Detailed Agenda



Welcome and Introduction

This opening session will kick off the day with comments framing the conference agenda and the role State of Reform hopes to play in a new era of policy and politics.

DJ Wilson: Host, State of Reform


Morning Keynote: A Conversation on Health Policy in the Trump Administration

Edward Heidig is the newly appointed Regional Director for the US Dept. of Health and Human Services Region IX.  He comes to HHS having previously served as the Chief Deputy Director of the California Department of Managed Health Care. This conversation will discuss the Trump Administration’s vision for health care and health policy in the multi-state region, which includes California.


Edward Heidig: Regional Director, US Department of Health and Human Services, Region IX


Addressing Social Determinants within a Sustainable Financing Model

The idea of addressing the social determinants of health is now a mainstream notion. However, there isn’t yet a clear business model to support addressing them in a sustainable way. This group of experts will take up this challenge, and offer ideas for how to move this issue from conversation to implementation.


Katy Bazylewicz: VP, Marketing & Population Health, Cottage Health

Elizabeth Mitchell: SVP, Healthcare & Community Health Transformation, Blue Shield of California

June Simmons: Chief Executive Officer, Partners in Care Foundation


Big Data and the Future of Care Coordination

Health care technology has moved from the world of EMRs and interoperability to big data and artificial intelligence. This panel will explore the health tech trends and discuss how they will impact the future of care delivery.


Marcus Zachary, MD: SVP, Medical Executive, Evolent Health

Michael Lujan: California Market Director, Oscar Health

Andy Goldstone: Strategic Partnerships and Adjacent Markets, TransUnion


Implications of the 2018 Elections on 2019 Health Policy

It appears there is some sort of political reaction heading to the 2018 polls. Getting our hands around what that might mean in state and federal health policy is less clear, however.  This panel of experts will explore the possibilities for both election outcomes and future policy discussions.


Gary Cohen: Vice President, Government Affairs, Blue Shield of California

Sen. Holly Mitchell: Member, Senate Committee on Health

Asm. Wendy Carrillo: Member, Assembly Committee on Health

Walter Zelman: Professor and Director of Health Science, California State University Los Angeles (moderator)


The Financial Impact of Opioids, Alcohol and Street Drugs

While opioid use is on the rise and making headlines, the impact of alcohol and street drugs continues to hammer the health care system.  How do the consequences of these related scourges compare? This session will explore both the new and lingering issues in substance use today.


Vitka Eisen: CEO, HealthRight 360

Brian Hurley, MD: Medical Director, Co-Occuring Disorder Services, LA County Department of Mental Health

Mohit Ghose: VP Government Relations, Beacon Health Options


An Update on Whole Person Care Pilots

Now that some counties in California are implementing whole person care pilots, our collective learnings are increasing rapidly.  But, those learnings vary by region and intervention. This session will survey efforts and outcomes from WPC activity across the state.


Belinda Waltman, MD: Medical Director, Whole Person Care Los Angeles

Jennifer Clancy, MSW: Executive Director of Population Health, Inland Empire Health Plan

Jennifer Rasmussen: VP of Healthcare Services, Molina Healthcare

Lisa Chan-Sawin: Partner, Transform Health (moderator)


The Evolution of Plan-Provider Relations

One of the most dynamic places in California health care is the space where plans and providers intersect.  Across all lines of business, these relationships are changing. This panel of experts will explore the latest on the subject and distill key takeaways from a survey of California experiences.


John Pickett: RVP, Provider Solutions, Anthem Blue Cross

Bill Barcellona: SVP, Government Affairs, America's Physicians Group

Joe Gifford, MD: SVP, Population Health, Lumeris


What Does the Single Payer Conversation Look Like in 2019?

It’s clear there will be a policy discussion on a single payer model of care for California in the 2019 legislative session.  However, it’s not clear exactly how that will play out. This panel will review the conversation to date, and look ahead to where it may lead.


Teresa Stark: Senior Director, Government Relations, Kaiser Permanente

Dale Fountain: Chairperson/CEO, Enact Universal Healthcare for CA

Jennifer Hendrick Snyder: Partner, Capitol Advocacy


Key Legal Issues Facing California Health Care

At both the state and federal level, there are a range of court proceedings that will have complex direct and indirect implications for the future of health care in California.  This panel of legal experts will discuss a range of cases, and outline some of the implications for court action in the months ahead.


Cindy Ehnes: Executive Vice President, COPE Health Solutions

Jonathan Cohn: Principal, Polsinelli

Ken Yood: Partner, Sheppard Mullin


Lunch Keynote: The Future of LA's Health Care System

Los Angeles is a unique health care ecosystem, with a range of challenges, assets and opportunities.  This multi-silo panel will bring an array of perspectives to a conversation about the future of LA health care, and where the opportunities for deeper reform may lie.


Greg Buchert: CEO, Care1st

Christina Ghaly, MD: Interim Director, LA Counthy Department of Public Health

Margaret Tatar: Managing Principal, Health Management Associates


Finding Opportunities for Behavioral Health Integration, Access

Increasingly, we know that one’s behavioral health impacts their physical health in dramatic ways. They are integrated.  Often, the systems that treat them are not. This panel will talk through where that integration is possible, where we are having success, and what the consequences of that work mean for the system overall.


Duane McWaine: MD, Medicaid Director, Medicaid, Anthem Blue Cross

Louise McCarthy: President and CEO, Community Health Clinic Association of Los Angeles

David Ruskin, MD: Director, Psychiatric Emergency Room, LA County Department of Mental Health, Harbor-UCLA


Amplifying Reliable Sources for Meaningful Health Care Narratives

Cutting through the chaos and noise about health policy today requires significant media literacy. Amplifying a message that is meaningful can be tricky, regardless of one’s skill. This session of experts will share their experiences in the ecosystem of health policy and communications, with lessons for the future of our policy discussions.


Heather Bates: Director, Transform Health

Amy Lotven: Reporter, Inside Health Policy

Xenia Shih Bion: Engagement Specialist, California Health Care Foundation


Regulatory & Compliance Threats From Health Care Industry Changes

With so many moving legal, statutory and administrative matters moving in health care today, it's difficult to stay on top of regulatory threats and requirements facing health care. M&A activity in the sector may be bringing even more. This session of legal experts will take up the topic and explore the forward looking conversation with our audience.


Anne Brendel: Attorney, Buchalter

Jeanne Cain: CEO, Cain Strategies

Patrick Pine: Chief Administrative Officer, RFK Health Plan


Covering the Remaining Uninsured

There are still 3 million uninsured in California. This group of experts will share their thoughts on how to provide comprehensive coverage for these uninsured, and review some of the 2018 legislative and budget proposals that didn't make it into the 2018-19 state budget.


Amy Luftig Viste: Program Director, My Health LA

Aracely Navarro: Policy and Government Relations Manager, The Children's Partnership

Lucien Walsh: Retired Executive Director, ITUP


Addressing Health Access for the Immigrant Community

Los Angeles is a unique cultural ecosystem with a large and vibrant legacy of immigrant communities. Some of those communities, however, are better served than others when it comes to health care. These experts and advocates will take up the issue amidst a uniquely polarized - and opportune - time in health policy.


Maria Lemus: Executive Director, Vision y Compromiso

Sarah Dar: Health Policy Manager, California Immigrant Policy Center

Rodney Samaan, MD: Medical Director, Clinica Oscar Romero


Driving Improved ROI from Employers' Health Care Spend

Employers continue to spend considerable funds on health benefits, which is often the second largest expense line item on their books. But are they getting value for what they spend?  These leaders explore the topic and the role employers might play in the future to drive additional value in the system.


Randal Mau: Director, Medical and Business Affairs, Cardax

Emma Hoo: Director, Pay for Value Team, Pacific Business Group on Health 

Noah Traisman: Director, Informatics and Strategic Initiatives, Quest Diagnostics

Diana Yedoyan: Senior Manager, Public Policy, Los Angeles Area Chamber of Commerce (moderator)


The Role of Counties in the Health System

Historically, California's counties have been both providers of health care services and public health services. Many counties have been drivers of change as their role has evolved as a result of the Affordable Care Act. Come hear how these experts are tackling the changes yet continuing to provide safety net services for the vulnerable, and what they see their role in the future.


Greg Rodriquez: Government Affairs and Public Policy Advisor, Riverside County Board of Supervisors

Sayone Thihalolipavan, MD: Deputy Public Health Officer, County of San Diego Health & Human Services Agency

Yvette Willock: Chief of Social Work, LA County Department of Mental Health (invited)


An Honest Discussion on Cost Drivers

Of cost, quality, and access, it would appear that less has been done to substantively address system-level cost issues than the other areas.  Doing so requires some level of candor, of course. So, this panel will bring their insights and their honest approach to what promises to be a lively discussion.


David Watmull: CEO, Cardax

Garen Corbett: Director, California Health Benefit Review Program 

Jim Considine, MD: CEO, HealthClaim Solutions

Jonathan Barrera: Partner, West Pac Wealth Partners (moderator)


Afternoon Keynote: A Conversation with Senator Ed Hernandez

Sen. Ed Hernandez is the Chair of the Senate Health Committee and one of California's most important health policy leaders. This year, he is also a candidate for Lieutenant Governor. During this afternoon session, Sen. Hernandez will discuss the 2018 legislative session, his candidacy for Lt. Governor, and the catalytic role he intends to play in health policy if elected.


Sen. Ed Hernandez: Candidate, Lt. Governor


Hosted Networking Reception Sponsored by WestPac Wealth Partners

Our Afternoon Executive Networking Reception is a time to have some conversations with folks you haven’t otherwise caught up with during the day. Come for a hosted cocktail hour sponsored by WestPac Wealth Partners.