussion.

•  Sen. Bill Wielechowski:  Anchorage; Chair – State Affairs
•  Sen. Bettye Davis: 
Anchorage; Chair – Health, Education, and Social Security
•  Moderated by Nancy Merriman, Senior Program Manager, Denali Commission

Corporations have learned that the best way to control health care spending is to invest in keeping their employees healthy.  These speakers will address topics like updating plan design, creating a culture of wellness, and developing a systemic approach to wellness.

•  Dana Williams:  Vice President, HealthWays, Inc.
•  Lynn Rust Henderson:  Director of Sales, Premera
•  Jeff Ranf:  President, Wallace Insurance Group

Nathan Johnson is the Assistant Director for Health Care Policy at the Washington State Health Care Authority.  He is responsible for the planning for Medicaid expansion, is the state’s nation HIT coordinator, and has been a leading voice on payment reform strategies across provider groups.  Prior to this position, Nathan worked for the Senate Republican Caucus as the lead health care staff person, where he worked, among other bills, to help craft a bi-partisan bill creating the Health Benefit Exchange.

Developing the right kind of provider workforce in Alaska is a challenge.  Doing so in the face of possible expansion of Medicaid and subsidies for an Exchange presents an even greater challenge.

•  Debora Stovern:  Executive Administrator, Alaska State Medical Board
•  Delisa Culpepper:  Chief Operating Officer, Mental Health Trust
•  Jan Harris:  Vice Provost, Health Programs – Office of Health Programs Development, UAA
•  Bill Hogan:  Interim Dean, College of Health, UAA

To expand Medicaid or not to expand- that is at least part of the question.  The second part of the question is how can this potential expansion be funded?  These three speakers will address the challenges resulting in the uncertainty created within the current environment.

•  Ilona Farr, MD: Physician, Alaska Family Medical Center
  Rob Lynch:  Staff Attorney, Alaska Legal Services Corporation
•  Thomas J. Hendrix, PhD RN:  Research Fellow in Health Policy and Economics, Alaska Policy Forum
•  Moderated by Jerry Jenkins:  Executive Director, Anchorage Community Metal Health Services

The changes in store for employees – and their employers – as a result of the ACA are immense.  With them come key strategic considerations for both employees and employer, ranging from recruitment of key staff to learning about the best options ranging from an Exchange to a PEO.  Learn about them all from these thought leaders.

•  John Brassell:  Business Development Director, Alaska Regional Hospital
•  Stephen Cilley:  Owner, Ataraxis
•  Lynn Klassert:  Director of Sales, Swan Employer Services
•  Moderated by Mike Humphrey:  Sr. Benefits Advisor, The Wilson Agency

One of Alaska’s local physician leaders takes on the challenges facing Alaska health care, the context for those challenges, and his suggested solutions for a more sustainable future focused on clinical quality

•  Phil Hess, MD:  Family Physician, Anchorage Neighborhood Health Center

Legislative Republicans will be on hand to offer their insights into coming legislative policy discussions, and the shape of the debate heading into 2012.  Bring your questions.

•  Sen. Fred Dyson:  Member, House Health, Education and Social Security Committee
•  Sen. John Coghill:  Senate Minority Leader
•  Rep. Charisse Millet:  Representative – Juneau
•  Moderated by Josh Wilson:  Events Director, Commonwealth North

Health information technology is a powerful means to the end of transformational health care. These speakers can address the next level of HIT implementation, from “meaningful use” to true information utilization leverage for improved care delivery.

•  Bill Sorrells:  CEO, Sorrells & Associates
•  Rebecca Madison:  Executive Director, Alaska eHealth Network
•  Nathan Gardner:  Chief Solutions Officer – West Region, Covisint
•  Arif Kassam:  Vice President, Community Development; Clarity

One of Alaska’s physician leaders takes the podium to speak to real solutions for the Alaskan healthcare system.

•  Marin Granholm, MD:  President, Alaska Academy of Family Physicians

Whether Alaska is ready or not, there will be an insurance Exchange in Alaska enrolling about folks this time next year.  One of the leading experts on the state level exchanges from the largest insurer in America is joined by one of Alaska’s smartest advocates in Washington DC with one of Alaska’s sharpest observers of Exchange activity.

•  Nancy Ellison:  Vice President, State Government Affairs, UnitedHealth Group
•  Prue Fitzpatrick:  Legislative Assistant, Office of Sen. Mark Begich
•  David Morgan:  Reimbursement Director, Southcentral Foundation
•  Jan MacClarence:  Interim Executive Director, Alaska Primary Care Association

Physicians are with patients all day, and they see the challenges presented from a disjointed system.  These three physician leaders offer strategies and insights about controlling cost from the perspective of the most important point in the health care system – the patient-physician relationship.

•  Bruce Kiessling, MDFamily Practice Physician, Primary Care Associates
•  Katy Sheridan, MD: 
Family Practice Physician, Katy Sheridan, MD
•  Noah Laufer, MD: 
Family Practice Physician, Medical Park Family Care
•  Laura Hudson, RN:  Executive Director, Alaska Physicians & Surgeons


Here you’ll find the Topical Agenda for the 2012 Conference.  As you’ll see, there are 18 different break out sessions, joined with general plenary sessions.

The State of Reform Conference is broken into four distinct tracks, with general and breakout sessions that cross the spectrum of policy.  Some of the topics are of national and regional importance.  Some are simply unique to Alaska.

You can find information on the tracks below the agenda.  For the complete Detailed Agenda, click here.

 Breakout Sessions will include: