2014 Washington Detailed Conference Agenda

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8:15 am          Welcome and Introductions

Opening remarks to set the stage for the day and put the conference in the broader context of State of Reform activities focused on bridging the gap between health care and health policy.

DJ Wilson: Host, State of Reform

8:30 am          Keynote Remarks

The CEO of Washington Healthplanfinder – the Washington State insurance exchange – will be on stage to talk through how implementation is going half way through the first open enrollment period.  The conversation will include an update on the progress of the exchange, as well as what is keeping him up at night as the new year begins and the legislature is about to get underway.

Richard Onizuka: CEO, Washington Health Benefit Exchange

9:20 am          A Vision for Achieving the Triple Aim

The goal of having a healthier population, healthier individuals, and lower per capita costs too often seems like a distant goal.  Not for the speakers on this panel, who in their own way, are moving our system closer to the “Triple Aim.”  Hear their insights from working on system improvement.

Steve Hill: Chair, Bree Collaborative
Joe Roszak: Executive Director, Kitsap Mental Health Services
Sue Grinnell:  Special Assistant to the Secretary, Washington State Dept of Health

9:20 am          Strategies for New Medicaid

From expansion to integration, Medicaid is in a major state of change.  The scope, relevance and impact are all increasing.  Find out from some of the leading voices in Medicaid today as they offer their thinking on how best to respond to the challenge of a new Medicaid.

MaryAnne Lindeblad: Medicaid Director, Health Care Authority
Victor Collymore, MD: Chief Medical Officer, Community Health Plan of Washington
Doug Bowes: President, United HealthCare Community Plan

9:20 am         Engaging Consumers: Reports from Navigators and In-Person Assisters

Enrollment onto the exchange and into Medicaid has been a mixed bag of success.  However, it’s also a real-world reminder of the impact reform is having on consumers.  Listen to this panel report on their real world successes – and setbacks – as they have worked to engage consumers.

Teresita Batayola: CEO, International Community Health Services
Patty Hayes: Director Community Health Services, King County Public Health
Jesus Hernandez: Executive Director, Community Choice

9:20 am         Consolidations, Mergers and Acquisitions

Economic and healthcare reform pressures have precipitated an acceleration of affiliations, mergers, and partnerships among providers both regionally and nationally. What additional consolidation and collaborations can we expect in the coming year in light of health care reform initiatives, changes in the reimbursement mandate, the pursuit of the Triple Aim, increased accountability measures for meeting the health care needs of whole populations, and a renewed focus on inclusiveness of rural and underserved areas?  Hear from these experts who are considering the question every day. 

Karl Rebay: Partner, Moss Adams
Rachael Ream: Health Law Attorney, Garvey Schubert Barer
Peter Adler:  Chief Strategy Officer, PeaceHealth

9:20 am          HCA and the Health Care Innovation Plan

The HCA led a major stakeholder effort in 2013 culminating in a proposal to CMS for funding that could become the cornerstone of health policy for years to come.  Listen to the leaders of the Innovation Plan as they outline their vision for the Washington State as a “first mover” in the market.

Nathan Johnson: Health Care Policy Division Director, Health Care Authority
Karen Merrikin: Project Director, SCHIP, Health Care Authority

10:20 am          Olympia Insiders Talk about the 2014 Session

With integration on the horizon, and on-going challenges related to the new commercial marketplace, there may be some major systemic questions on the horizon in the 2014 Legislative session.  Hear from some key voices in Olympia policy circles about what you might see coming.

Nick Federici: Principal, Federici and Associates
Bob Crittenden: Senior Health Policy Adviser, Office of Governor Jay Inslee
Cassie Sauer: SVP Government Relations, Washington Hospital Association

10:20 am          Tools for Managing High Cost Consumers

High utilizing patients are a focus of many care coordination strategies, particularly those that bridge the gap between physical and mental health.  This panel will discuss some of the root causes which drive utilization, and some of the most effective strategies for managing the health and care of “high utilizers.”

Maureen Pence: Director of Clinical Operations, Northwest Physicians Network
Laura Porter: Senior Director, ACEs Learning Institute
Verni Jogaratnam, MD: Chief Medical Officer, United Healthcare Community Plan

10:20 am          Designing Clinically Integrated Networks

Some of the leading physician organizations in the region are organizing to develop new organizational models to foster quality care delivery.  These medical group leaders will discuss their strategic vision for one future pathway for physician groups in Washington State.

Alex Rule: Employee Benefit Consultant, Propel Insurance (Moderator)
Paul Buehrens, MD: Medical Director, Evergreen Health Partners
Lloyd David: CEO, PolyClinic
Ralph Pascualy, MD: CEO, Swedish Medical Group

10:20 am          The Challenges of the Post-ACA World

Let’s step back.  With all of the activity related to implementation of the ACA, it’s easy to lose sight of the big picture.  But, what’s on the horizon for health care once we get through this transitional period? This group of thought leaders are already thinking about what’s coming next, and will share their insights on the future.

Sydney Smith Zvara: Executive Director, Association of Washington Healthcare Plans
Teresa Mosqueda: Director of Government Relations, Washington State Labor Council
Jennifer Hanscom: CEO, Washington State Medical Association

10:20 am          Strategies and Options for Employers

From installing private exchanges to new value propositions from brokers, the world of employer-based coverage is shifting.  This panel of experts will talk through what challenges they hear from employers on a daily basis, and what solutions are surfacing as businesses wade into the post-reform world.

Peter Morris: President, TailorWell
Nancy Frost: Partner and Manager of Employee Benefits Department, Propel Insurance
Melanie Curtice: Managing Partner, Stoel Rives

11:20 am          Policy Leadership: Democrats

Hear from some of the key members of the Democratic caucus about what’s in store for health policy in the 2014 legislative session.  Bring your questions to what is always a lively discussion.

State Senator David Frockt: Member, Health Care Committee
State Senator Karen Keiser: Ranking Member, Health Care Committee

State Representative Dawn Morrell: Chair, Appropriations Subcommittee on Health & Human Services
State Representative Laurie Jinkins
: Vice Chair, Health Care & Wellness Committee

11:20 am          A Provider-Led Transition from Volume to Value

xG Health Solutions, a spinoff of Geisinger Health, will be joined by Washington providers to discuss how to get actionable data to manage population health, how to transform a practice into a patient-centered medical home, and how to align financial incentives to support the shift from volume to value.

David Grossman, MD: Medical Director for Population & Purchaser Strategy, Group Health
Gordon Norman, MD: Chief Medical Officer, xG Health Solutions
Kelly Stanford: Integrated Delivery System, LLC

11:20 am          Regional Health Improvement Models

A number of independent initiatives at regional collaboration have been fostered in recent months.  Now, the HCA is moving towards a regional approach to financing Medicaid, including relying on regions for accountability measures and cross-silo engagement.  Learn about what’s happening in various regions in the state, in both formal and informal arrangements.

Kristen West: Vice President of Grant Programs, Empire Health Foundation
Carlos Carreon: Director, Cowlitz County Health & Human Services
Larry Thompson: Executive Director, Whatcom Health Alliance

11:20 am         Outcome Based Contracting: Stories from the Real World

For years, there has been talk about changing the payment model in order to drive change in the delivery system.  Now, there are some regions in the state which have earned considerable experience working in payment models based on outcomes.  Hear these leaders tell you about their successes – as well as their setbacks.

Rick Cooper: CEO, The Everett Clinic
Jay Johnson: Senior Vice President, Confluence Health
Rich Maturi: Senior Vice President, Premera

11:20 am         Thinking Differently About the Healthcare Workforce

The logic for new provider arrangements to deliver care has never been clearer.  From incorporating mid-level providers to working in team arrangements, from physician shortages to an influx of new beneficiaries, this panel will discuss both the pressures and the promise of new healthcare workforce strategies.

Dan Ferguson:  Director, WA State Allied Health Center for Excellence
June Robinson: Community Health Worker Unit Manager, Public Health – Seattle and King County
Kathy Burgoyne:  Senior Director of Applied Research, Comprehensive Health Education Foundation
Morris Pettit:  Principal, ConsultiCare

Lunchtime         Keynote from Governor Jay Inslee

Governor Jay Inslee has, in his first year, embarked on some of the most ambitious health policy initiatives in Washington State in 20 years.  Governor Inslee will address this work, as well as what we can expect in 2014, as our lunchtime Keynote Speaker.

The Honorable Jay Inslee, Governor of the State of Washington

Lunchtime          A Conversation on the Integration of Behavioral and Physical Health

The vision of these three leaders will significantly shape the future of health care payment and ultimately delivery of care in our state for years to come.  This lunchtime Keynote Panel will be an informal discussion of the future, the pathway forward, and the pitfalls of integration within federalism today.

Dorothy Teeter: Director, Washington State Health Care Authority
Kevin Quigley: Secretary, Washington State Department of Social & Health Services
Susan Johnson: Director, Region X, US Department of Health & Human Services

1:30 pm          Policy Leadership: Republicans

With even more firm control of the Senate, and with an engaged and active caucus in the House, legislative Republicans are central to any discussion on policy or reform in Washington State.  Hear from some of the legislative leaders in Republican health policy.

State Senator Randi Becker: Chair, Health Care Committee
State Senator Barbara Bailey: Member, Health Care Committee
State Representative Jay Rodne: Member, Health Care & Wellness Committee

1:30 pm          Innovations in the Business Model of Care Delivery

With regulatory and reimbursement pressures increasing, the business model for health care is changing as well.  Hear from these panelists about the changes they are implementing and the outcomes they are achieving as a result.

Joe Gifford, MD: CEO, Providence and Swedish ACO of Washington
Mary-Clayton Enderlein: Director of Occupational Health Services, Seattle Children’s Hospital
Ryan Schmid: CEO, Vera WholeHealth
Sandy Johnson: Partner, Garvey Schubert Barer

1:30 pm          Long Term Care Funding – The Unfinished Business of the ACA

As DSHS Secretary Kevin Quigley has said, “We have a great LTC system for the very rich, and the very poor, but not for the folks in between.’” How do we move the LTC system to a more sustainable model moving forward so that as boomers continue to age, they do so without breaking the bank for the rest of us?

Mary Clogston: Principal, Clogston Public Affairs
Jesse Eller:  Director, Seattle-King County Aging and Disability Services

1:30 pm          The Economics and Financing of Reform

This innovative panel will explore new ways to fund reform that can move the system forward in ways it may not be able to on its own.  From venture capital funding to social impact bonds, this panel will discuss various models to financing broad system improvement.

Melanie Gillespie: Executive Director, Comprehensive Health Education Foundation (Moderator)
Jim Lilly: Managing Director, Health Care Investment Banking, Key Bank
Todd Hofheins: Chief Financial Officer, Providence Health & Services

1:30 pm          Report from the Insurance Commissioner’s Office

The Office of the Insurance Commissioner has come under additional scrutiny in the last few months in the fall out from this summer’s exchange plan certification process. This session will have the OIC update attendees on the latest activity from the Commissioner and any legislation we might see in 2014.  Bring your questions!

Emily Brice: Senior Health Policy Advisor, Office of the Insurance Commissioner
Holly Mortlock: Legislative Liaison, Office of the Insurance Commissioner

2:30 pm          Driving Transparency in Healthcare

The pathway to solving the challenges in healthcare today starts with the ability to see and define the problem.  And, that starts with making the convoluted system more transparent – a notion sometimes easier said than done.  Hear what these leaders are doing to bring clarity to a complicated system.

Beth Johnson: Vice President of Provider Services, Regence Blue Shield
Mary McWilliams: Executive Director, Puget Sound Health Alliance
Michael O’Neil: SVP, Strategy & Development, Healthcare Blue Book

2:30 pm          Reforming Mental Health Procurement

At the direction of CMS, Washington State is changing the way it funds mental health services.  In the future it will integrate at least chemical dependency funding, but will also move towards full integration with physical health dollars too.  Hear what both the state and the marketplace thinks about this, and the plan for moving forward.

Jane Beyer: Assistant Secretary, Washington State Behavioral Health and Service Integration Administration
Erin Hafer: Manager of New Programs Integration, Community Health Plan of Washington
Cheri Dolezal: Executive Director, Optum Pierce Regional Support Network
Jason McGill:  Health Policy Advisor, Gov. Jay Inslee

2:30 pm          Perspectives on Reform from the Practice Level

Working in health care today is like living in a whirlwind.  But, from the view of some practices, that whirlwind seems more like a tornado.  Hear from these practice and clinical leaders on the challenges of facing reform today from both the physical health view and the behavioral health perspective on the matter.

Marcy Hipskind, MD: President, Family Care Network
Karen Brady: Director of Clinical Services, Ryther
Dale Reisner, MD: President, Washington State Medical Association

2:30 pm          Managing Cost Drivers in Healthcare

Keeping costs in check in healthcare today is extremely challenging.  However, at the same time, the tools from data, care coordination, and evidence-based medicine are allowing for a new kind of sophistication around cost today.  Listen to this panel as it shares insights on how best to mitigate and manage some of the key cost drivers today.

Mariella Cummings: CEO, Physicians of Southwest Washington
Rick Hourigan, MD: Managed Care Medical Director, Confluence Health
Bob Perna: Director, Practice Resource Center, Washington State Medical Association

3:30 pm          Health Care Executive Leadership Keynote Panel

The day ends with an informal conversation with some of the leading figures in Washington State healthcare today.  We’ll hear their views on change, what they see on the horizon, and what their advice is for the health care community in 2014.

Preston Simmons: CEO, Providence Regional Medical Center Everett
Jeff Roe: President, Premera
Lance Hunsinger: CEO, Community Health Plan of Washington
State Representative Eileen Cody: Chair, House Health and Wellness Committee