State of Reform Policy Conference – Alaska 2011


The State of Reform Conference is broken into three distinct tracks, with general and breakout sessions that cross the spectrum of policy topics.

Track 1: Impacts of the Federal Bill: How will federal reform work in Alaska? What changes will we see?
Track 2: Addressing Alaska’s Challenges: What strategies are underway for our home-grown challenges? What are our health care leaders working on?
Track 3: Where Politics Meets Policy: What can we expect from our political leaders moving forward? What is the content of the policy debates?


The first step in building a successful policy conference is finding the right people to sit around the table to help us think it through. Alaska is at the same time tremendously diverse when it comes to Alaskan health care, and tremendously unique when compared to other US states. Getting the right minds at the table is important, and we’re honored to be working with this esteemed group of health care and policy leaders.

Name Title Organization
Bill Popp Chief Executive Officer Anchorage EconomicDevelopment Corporation
Bruce Lamoureux Chief Operating Officer Providence
Deb Erickson Executive Director Alaska Health Care Commission
Jayson Smart Program Officer Rasmuson Foundation
Delisa Culpepper Chief Operating Officer Alaska Mental Health Trust Authority
Jeff Davis Chief Executive Officer Premera Alaska
Jim Egan Executive Director Commonwealth North
Leonard Stewart Executive Director Anchorage NeighborhoodHealth Center
Joel Neimeyer Co-Chair Denali Commission
John Raffetto Chief Executive Officer Raffetto/Herman Public Affairs
Karen Perdue President and Chief
Executive Officer
DJ Wilson President Wilson Strategic Communications
Susan Johnson Director US Dept of HHS, Region X
Laura Hudson Executive Director Alaska Physicians and Surgeons
Nancy Merriman Health Facilities
Sr. Program Mgr.
Denali Commission
Nancy Davis Executive Director Alaska Pharmacists Association
Paul Morris Chief Financial Officer Alaska Regional Hospital
Ron Hale Sr. Program Manager ConnectMD
Shelley Hughes Government Affairs Alaska Primary Care Association
Dennis McMillian President/
Chief Executive Officer
The Foraker Group
Stephen Rose Chair, Health Care Law Dept Garvey Schubert Barer
Valerie Davidson Vice President Alaska Native Tribal Health Consortium
Marilyn Kasmar Executive Director Alaska Primary Care Association
Suzanne Fleek State Director US Sen. Mark Begich
Lon Wilson President The Wilson Agency