Detailed Agenda Day 2

Our 2021 Washington State of Reform Health Policy Conference Detailed Agenda is a list of almost 90 speakers and experts from across the spectrum of care. The heading colors correspond to track colors on our Topical Agenda to help you organize your day.

The agenda and speaker list are driven by input from our Convening Panel of leaders in Washington health care and we’re looking forward to a great event on January 6th and 7th. If you’re not already registered, you can do so here.

For now, let us know if you have any questions about the conference. We look forward to seeing you!


8:15- 8:50

Keynote: COVID and the Pandemic: An international perspective

In a reprise of a conversation at our 2020 Inland Northwest State of Reform Health Policy Conference, and which was among the most positively scored keynotes we have hosted in Washington State, this session will gather different perspectives and views from some of the the globe's most well-respected thought leaders in their space. This is a truly special session, unique to State of Reform, and one that will broaden your sense of health and community.  

Ross Ciesla: Chief Investment Officer, Veritas Investment Partners (London)

Mohamed Abdirizak: Foreign Minister, Government of Somalia

Katherine Wilson: Author and Cultural Commentator (Rome)


Networking: Health Care Reform with Karianna Wilson, Host of State of Reform

Form new connections (or strengthen established ones) as you join Karianna Wilson to discuss the most pressing topics in Washington state health care reform.

Karianna Wilson: Chief Executive Officer, State of Reform

9:00- 9:50

Update on federal policy

With a new federal administration taking office soon, and health care reform primed as a key issue in the 117th Congress. This session will hear from policy advocates and congressional staffers that are at work trying to shape the next wave of federal policy making on the road ahead in 2021. 

Andrew Coats: Senior Policy Advisor, Hall Render

Nick Bath: Health Policy Director, Senate HELP Committee

Pam MacEwan: Chief Executive Officer, Washington Health Benefit Exchange

9:00- 9:50

On the edge of a new leap in vaccine science

Like our first landing on the moon, we are experiencing a major leap in our understanding of science and human capacity to manage the world around us. From the moment of our first genome sequencing of the virus that causes COVID-19, it took 5 days to design a vaccine that has proven to be about 90-95% effective in trials. This session will discuss the implications of this progress in immunology and what it means for our community as vaccines come to the mass market. 

Jeff Duchin, MD: Health Officer and Chief, Seattle King County Public Health

Julie McElrath, MD: Senior Vice President, Director of Vaccine and Infectious Disease Divison, Fred Hutchinson

Phyllis Arthur: Vice President, Infectious Disease, Biotechnology Innovation Organization

9:00- 9:50

Getting our hands around the total cost of care

In the 'before-times' prior to COVID-19, the challenge of health care's cost to taxpayers, employers and consumers alike was among the most pressing topics in health reform. When COVID passes, sustainable financing of our health care system will remain a central challenge, exacerbated by this pandemic. So, how can we thread the dual challenges of increasing costs in a system that does not appear to be financially stable with the money currently allocated? This session will take up the conversation about cost control and how this might meet with financial sustainability. 

Hon. John Kitzhaber, MD: Former Governor, State of Oregon

Donna Smith, MD: Associate Chief Medical Officer, Virginia Mason

Courtney Ward: Strategy and Finance Manager, Amerigroup

Grant Knowles, PharmD: Vice President, Business Development, Ardon Health

9:00- 9:50

How employers are navigating employee health in 2021

One of the key elements of health reform in 2009-2010 was the engagement of employers pushing for health needed change to the system. Since that time, employers have increasingly become active in working to control their health care costs as purchasers, while also engaging in policy conversations to improve the system as a whole. This panel of thought leaders and experts will discuss the impact employers have had on reform and what that will mean for the future of system improvement. 

Nathan Johnson: Vice President, Innovation and Strategy, Premera

Nancy Giunto: Executive Director, Washington Health Alliance

Linda Brady: Health Care Strategy, Boeing


Networking: Market Dynamics with Pam MacEwan, CEO, Washington Health Benefit Exchange and Joan Altman, Director, Government Affairs & Strategic Partnerships, Washington Health Benefit Exchange

Come exchange knowledge, ideas, and contact information during this networking session with Pam MacEwan and Joan Altman, JD focused on market dynamics.

Pam MacEwan: Chief Executive Officer, Washington Health Benefit Exchange

Joan Altman: Director, Government Affairs & Strategic Partnerships, Washington Health Benefit Exchange


Networking: Health Tech with Nick Jackal, Cambia Grove

Be prepared to acquire new knowledge and new connections as you dive deep into conversation about health technology with Nick Jackal.

Nick Jackal: Community Engagement Manager, Cambia Grove


Modernizing state health policy after COVID

When COVID is behind us, what will we have learned from this experience that will improve our health system and safety net? How can we make sure the sacrifice we have all paid, in both physical health and mental health, is not in vain, but rather leads to a policy framework that supports a stronger, more resilient and responsive health system? That is the question that this session will take up as it explores the future of the Washington State health care system. 

Rep. Eileen Cody: Chair, House Health Care and Wellness Committee

Justin Gill, DNP: Board Member, Washington State Nurses Association Board of Directors

Molly Voris: Senior Policy Advisor for Public Health and Health Care, Office of Governor Inslee

Chris Bandoli: Executive Director, Association of Washington Health Plans


The health implications of climate change

The impacts of climate change have not been mitigated because we are busy dealing with COVID. As a consequence, the impacts to individual and community health continue to increase in signficance, ranging from wildfires to ocean acidification. This panel will discuss both the implications to health, but also the challenges ahead for the health care system to help manage and mitigate these changes.  

Annemarie Dooley, MD: Board Member, Washington Physicians for Social Responsibility

Jeremy Hess, MD: Director, University of Washington Center for Health and the Global Environment (ChanGE)

Rad Cunningham: Manager of Climate Change and Health, Department of Health 


Payment reform to re-center the primary care system

COVID has re-elevated the importance of primary care to the overall success of our health care system. Policy makers are moving to reform payment of primary care, but it's unclear whether that effort will generate the momentum need to move the system on its own. This session will explore the efforts underway to re-inforce primary care, from market activity to policy making, and illuminate the opportunities ahead. 

Andrew Nelson: Vice President, Network Management, Molina

Catherine Field: Senior Vice President & Division Leader, Senior Products, Humana

Julie Stroud, MD: Chief Medical Officer, Optum Care Network, WA

Ginny Weir: Executive Director, Bree Collaborative

Laura Zaichkin: Director, Health Plan Performance and Strategy, SEiU 775 Health Benefits Group (Moderator)


Racism as a public health issue

One positive element of the difficult year that has been 2020 is the emerging and multi-cultural consensus that racism remains an unresolved stain on American society. The impacts of racism impact life expectancy, health outcomes, and quality of life, with a level of chronic stress for people of color that can create structural health challenges. This session will discuss the data that underpins racism's impact on health and how the health care sector can better deal with this ongoing issue. 

Rep. My-Linh Thai: Member, House Health Care and Wellness Committee

Caitlin Safford: Director, Government Relations, Amerigroup

Stephan Blanford: Executive Director, Children's Alliance


Networking: Health IT with Rick Rubin, CEO of OneHealthPort

Make new industry connections as you engage in conversation about the Health IT world and learn how OneHealthPort is solving problems across the health care community

Rick Rubin: Chief Executive Officer, OneHealthPort


Networking: COVID-19 Response with Ingrid Ulrey, Public Health-Seattle & King County

Accompany Ingrid Ulrey at this networking session as she guides a discussion centered around Washington state’s COVID-19 response.

Ingrid Ulrey: Director, Public Policy, Public Health - Seattle and King County

11:00- 11:50

The budget and the 2021 Session

The 2021-2023 budget looks like it will offer a range of challenges and elevate a number of tense conversations. This session will discuss the scope and context of the budget challenges facing legislators in the next session, and how the state's actions will impact health services at the local level.

Sen. June Robinson: Vice Chair, Senate Ways and Means Committee

Rep. JT Wilcox: Minority Leader, House of Representatives

Rep. Timm Ormsby: Chair, House Appropriations Committee

11:00- 11:50

Lessons for telehealth from the pandemic

The catalyzing of telehealth is among the most promising and prominent of stories to come out of this COVID era. This session will discuss the lessons from this moment and what we might expect to remain in the post-COVID world, from market activity to policy making. 

Drew Oliveira, MD: Senior Executive Medical Director, Regence BlueShield

Barbara Detering, MD: Executive Director of Operations, Washington Permanente Medical Group

Inna Liu, LCSW: Assistant Vice President, Account Partnerships, Beacon Health Options

Marc Avery, MD: Principal, Health Management Associates (Moderator)

11:00- 11:50

Post-pandemic economic stability in health care

The health care sector is an increasingly large sector of the economy overall in Washington State. So, the linkages between overall economic stability and the performance of the health care sector are becoming even more direct. This session will explore those linkages, and talk through what it will take for both the health care sector, and the economy overall, to get back on track towards stability and prosperity. 

Sen. David Frockt: Chair, Senate Special Committee on Economic Recovery

Rep. Drew Stokesbary: Ranking Member, House Appropriations Committee

David DiGiuseppe: Vice President, Health Care Economics, Community Health Plan of Washington

Cassie Sauer: Chief Executive Officer, Washington State Hospital Association

11:00- 11:50

Lessons from integrating housing and health care

It is clear that it's extremely difficult to be healthy if you're worried about where you might rest your head at night. And, at the safety net where many Medicaid beneficiaries live, it's clear that housing is a critical element of one's health. This session will talk through the lessons from integrating health care and the housing sector and what that experience tells us about the future of care delivery and health policy. 

Sen. Patty Kuderer: Chair, Senate Housing Stability and Affordability Committee

Andy McMahon: Vice President, Health and Human Services, United HealthCare Community and State

Joanna den Haan: Homeless & Housing Program Manager, Neighborcare


Networking: Cascade Care & Medicaid with Ethan Norris, HMA

Connect with Ethan Norris, and others, as you engage in conversation that focuses on Cascade Care and Medicaid.

Ethan Norris: Senior Consultant, Health Management Associates

12:00- 12:50

Keynote: Leadership in a time of uncertainty

2020 proved to be one of the most challenging years any of us have endured in years. Navigating this year of challenges required flexible and resilient leadership. And, 2021 may well be just as disruptive, if in new ways. This keynote session will close out State of Reform by elevating the lessons of leadership from 2020 and talk through how we might learn from those in facing the bumps in the road of 2021. 

Gary Kaplan, MD: Chief Executive Officer, Virginia Mason

Beth Johnson: Chief Executive Officer, Coordinated Care Health

Ketul Patel: Chief Executive Officer, CHI Franciscan Health


Virtual Hallway Conversation: Follow-Up on Lessons from Integration Housing & Healthcare

Join Ben Miksch, WA State Housing Specialist for a “Virtual Hallway,” conversation following up on the Lessons from Integrating Housing & Health care panel. Have an opportunity to ask any questions you have and learn more about what UnitedHealthcare is working on in regards to bridging the worlds of health care and homelessness in Washington State, especially efforts around medical respite services for people experiencing homelessness.

Benjamin Miksch: Housing Specialist, UnitedHealthcare