Detailed Agenda

Our 2017 Hawaii State of Reform Health Policy Conference Detailed Agenda is a list of over 70 speakers and experts from across the spectrum of care. The heading colors correspond to track colors on our Topical Agenda to help you organize your day.


8:30 AM

Welcome and Introduction

This opening session will kick off the day's convening and agenda with some comments on the role of State of Reform and the day's content in a new era of policy and politics.

DJ Wilson: Host, State of Reform

8:45 AM

Morning Keynote: The Changing Landscape of Hawaii’s Health Care System

Michael Stollar is President and COO of HMSA, Hawaii’s largest health plan.  At HMSA, Stollar has led the health system transformation efforts which includes reshaping payment models and delivery system criteria of the approximately 70% of the market HMSA covers. His keynote remarks will outline the path that HMSA has taken to arrive at January, 2017, and what the road ahead looks like for Hawaii’s health care system.  

Michael Stollar: President and COO, HMSA 

9:45 AM

Systemic Approaches to Addressing Alcohol and Substance Abuse

Substance use is an underlying or co-occurring contributor to poor health and often connected to mental health challenges that have far reaching implications for the individual and society.  This panel will take up the topic and talk through how the system is responding - and what more might be done in the years ahead.  

Eddie Mersereau: Division Chief, ADAD, Department of Health

Briana Duffy: Senior Vice President, West Region, Beacon Health Options

Alan Johnson: Executive Director, Hina Mauka

Bill Haning, MDPrincipal Investigator, Pacific Addiction Research Center (PARC)

9:45 AM

Capitol Insiders Discuss the 2017 Session

Health care policy is local as well as national.  What health policy and funding issues will be new, continuing, or no longer relevant?  What national policy changes might affect Hawaii health policy? This panel of advocates and experts will talk through what’s ahead in 2017.

Bob Toyofuku: President, Hawaii Advocates

Jennifer Salcedo, MD: Legislative Chair, American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists, Hawaii Section

Blake Oshiro: Executive VP,Policy, Capital Consultants

Pono Chong: VP, Business Advocacy & Development, Chamber of Commerce


9:45 AM

Changing Nature of Payer Provider Relationships

Health care reform and innovation have significantly changed the way health care is provided and paid for, including tailoring care to patient socio-economic needs, care integrated horizontally and vertically, and paying for quality and outcomes.  How are these changes playing out in Hawaii and what are the implications for both sides of this relationship?

Mark Mugiishi, MD: Chief Medical Officer, HMSA

Anna Loengard, MD: Chief Medical Officer, The Queen's Clinically Integrated Physicians Network

Rich Bettini: Chief Executive Officer, Waianae Coast Comprehensive Health Center


9:45 AM

Re-Connecting Community to the Health Care System

Socio-economic factors play a tremendously important role in supporting health, from lifestyle  to social connections.  What shape is the idea of community taking in conversations regarding health and health care?  How is that changing things in Hawaii?  This panel of experts will share their thoughts and experiences on the topic.

Laura Esslinger: Chief Executive Officer, AlohaCare

Susan Bowen: Chief Operating Officer, Jiseki

Mike Sayama: Executive Director, Community First

David Derauf, MDExecutive Director, Kokua Kalihi Valley

10:45 AM

Ohana Nui- DOH and DHS Working Together for Healthy Babies and Families

The Department of Health's and Deparment of Human Services' systemic approaches to partnerships within public health and the private health care community is driving change and moving many initiatives forward at a rapid pace.  Come and learn more about how they are working together to improve the health of the community.

Ginny Pressler, MD: Director, Department of Health

Kimberly Miyazawa Frank: Community Project Development Director, Department of Human Services

Eddie Mersereau: Division Chief, ADAD, Department of Health

10:45 AM

An Honest Conversation About Cost Drivers

From market leverage to regulatory hurdles, there are a number of real reasons for the cost of health care. But if we can’t be honest about what those reasons are, it makes finding solutions to the challenges of cost all the more difficult. This panel will talk through the question in an open, authentic dialog on the subject.

Senator Josh Green, MD: Medical Director, Hawaii IPA

Tushar Vasisht: CEO, Jiseki Health

Gordon Ito: Insurance Commissioner, Department of Commerce and Consumer Affairs

10:45 AM

MACRA, CPC+ and CMS-Driven Transformation

CMS, as the payer for Medicare, has driven a considerable amount of health care delivery change through payment policies.  What are the basics for current and pending changes, pros and cons, and timelines?  Commercial payment policies often follow and mirror in some, CMS payment changes.  This group of experts will make sense of the various moving parts in Medicare anc Commercial payment transformation.

Catherine Nelson, RN: Practice Transformation Lead, Mountain Quality Pacific Organization

Scott Miscovich, MD: Owner, Windward Urgent Care and Primary Care Physicians

Brit Reis, MD: Medical Director, Castle Health Group & Private Practice Pediatrician

10:45 AM

What is the Role for Employers in System Transformation?

Employer-sponsored insurance is the major source of coverage for Americans and even more so for people in Hawaii because of the Prepaid Health Care Act.  To keep premiums from rising precipitously, what are the roles and responsibilities of employers to promote health among employees and help them get the best and most cost-effective care?

Howard Lee: CEO, UHA Health Insurance

Sherry Menor-McNamara: President & CEO, Chamber of Commerce Hawaii

Derek Mizuno: Administrator, EUTF

11:45 AM

Lunch Keynote Address: Looking Ahead to the 2017 Legislative Session

The 2016 federal elections have complicated Hawaii’s relationship with the federal government on health policy. This panel of speakers will talk through what that will mean for the 2017 legislative session.  These policy makers will respond to both changes in the federal policy landscape as well as issues Hawaii is facing on its own.

Rosalyn Baker: Chair, Senate Committee on Commere, Consumer Protection and Health

Della Au Belatti: Chair, House Committee on Health

Josh Green, MD: Chair, Senate Committee on Human Services

1:00 PM

Mental Health System Challenges and Solutions

Like alcohol and substance abuse, mental health is closely related to physical health status. Yes, it may not be as effectively served as many other parts of health care in Hawaii.  What are the obstacles to developing a more successful mental health system in Hawaii, and how do we find solutions to achieve that goal? 

Lynn Fallin: Deputy Director, HI Department of Health

Trisha Kajimura: Executive Director, Mental Health America of Hawaii 

Tony Guerrero, MD: Chair, Department of Psychiatry, University of Hawaii, John A. Burns School of Medicine

Marie Terry-Bivens, PsyD: Past President, Hawaii Psychological Association

1:00 PM

Update from Med-QUEST

Medicaid is getting fundamentally reshaped in Hawaii based on both the leadership at the state and the input from hundreds of community stakeholders.  This session will review the evolving vision of health in the MedQUEST community and what that means for the system moving forward.

Judy Mohr Peterson PhD: Med-QUEST Administrator, State of Hawaii

1:00 PM

A Conversation on Financing Models for 2017 and Beyond

One adage in health care is that the system follows the money, and that financing is a primary tool to impact system and delivery re-design.  So, as health care continues to evolve, what are the financing strategies to drive quality, improve efficiency, and make use of technology and pharmaceutical products? This session will address the topic.

Paul Young, MBA: Associate Vice President, HAH

Gerard Livaudais, MD: ACO Executive Director, Hawaii Pacific Health

Carla D'Angelo: Vice President, COPE Health Solutions

Jayme Puu: VP, Provider Relations, HMSA

1:00 PM

Workforce Development Strategies in the Post-ACA Era

Hawaii has current and projected health care professional workforce shortages. At the same time, the needs of Hawaii’s health care system call for a new culture of team-based care, and multi-modal coordination. How will Hawaii’s workforce grow and develop to meet the needs of health care moving forward?

Kelley Withy, MD: Director, Hawaii/Pacific Basin Area Health Education Center (Moderator)

Patricia O'Hagan, Ph.D: Dean of Health Sciences, Nursing and EMS, University of Hawaii, Kapiolani Community College

Laura Reichhardt: Director, Hawaii State Center for Nursing

2:00 PM

What Care Coordination Looks Like in Hawaii

Care coordination is a big part of health care innovation and meeting patient-centered needs and preferences.  Each community, patient, and provider is different.  How is care coordination working in Hawaii?  These experts will offer their unique perspectives on the topic.

Nalani Aki: County Executive on Aging, Department of Community Services, City and County of Honolulu

Vija Sehgal, MD: Chief Quality Officer and Director, Pediatric Services, Waianae Coast Comprehensive Health Center

Patricia Bazin: Senior Director, Community Based Care, Kaiser Permanente

Victoria Page: EVP, Health Innovation, National Kidney Foundation 

2:00 PM

Lessons from the Native Hawaiian Health Community

The indigenous population of Hawaii has a history of elevated health risks.  So, many Native Hawaiian institutions are responding in positive and unique ways to meet complex patient care needs.  This panel will talk through some of their initiatives and successes.

Sheri Daniels, Ed.D: Executive Director, Papa Ola Lokahi

Diane Paloma, PhD: Director, Native Hawaiian Health Program, The Queens Health System

Martina Kamaka, MD:  Culture Competence Development Specialis, Native Hawaiian Center for Excellence

2:00 PM

Leveraging Technology for Improved Systems Care Delivery

Health IT continues to show promise as a key tool to collect information and turn information into to knowledge.  But some patients and providers are also concerned about privacy, security, and efficiency.  What does HIT implementation in Hawaii look like, and where are we seeing benefits arise?

Christine Sakuda: Executive Director, Hawaii Health Information Exchange

Deborah Berkmire-Peters, PhD: Co-Program Director, Pacific Basin Telehealth Resource Center

Steve Robertson: CIO, Hawaii Pacific Health

Money Atwal: Director, Finance & Information Technology, The Queens Health System, North Hawai'i Community Hospital & Molokai General Hospital

3:00 PM

Afternoon Keynote Panel: Hon, John Kitzhaber, MD

John Kitzhaber is the former governor of Oregon and one of the most influential health policy leaders of the last century.  He re-designed the Oregon Medicaid model not once but twice during his more than 30 years in public life. That career included being elected four times as Oregon’s governor, and serving as that state’s Senate President.  Prior to elected office, Kitzhaber served as an emergency physician in rural Oregon.  Modern Healthcare recently rated him #2 on the most important voices in health care after President Obama. 

John Kitzhaber, MD: Former Governor, State of Oregon