Detailed Agenda

Our 2016 Inland Northwest State of Reform Health Policy Conference Detailed Agenda is a list of over 70 speakers and experts from across the spectrum of care. The heading colors correspond to track colors on our Topical Agenda to help you organize your day.

8:15 am

Welcome and Introductions

Begin the day with introductory remarks from State of Reform host DJ Wilson, which will provide a review of the day’s agenda. It will also include an update on where State of Reform is headed in the months and years ahead.

DJ Wilson: Host, State of Reform

8:30 am

Morning Executive Keynote Panel: Post-ACA Reforms: What is Coming Next?

This panel will discuss some of the moving parts in health care, both in the world of policy and that of the marketplace. The discussion will include policy items teed up for 2017 as well as a review of where market players may be taking health care independent of policy makers.

Peter Adler: President & CEO, Molina Healthcare of Washington

Sen. Ann Rivers: Member, Washington State Senate Health Care Committee

Kelly Stanford: VP Clinical Operations and Market Integration, Group Health

9:30 am

Budget and Policy in the 2017 Legislative Session

The 2017 Legislative Session is shaping up to be among the most challenging – and potentially most contentious – in a long time. Learn about the fiscal pressures brought on by lawsuits, policy changes and economic shifts, and what that will mean for health policy.

Jim Crawford: Budget Director, OFM

Tom Parker: Principal, Parker NW

Lonnie Johns- Brown: Legislative Director, OIC

9:30 am

MACRA and Medicare Payment Transformation

Health care may be entering a phase where CMS and Medicare will begin to lead and shape the overall marketplace. With acronyms like CPC+, MACRA and MIPS, a number of programs will be reshaping the system.

Kirk Rowbotham, MD: Chief Medical Officer, Providence Medical Group

Sue Dietz: Regional Vice President, National Rural Accountable Care Consortium

Lauren Cover: Manager, AKT

9:30 am

Building Trust: Health Care and Community Organizations

Across all lines of business, new relationships are being formed as new processes and payment models take root and grow. What does it take to build the trust needed to make those relationships bear fruit? This panel will offer insights into that question.

Tom Martin: CEO, Lincoln Public Hospital District

Cameryn Flynn: Business Development Services Manager, SNAP

Kat Latet: Program Manager, New Programs Integration, Community Health Plan of Washington

9:30 am

Affordability and the Consumer Experience

Rising prices have become a hallmark of the post-ACA era. With increasing deductibles and higher co-pays, consumers are feeling more of the brunt of this change. This panel will discuss those impacts, strategies to mitigate them, and what it all means for the system.

Sally Mildren: VP, Consumer Experience, Coordinated Care

Molly Voris: Policy Director, Washington Health Benefit Exchange

Dan Fisher: SVP, Northwest Region, Hub International

10:30 am

Integrating the Social Determinants in Traditional Health Care

Awareness of the role of social determinants on health is now mainstream. Yet, integrating that awareness into traditional health care has not been easy. This session will talk about areas where success has been had, and lessons learned from encountering resistance.

Joel McCullough, MD: Medical Director, Community Health & Epidemiology, Providence Health Care

Amina Suchoski: Vice President, Marketing and Business Development, UnitedHealthcare Community Plan

David Kelly: Executive Director, Area Agency on Aging & Disabilities of Southwest Washington

10:30 am

Update on FIMC in Southwest Washington

The future of Medicaid payment in Washington State is happening now in Southwest Washington. This panel will discuss some of the early experiences there from the view of physical health and mental health, from payers and providers.

Julie Lindberg: Vice President, Health Care Services, Molina Healthcare of Washington

Julia Bernstein: Vice President, Beacon Health Options

Jared Sanford: President, Washington Association of Alcoholism & Addiction Programs

10:30 am

Innovating in the Long-Term Care Space

Awareness about the long-term care system is rising among traditional health care organizations. From bundled payments and home care to crowded ERs and chronic disease, many initiatives in health care today come together in the long-term space in a way that hasn’t happened before. This panel will discuss how those changes are driving innovation.

Lynn Kimball: Executive Director, Member Services, Aging and Long Term Care of Eastern WA

Lani Todd: Legislative and Policy Director, SEIU 775 NW

Tawhnee Colvin: HHS Assistant Director, Spokane Tribe

10:30 am

The Sustainability of the Individual Market

The state of the individual market continues to be somewhat precarious. As open enrollment for the fourth year of the post-ACA individual market unfolds, how can Washington State move to shore up this cornerstone of the Affordable Care Act to support success in the years to come?

Melinda Hews: Executive Director, Health Insurance Exchanges, Group Health

Molly Nollette: Deputy Commissioner, Rates and Forms, Office of the Insurance Commissioner

Chris Blanton: President, Bridgespan Health

11:30 am

The 2016 Elections and the Impact on Health Policy

The old adage is “elections have consequences.” That may seldom be as true as it looks to be in 2016. How those consequences play out will depend on majorities, executive branch victors, and fiscal constraints at federal and state levels. Bring your questions for this panel with some of the most important voices in Washington State politics.

Hon. Marcus Riccelli: Representative, Washington State House of Representatives

Hon. JT Wilcox: Co-Chair, House Republican Organization Committee

Ian Goodhew: Director, Government Relations, UW Medicine (Moderator)

11:30 am

An Update from the HCA

Dorothy Teeter, Administrator of the Washington State Health Care Authority, will outline the vision and activities of the agency she leads. From Medicaid to public employee purchasing, she’ll bring content – you bring your questions!

Dorothy Teeter: Director, Health Care Authority

11:30 am

Connecting Housing to the Health Care System

There is increasing awareness of the importance housing plays in health care, particularly in Medicaid. In fact, it’s a central element of Washington State’s 1115 waiver. Listen to this panel discuss where the connections between housing and health care can be built and what that means for both sectors’ success.

Jon Brumbach: Senior Policy Analyst, Health Care Authority

Tanya Dansky, MD: CMO, Amerigroup

Rob McCann: Executive Director, Catholic Charities Spokane

Fred Peck: Executive Director, Spokane Housing Ventures (Moderator)

11:30 am

Let’s Talk About Death: Palliative Care and the End of Life

How we prepare our families and ourselves for the end of life is not an easy discussion to be had. But, increasingly, it’s one that health care organizations are fostering with their patients. This panel will discuss the topic, changes in care delivery at the end of life, and what this means for the system overall.

Barb Hansen: Executive Director, Washington State Hospice and Palliative Care Organization

Chris McFaul: CEO, Horizon Hospice

Jim Steinruck: Member, Advanced Care Planning Initiative, Snohomish County Health Leadership Coalition

12:30 pm

Lunch General Session: Bill Bryant

Bill Bryant is the Republican candidate for Governor of the State of Washington. Bryant has served as a Commissioner at the Port of Seattle, and built a successful consulting practice supporting international trade.

Bryant has faulted leadership at the Health Care Authority and cited that as an example, along with the Dept. of Transportation and the Dept. of Corrections, of why Washington State needs new leadership in the Governor’s mansion.

Bryant will offer prepared remarks, and will then sit down for a one-on-one discussion about health care and health policy with Eric Earling, SVP at State of Reform.

Bill Bryant: Washington State Gubernatorial Candidate

1:45 pm

Policy Leadership: Democrats

With legislative elections in full swing, some changes may be coming to majorities in Olympia. This panel of Democratic legislators will discuss the fall elections, their vision for health policy in the next session, and where health care is heading in Washington State.

Hon. Andy Billig: Senator, Washington State Legislature

Hon. Laurie Jinkins: Representative, Washington State Legislature

Hon. Steve Conway: Member, Joint Select Health Care Oversight Committee (invited)

1:45 pm

A Survey of the Accountable Communities of Health

Accountable communities of health, or ACHs, are envisioned to become one of the most innovative forces in Washington State health care. However, the pathway to that position is neither linear nor universally followed by every region. Hear about the variation in differing regions and what that means for the future of this new model.

Laurel Lee: Vice President, Member and Community Engagement, Molina Healthcare of Washington

Alison Carl White: Executive Director, Better Health Together

Elya Moore: Director, Olympic Community of Health

1:45 pm

Strategies for ER Diversion

Washington State hospitals, health plans and community providers have become very accomplished at triaging patients in and out of the emergency room. This panel will talk about some of the unique models employed in Eastern Washington and how that success has been measured.

Darin Neven, MD: President & Founder, Consistent Care

Brian Schaeffer: Assistant Chief, Spokane Fire Department

Becky Grohs, RN: Clinical Director, Consistent Care Program, Benton Franklin Community Health Alliance

1:45 pm

Digital Innovation and System Disruption

With more than a decade of significant investment and implementation of digital strategies, what have we learned about innovation? Is there significant disruption ahead now that this infrastructure is in place? Or is this innovation just more cost on the system? This panel will take up these questions and attempt to sort through the answers.

Francisco R. Velázquez, MD, SM: President & CEO, PAML

Jon Copeland: Chief Executive Officer, Nuvodia

Brian Myers: Senior Director, Empire Health Foundation (invited)

2:45 pm

Policy Leadership: Republicans

With some Washington State Republicans actively breaking from their national counterparts, will that also signal a divergence in the approach to health policy? What do Republican legislative leaders have in mind for the 2017 session? Bring your questions to this interactive panel!

Hon. Paul Harris: Representative, Washington State Legislature

Traci Couture: District Director, Office of Congresswoman Cathy McMorris Rodgers

2:45 pm

Update on Behavioral Health Integration

Operationalizing the policy of behavioral health integration is harder than one might think. Deep cultural differences underline variation in payment and approaches to care. This panel will talk through the lessons learned from doing the hard work of integration.

Doug Bowes: President, United Healthcare Community Plan

Tim Hoekstra: Director, Behavioral Health Services, Columbia Valley Health Center

Tonya Stern: Integrated Behavioral Health Manager, Spokane County Community Services, Housing and Community Development

2:45 pm

Thinking Differently About the Culture of Providers and Provider Training

From graduate medical education to organizational culture, the way providers are trained and supported is changing in both subtle and direct ways. This panel will highlight the areas in which provider culture is shifting, and what that means for care delivery in Washington State.

Dawn DeWitt Talbot, MD: Vice Dean, Elson S. Floyd College of Medicine

Gary Knox, MD: CMO, Rockwood Clinic

Thomas A. Scandalis, DO: Dean & Chief Academic Officer, Pacific Northwest University College of Osteopathic Medicine

2:45 pm

New Conversations in Value- Based Purchasing

The notion of value-based purchasing has taken an iterative pathway forward. While there have been a number of stops and starts along the way, it appears there are areas of significant momentum. These speakers will offer their observations on the topic drawn from active experience in the marketplace.

Alisha Fehrenbacher: Vice President, Health Systems, Empire Health Foundation

Sandy Johnson: Partner, Hall Render

Chuck Levine: Vice President, Network Management, Premera Blue Cross

3:45 pm

Afternoon Keynote: Governor Jay Inslee

Jay Inslee is the Governor of the State of Washington, running for re-election. Inslee formerly served as an eight-term Congressman prior to being elected Governor in 2012.

During his time as governor, Inslee has overseen the largest expansion and the most significant reforms to Medicaid since the mid-1990s. This has included integration of behavioral and physical health in Medicaid and operationalizing the insurance exchange.

Inslee will offer prepared remarks, and will then sit down for a one-on-one discussion about health care and health policy with DJ Wilson.

The Honorable Jay Inslee: Governor of the State of Washington