Detailed Agenda

Our 2017 Washington State of Reform Health Policy Conference Detailed Agenda is a list of almost 90 speakers and experts from across the spectrum of care.

As you review our speakers for our January 5th event, the heading colors below correspond to track colors on our Topical Agenda to help you organize your day.


8:15 AM

Welcome and Introduction

This opening session will kick off the day's convening and agenda with some comments on the role of State of Reform and the day's content in a new era of policy and politics.

DJ Wilson: Host, State of Reform

8:30 AM

Morning Keynote Presentation: The Changing Political Landscape and What It Might Mean for Health Care Reform

The center of gravity for health policy is shifting from the states to Washington DC.  In a Trump administration, a repeal of the Affordable Care Act is almost a certainty.  The scope of what will replace it, however, is still relatively unclear.  Mr. Capretta is one of the most important thought leaders on the topic of health policy in Washington DC.  He will have the attention of senior members of the Trump administration, and will share his thoughts on how the health policy debate will take shape in 2017.

James Capretta: Milton Friedman Chair, American Enterprise Institute

9:30 AM

CMS & MACRA: A New Force for Innovation

While the ACA became a partisan bill, MACRA's bi-partisan support means the legislation is likely here to stay.  Moreover, with Rep. Tom Price and Seema Verma set to take the reins at HHS and CMS, innovation is coming to federal health policy - both in existing statute and in the vision of new appointees.  This panel will talk through the road ahead and what we might see as a result.

Mylia Christensen:  CEO, Oregon Health Care Quality Corporation

Brian Flett:  Associate Regional Administrator, CMS Division of Financial Management

Tim Kennedy:  Attorney, Hall Render

9:30 AM

Reformation of the Individual and Commercial Insurance Market

Upward pricing pressure in the individual and commercial marketplace is forcing a re-thinking of what regulatory and market strategies might make the most sense.  Moreover, with changes coming to the ACA, it's perhaps more important than ever that these changes are addressed at the state level rather than at the regional or federal. Listen to this panel talk through what's on the horizon for 2017.

Molly Nollette:  Deputy Commissioner, Office of the Insurance Commissioner

Pete Subkoviak:  Senior Health Care Campaign Coordinator, SEIU 775 NW

Melissa Koontz:  Employee Benefits Consultant, Hub International

9:30 AM

Deepening and Broadening Models of Care Coordination

Initiatives that cross organizational and clinical settings to support patient care and coordination are maturing.  The lessons from that experience are also changing the way we think about coordination, and what we expect from our partners in care.  This panel talks through how coordination is becoming more deeply engrained in health care today and the lessons from that development.

David Kelly:  Executive Director, Area Agency on Aging & Disabilities of Southwest Washington

Cindy Spain:  Vice President, Health Care Services, United Healthcare Community Plan

Ramona Ramadas: Director, COPE Health Solutions

9:30 AM

Meeting the Quadruple Aim and Supporting Providers

The "quadruple aim" is the idea that, beyond meeting the "triple aim," we must work to care for and support our care givers.  In an age where burnout among providers is high, instances of stress and mental health problems are rising.  How can we have an effective health care delivery system if our care givers are not well themselves?  This panel will take up the topic and address some of the challenges of health system improvement where the number of obstacles between good providers and quality care seem to increase each year.

Chris Barton: Director, SEIU Nurse Alliance NW

Jennifer Hanscom: CEO, WSMA

9:30 AM

Keeping the Momentum of the ACA through State Policy

Objective observers of the ACA might note that there are some successful parts of the bill and there are some parts that have not gone according to plan.  In an age where the policy conversation is about to take a rightward turn, how can state policy build on the lessons learned from the ACA and maintain the key elements that have proven successful?  This is a hugely complex topic with more questions than answers.  However, this panel will begin the discussion with an intent to expand the dialog to audience members as well.

Pam MacEwan  CEO, Washington Health Benefit Exchange

Dorothy Teeter:  Director, Washington State Health Care Authority

Lisa Murphy: Vice President & Deputy Counsel, Regence Blue Shield of Washington

10:30 AM

Challenges, Opportunities of Implementing the 1115 Waiver

Washington State's approved waiver envisions a series of positive and powerful changes to the health care system.  However, doing the work is a different challenge from that of envisioning the opportunity.  How will the Medicaid system respond to the carrots and sticks in the waiver, and what will the implication be for the rest of the health care system?  This panel will talk through those questions and shine a light on the road ahead.

Claudia Sanders: SVP Policy Development, Washington State Hospital Association

Nathan Johnson: Chief Policy Officer, Washington State Health Care Authority

Daryl Edmonds:  President/CEO, Amerigroup Washington

10:30 AM

Making Progress on the Social Determinants of Health

Collectively, health care has come to embrace the idea that our social determinants have more impact on our overall health than the health care system does.  However, integrating that knowledge into a system designed to deliver and pay for health care services is easier said than done.  This panel will talk through areas of successful integration of the social determinants, and where the conversations are leading this discussion in 2017.

David Wertheimer:  Deputy Director for Strategy, Planning and Management, Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation

Bill Hinkle:  Senior Consultant, Hope Source

Cailtlin Safford:  Director of External Affairs and Community Development, Amerigroup Washington

10:30 AM

The Dawn of Consumerism in Health Care

Health plans, employers, and some regulators are all looking ahead to greater empowerment of consumers in health care, and what the implications of that consumerism will mean.  This panel of innovative thought leaders will share their thinking on how the demands from consumers and employers are creating new opportunities to be even more responsive to the demands of patients in health care today.

Tabitha Dunn: Vice President, Consumer Experience, Concur

Elizabeth Fleming: Vice President, Innovation and Business Development, Group Health

Anne Weiler: CEO/Co-Founder, Wellpepper

Curtis Kopf:  SVP Customer Experience, Premera Blue Cross

10:30 AM

System Integration: Housing and Health Care

Increasingly, the issue of housing security is becoming a gateway challenge: if this issue isn't solved, then low-income residents will have a difficult time managing their health or health care services. So, the Medicaid and housing communities are beginning to work together in new and innovative ways - a result largely spurred by the expansion of Medicaid to childless adults.  Learn from this panel about how closer integration of these two silos is creating opportunities for better health for the beneficiary and better performance for the organizations.

Jon Brumbach:  Sr. Health Policy Analyst, Washington State Health Care Authority

Rob McCann:  Executive Director, Catholic Charities Spokane

Bunk Moren:  Executive Director, Community Services Northwest

10:30 AM

Developing a 21st Century Health Care Workforce

It's no longer enough to train providers in their given area of specialty.  Today, quality, accountable and coordinated care requires a culture of team work that is historically uncommon. This panel will talk through how workforce development strategies are adapting to the new demands of the marketplace, and what that means for a new generation of providers in the health care sector.

Suzanne Allen, MD: Vice Dean, Academic, Rural and Regional Affairs, UW School of Medicine

Brandon Isaacs, DO:  Associate Dean for Graduate Medical Education, Pacific Northwest University of Health Sciences

Leah Rosengaus:  Director, COPE Health Solutions

Lani Todd:  Legislative and Policy Director, SEIU 775

11:30 AM

Policy Leadership: Democrats

The 2017 legislative session could be a difficult one.  Education funding will dominate most of the discussion and likely very much of the end game.  However, given the changes in Washington DC, it's entirely possible that health policy could become a significant policy topic as well.  Come listen to these Democratic legislators discuss what they see on the road ahead for health policy in Washington State.

Hon. Karen Keiser: Member, Senate Health Care Committee

Hon. Laurie Jinkins: House Health Care & Wellness Committee

Hon. Steve Conway: Member, Senate Health Care Committee

Hon. Jue Robinson: House Health Care & Wellness Committee

11:30 AM

Changing Nature of Payer-Provider Relationships

The fiscal and clinical requirement of delivering and financing health care in 2017 requires a level of collaboration between payers and providers that simply didn't exist 10 years ago.  The types of relationships - from full integration to informal organizational alignment - are widely varied these days.  This panel will talk through some of those changes, the trends becoming evident in these dynamic relationships, and what is being learned from both the payer and provider side of the ledger.

Frances Gough, MD:  Chief Medical Officer, Molina Healthcare of Washington

Linda Marzano:  Chief Executive Officer, Pacific Medical Centers

Rick Weaver:  Chief Executive Officer, Comprehensive Mental Health

Alex Rule:  Vice President, Arthur J. Gallagher (moderator)

11:30 AM

The New Relevancy of Public Health in a Post-ACA Environment

While the health care system is becoming more complex, so too are the public health challenges happening on parallel tracks.  Public health isn't just about water quality and vaccines anymore. The role of public health is becoming increasingly relevant to the population health strategies in place by agencies, employers and health plans. This session will talk through the vision of public health leaders across the spectrum of care.

Ben Danielson:  Senior Medical Director, Odessa Brown Children's Clinic

Patty Hayes:  Director, Public Health - Seattle & King County

Anne Tan Piazza:  Associate Executive Director, Washington State Nurses Association

11:30 AM

System Integration: Behavioral Health and Medical Care

Providers, payers and patients are increasingly aware of the direct connection between physical and mental health.  Between this awareness and the integration efforts driven by Medicaid, the old mental health carve out model of care appears antiquated and ill-advised.  But, at a system level, what will replace that carve out?  This panel will take on the range of associated topics - from what appears to be coming on the horizon to what we are already learning from aligning these historically separate systems of care.

MaryAnne Lindeblad:  Medicaid Director, Washington State Health Care Authority

Cassie Undlin:  Chief Operations Officer, NAVOS

Melet Whinston, MD:  Chief Medical Officer, United Healthcare

11:30 AM

Regulatory and Market Strategies to Control Pharma Costs

For many risk bearing entities, managing the benefits and the costs of pharmaceuticals - particularly specialty drugs - is increasingly a challenge.  There are a series of new miracle drugs on the market, and soon genome-specific drugs will deliver individualized cures.  Concurrently, however, prices for generic drugs are doubling and tripling without a clear benefit being delivered in exchange.  This panel will talk through various approaches to managing this tradeoff between costs and benefits.

Grant Knowles, PharmD: Vice President, Business Development, Ardon Health

Chad Murphy: Vice President, Pharmacy, Premera Blue Cross

Todd Nova: Attorney, Hall Render 

12:30 PM

Lunch Executive Keynote Panel: Reform in Washington State During a Trump Administration

What does the pathway for continued system reform look like for Washington State during a time of "repeal and replace?"  Will the uncertainty from Washington DC stall or solidify the reform efforts here?  This panel will take up these questions and others during our lunchtime program.

Doug Bowes: President/CEO, United Healthcare Community and State, Washington State

Donald Crane, JD: CEO, CAPG: The Voice of Accountable Physician Groups 

Cassie Sauer: CEO, Washington State Hospital Association

Bob Crittenden, MD: Special Assistant for Health Care Reform, Office of Gov. Jay Inslee

1:30 PM

Policy Leadership: Republicans

With majorities in both chambers precarious, the need to be collaborative and work across the aisle has perhaps never been quite as acute.  Listen to this panel of some of the most important Republican health policy leaders in the state discuss that challenges and the opportunities which await legislators upon their return to Olympia.

Hon. Paul Harris: Member, House Health Care & Wellness Committee

Hon. Joe Schmick: Ranking Member, House Health Care & Wellness Committee

Hon. Mark Miloscia: Member, Senate Human Services, Mental Health & Housing Committee

1:30 PM

Models for Value Based Payments

There has been a tremendous amount of talk and chatter about what value based payments look like in 2017.  The energy is transforming into real financial relationships that are employed in supportive of new forms of care delivery.  Listen to this panel discussion what models for VBP are gaining traction already, and where the opportunities exist to extend this learning into new areas of health.

Jacqueline Cabe: Chief Financial Officer, UW Medicine

Mike Murphy: Vice President, Accountable Care, Seattle Children's Hospital

John Partin: Vice President, Network Management, Regence Blue Shield of Washington

1:30 PM

A Survey of ACH Activity in 2017 - Session 1

This panel will feature three of the state's Accountable Communities of Health which will talk through their development, projects, and progress in bringing community accountability to health care.

Elizabeth Baxter: Executive Director, North Sound ACH

Alisa Solberg: Executive Director, Point Defiance AIDS Project & Vice Chair, Pierce Co. ACH

Hon. Linda Parlette: Executive Director, North Central ACH

Winfried Danke: Executive Director, Central Pierce Action Alliance (Moderator)

1:30 PM

Building Trust Across Organizations and Silos

"Culture trumps strategy."  That's a lesson any successful CEO will tell you.  When the strategy includes multiple organizations or varying parts of the health care delivery system, the challenge of developing relationship, trust, and cultural alignment is centrally important to the overall success of the strategy.  This panel will take up the topic and provide lessons and observations drawn from experience in building trust in a heterogeneous health care system.

Julie Lindberg:  Vice President, Health Care Services, Molina Healthcare of Washington

Neelesh Shah:  Chief Executive Officer, Performance Logic

Chase Napier:  Community Transformation Manager, Washington State Health Care Authority

1:30 PM

More on the Impact of Trump Administration on Health Policy

Following our morning keynote, this panel of federal health policy experts and insiders will talk through what they see happening on the ground in Washington DC, and what that could mean for stakeholders in Washington State.  Bring your questions!

Colm O'Comartun:  Principal, 50 State Public Affairs

Tony Williams:  Partner & Chairman, Washington2Advocates

Molly Voris: Director of Policy, Washington Health Benefit Exchange

Sallie Sanford: Associate Professor, University of Washington School of Law (moderator)

2:30 PM

Olympia Insiders Look Ahead to the 2017 Legislative Session

Learn about what's coming in the 2017 legislative session from some of the top Olympia lobbyists that will be informing the legislative process.  These experts will be able to talk through the details, impacts and implications of the discussions you'll hear about in the session, as well as highlight what's really happening in the halls of the state capital.  Bring your questions for what is always a lively session.

Patrick Connor:  Executive Director, NFIB Washington State

Susie Tracy:  Owner, Northwest Advocates

Brad Tower:  Managing Partner, Phillips Burgess

2:30 PM

Leading Hospitals Through a Period of Change

This time in American health care may well be viewed as the most dynamic, shifting, and complex time in the history of the industry.  Within the hospital sector, many of those shifting pressures stand in even starker relief than other parts of the system.  From debt markets to plan contracts, the scope of issues faced by hospitals is growing even challenging. This panel of senior health care executives will be talking through what is ahead for hospitals in 2017 and beyond. 

Preston Simmons:  Chief Executive Officer, Providence Everett Medical Center

Kerry Shannon: Senior Vice President, Strategy & Business Development, Virginia Mason

Brian Conner:  Partner, Moss Adams (Moderator)

2:30 PM

Grappling with the History and Future of Opioid Abuse

The opioid crisis in America is one that has been largely driven by the lack of coordination within the health care system itself.  In many ways, it has become a symptom of the lack of coordination that still exists in so many parts of the system today.  This panel will discuss that history as well as talk through how to tackle this growing epidemic where folks continue to die at an alarming rate each day.

Chris Knapp, PhD:  Chief Executive Officer, The Everett Clinic

Steve Stanos, DO: Medical Director, Swedish Pain Services

Jason McGill:  Policy Advisor, Office of Governor Jay Inslee

Steven Bentsen, MD:  Regional Medical Director, Beacon Health Options

2:30 PM

A Survey of ACH Activity in 2017 - Session 2

This panel will feature three of the state's Accountable Communities of Health which will talk through their development, projects, and progress in bringing community accountability to health care.

Dawn Bonder: Executive Director, SW Washington Regional Health Alliance

Ingrid McDonald: Executive Director, King County ACH

Carol Moser: Executive Director, Greater Columbia ACH

Elya Moore: Executive Director, Olympic ACH (Moderator)

2:30 PM

Initiatives to Foster Quality & Transparency

Quality and transparency have long been buzzwords to reflect a common vision for progress in health care.  However, successful implementation of those ideas has not always been easy.  This session of health care leaders will talk through their work to implement thoughtful, impactful measures to improve the quality of care - and the transparency which allows a clear window by which to observe that process. 

Krista Glenn:  Director, Analytics, Interoperability, and Measurement, Washington State Health Care Authority

Rick Rubin:  Chief Executive Officer, OneHealthPort

Hugh Straley, MD: Chair, Bree Collaborative

3:30 PM

Afternoon Executive Keynote Panel: Governors Look to the Role of States in Federal Health Policy

Three of America's most innovative governors on health policy join our afternoon keynote session to conclude our conference.  These three visionary executives will talk through what role the states will play in health policy in a Trump Administration as the ACA is repealed.  What it is replaced with, if anything, is up for debate.  Listen to these three governors discuss the possibilities - and what's at stake.

Hon. Jay Inslee: Governor, State of Washington

Hon. Martin O'Malley: Former Governor, State of Maryland, and presidential candidate in the 2016 Democratic Presidential Primary

Hon. John Kitzhaber, MD:  Former Governor, State of Oregon