Detailed Agenda

Our 2017 Inland Northwest State of Reform Health Policy Conference Detailed Agenda is a list of over 65 speakers  from across the spectrum of health care and policy. The heading colors correspond to track colors on our Topical Agenda to help you organize your day.

The agenda and speaker list are driven by input from our Convening Panel of leaders in Inland Northwest health care and we’re looking forward to a great event on September 13th. If you’re not already registered you can do so here.

For now, let us know if you have any questions about the conference. We hope to see you in Spokane!



Welcome and Introduction

This opening session will kick off the day with some comments on the role of State of Reform and the day's content in a new era of policy and politics.

DJ Wilson: Host, State of Reform


Morning Keynote: A Conversation with Hon. Mike Kreidler

Few figures have been engaged in health reform and health policy for as long as the morning keynote speaker. He was professionally trained as an optometrist, served in Congress and was a member of the Washington legislature. Since 2000, he has been elected as Insurance Commissioner for the State of Washington, making him the most senior insurance commissioner in the United States. Our keynote speaker will update our audience on the latest discussions in Washington DC, on the state of the ACA in Washington State, and the policy discussions which lie ahead for our region.

Hon. Mike Kreidler:  Insurance Commissioner, State of Washington


Update on Federal Health Policy

The policy ground may be settling in Washington DC, but that is unlikely to stay stable for long.  This panel will discuss the various moving parts in the policy discussion, and what we might see come from the nation’s capital on health policy in the weeks and months ahead.

Bryan Raines: Eastern Washington Director, Office of Senator Maria Cantwell

John Culton: Eastern Washington Director, Office of Senator Patty Murray

Traci Couture: District Director, Office of Representative Cathy McMorris Rodgers

Rick Desimone: Managing Director, Desimone Consulting Group


Finding Innovation in Workforce Development

It is true throughout healthcare, but particularly in the rural settings, that if we don’t have people to do the job, it doesn’t matter how smart the system or strategy is.  So, paying attention to the development of our workforce, both in terms of numbers and in terms of quality, becomes critically important.  This panel will discuss the topic and shed light on the innovations coming to the process.

Chris Stevens: MBA Programs Director, Graduate School of Business, Gonzaga University

Bob Marsalli: Chief Executive Officer, Washington Association of Community and Migrant Health Centers

Dan Ferguson: Director, Washington State Allied Health Center of Excellence


Update on Accountable Communities of Health

ACHs are getting certified, funds will soon be released, and the hope of community transformation will follow.  But, not all ACHs are created equally.  This panel will elevate the stories, the successes and the variation in ACHs that Washington State is seeing across the transformation landscape.

Caitlin Safford: Director of Government Relations, Amerigroup

Alisha Fehrenbacher: Executive Director, Pierce County ACH

Carol Moser: Executive Director, Greater Columbia ACH


The Development of Value Based Payments

Has the momentum on value based payments slowed, or are partners picking one another after careful - and quiet - deliberation?  This panel of experts will offer their view on where VBP is today and what we might expect to see among plan-provider discussions in the months ahead.

Doug Bowes: President and Chief Executive Officer, United Community and State Plan Washington

Kat Latet: Manager, Health Systems Innovation, Community Health Plan of Washington

Karl Rebay: Director, Health Care Consultancy, Moss Adams


Olympia Insiders Talk Shop

Sometimes, the most important policy insight comes from the lobbyists and government relations professionals that help make the legislative process work.  This panel offers attendees the opportunity to hear from some of the leading advocates in Washington State, whose work “on the ground” in Olympia will impact healthcare across the state.

Ben Lindekugel: Executive Director, Association of Washington Public Hospital Districts

Joan Altman: Associate Director of Legislative and External Affairs, Washington State Health Benefit Exchange

Lani Todd, JD: Legislative and Policy Director, SEIU 775


How Medical Education Will Change Health Care

Changing healthcare requires a change in culture.  And, changing culture requires a careful shift in how providers and administrative professionals are trained, educated, and prepared.  This panel will address culture, as well as the nuts and bolts of medical education, and look ahead to the implications for the future system overall.

Joshua Jacobs, MD: Professor and Chair, Department of Medical Education and Clinical Sciences, WSU Elson S. Floyd College of Medicine

Darryl Potyk, MD, FACP: Associate Dean for Eastern Washington, University of Washington School of Medicine

Robert Sorrells, PhD: Associate Dean of Preclinical Education, Pacific Northwest University of Health Sciences


Integrated Medication Management

This panel will discuss the lessons learned through a program and collaboration focused on building a system around the patient to fully manage and coordinate medication.  This multi-silo program, based in rural Washington, has implications beyond the setting in which the program was based.  Come learn from this panel as they share their story.

Kimberly McKeirnan, PharmD: Clinical Assistant Professor, Washington State University College of Pharmacy

Heather McNamee, PharmD: Director of Pharmacy, CHAS Health

Brian Myers: Vice President, Rural Health and Capacity Building, Empire Health Foundation (moderator)


The Evolving Employer Purchasing Model

The group market has seemed to sidestep some of the impacts of the recent reform discussion, but significant shifts in the market are underway outside of the direct policy consequences. This panel of experts will offer their insights into the shifting nature of the employer purchasing world, and what it means for the broader system.

Steve Suter: Chief Executive Officer, Healthcare Management Administrators

Dan Fisher: Senior Vice President, Hub Northwest

Scott Hutsell: Commissioner, Lincoln County


Policy Leadership: Democrats

Legislative Democrats will join this panel to talk through their priorities, policies, and plans for the 2018 legislature, both for health care and policy in general.  Bring your questions for the Q&A period in what is always a well attended, interesting discussion.

Hon. Patty Kuderer: Assistant Ranking Member, Senate Health Care Committee

Hon. Marcus Riccelli: Member, House Health Care and Wellness Committee

Hon. June Robinson: Member, House Health Care and Wellness Committee


The Role of Philanthropy in Driving System Change

Philanthropy has changed in the last few decades, and the impacts on health care are significant.  Philanthropic organizations now often see themselves as capacity builders, venture funders, or looking to build system-level ROI.  Hear from this panel of strategic leaders as they discuss their approach to philanthropy in health care today.

Mike Yeaton: Chief Strategy Officer, Empire Health Foundation

Steve Kipp: Vice President, Corporate Communications, Premera

Robin Fenn: Superintendent, Verdant Health Commission


The Latest on Behavioral Health Integration

Counties, MCOs and BHOs continue to move towards financial integration. Commercial plans are also making significant strides to integrate behavioral and physical care.  This panel will discuss some of the strategies in place related to integration, and give a progress report on the lessons learned as a result.

Rebecca Parrish: Integrated Behavioral Health Specialist and Social Worker, Kaiser Permanente

Julie Lindberg: Vice President, Health Care Services, Molina Healthcare

Sarah Arnquist: Vice President, Client Partnerships, Beacon Health Options


Consolidation and Provider Network Management

The consolidation activity in the market today among health plans and providers is increasing.  That, in turn, is causing new conversations among plans and providers related to partnership, reimbursement and quality outcomes.  This panel will discuss how those conversations are taking shape and evolving in light of market activity.

Staici West: Director, Network Development, Premera Blue Cross

Rachel Ream: Partner, Hall Render

Sue Deitz: Vice President, Business Development, Caravan Health


Lunch Keynote: A Four-Corner Legislative Discussion

All “Four Corners” of the legislature will be represented in this lunchtime discussion about the state of our politics in 2017.  After the longest legislative session on record, and a time of coarsening national politics, these four leaders - each deeply esteemed by their peers on both sides of the aisle - will talk through the road ahead for Washington State policy and political leaders.

Hon. Timm Ormsby: Chair, House Appropriations Committee

Hon. Joe Schmick: Ranking Member, House Health and Wellness Committee

Hon. Andy Billig: Minority Deputy Leader, Washington State Senate

Hon. Ann Rivers: Chair, Senate Health Care Committee


Policy Leadership: Republicans

These leaders from both the House and the Senate will discuss the policy outcomes from the last session, the work underway in the interim, and look ahead to the 2018 legislative session.  Bring your ideas, and be ready for a thoughtful dialog with this group of well-respected legislators.

Hon. Ann Rivers: Chair, Senate Health Care Committee

Hon. Paul Graves: Assistant Ranking Member, House Health and Wellness Committee

Hon. Paul Harris: Member, House Health and Wellness Committee


Learning from the Tribal Health System

The tribal health system in Washington State is significantly different from the non-tribal system.  In that diversity is opportunity for new systems, learnings, and improved outcomes. This group of experts work back and forth across the divides between the systems to offer their observations about opportunities for system growth. 

Toni Lodge: CEO, The NATIVE Project

Jim Steinruck: Health Administrator, Tulalip Health System

John Stephens: Health Director, Swinomish Indian Tribal Community (invited)


The Changing Role of the Counties in Health Care

For decades, counties have played a role in mental health carved out from the rest of the system. Public health has also been largely separate from the medical system.  Now, through changing policy, new financial challenges, and emerging partners, these county-based systems are taking on new roles.  Listen to this panel of experts discuss the changing rationale of counties in health care today.

Hon. Laurie Jinkins: Member, House Health and Wellness Committee

Karen Skoog: County Commissioner, Pend Oreille County

Rick Weaver: Chief Executive Officer, Comprehensive Healthcare


Stabilizing the Individual Market

The individual market continues to struggle in Washington State. Plan offerings are thinning, while rates continue to go up beyond other lines of business.  This session will highlight the challenges and the potential pathways forward for this precarious market.

Molly Nollette: Deputy Insurance Commissioner, Office of the Insurance Commissioner

Mark Stensager: Board Member, Washington Health Benefit Exchange

Jay Fathi, MD: President & Chief Executive Officer, Coordinated Care


Building a Post-ACA System in Washington State

Health reform may have stalled in Washington DC, but that doesn’t mean the reform conversation is complete.  Whether the US moves to an ACA 2.0 model, or a system that is wholly different from the ACA, reform after the ACA will continue.  This group of thought leaders will outline the options, principles, and possibilities for the healthcare system after the ACA.

MaryAnne Lindeblad: Medicaid Director, Health Care Authority

Pam MacEwan: Chief Executive Officer, Washington Health Benefit Exchange

Sue Lani Madsen: Host, Better Health Podcast


How PEBB is Changing Purchasing

Washington State government is the largest and perhaps most active purchaser in the state. The scope and model of buying care for the public employees is as innovative and as ambitious as any purchasing strategy in the US.  This session will discuss the moving pieces in this puzzle, offer a reflection on the initial results of the strategy, and look ahead to what PEBB looks like in the months and years ahead.

Lori Oliver: Strategic Clinical Business Officer, UW Medicine

Dave Iseminger: PEBB Division Acting Director, WA State Health Care Authority

Sandy Johnson: Attorney, Schwabe Williamson & Wyatt


Future of Medicaid Long Term Care

As our population continues to age, the management of health care providers, of care transitions, and of elderly medical needs continues to get more complicated. This is true both at a system and individual level. This session will discuss the trends in long term care, and the implication at both the micro and macro level.

Lani Todd, JD: Legislative and Policy Director, SEIU 775

Yolanda Lovato: Planning and Resource Director, Aging and Long Term Care of Eastern Washington

Nathan Dikes: Chief Executive Officer, Sunshine Health Facilities


Who Should Pay for the Opioid Crisis?

The opioid crisis is now fully in the mainstream consciousness. Its impacts run across health care, human services, public safety and other safety net and care systems. But, with multiple systems and stakeholders involved, who should be responsible for footing the bill?  This session will take up the question, with implications for many in the healthcare system.

Ryan Caldeiro, MD: Chief of Chemical Dependency Services and Consultative Psychiatry, Kaiser Permanente

Barry Pfundt: Director, Health and Justice Clinic, Adjunct Professor, Gonzaga University Law School

Hil Kaman: Director of Public Safety and Health, City of Everett


Afternoon Keynote Panel: The Future of System Transformation in Eastern Washington

This panel includes stakeholders from across the spectrum of system-level innovation in Washington State. From Medicaid to counties, health plans to the State, things are changing in healthcare but it’s not always clear that the visions are aligned to be able to achieve real transformation.  This panel of some of the leading experts in the state will join our closing panel to talk through the future of reform in Eastern Washington.

Craig Smith: President, Amerigroup of Washington

Mike Manus: Commissioner, Pend Oreille County

Alison Carl White: Executive Director, Better Health Together