Building linkages between the clinic and the community

Clinical-community linkages help to connect health care providers, community organizations, and public health agencies so they can improve patients’ access to preventive and chronic care services.

Such linkages are cited by researchers as mechanisms for reducing and preventing disease in communities.

Cultivating collaboration among community-based organizations and the health care sector to improve clinical outcomes requires a unique set of vision, collaboration, and organizational courage.

At the 2020 Texas State of Reform Health Policy Conference on February 4th in Austin, a panel entitled “Building linkages between the clinic and the community” will discuss what it takes to create and foster relationships and infrastructure across clinical and community settings, and the impact on quality of care as a result.

Panelists include:

Kay Ghahremani: President & CEO, Texas Association of Community Health Plans

Felicia Latson: Director of Programs, Social Determinants of Health, Legacy Community Health

Kevin Denmark: State Director and Vice President, Beacon Health Options

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