Detailed Agenda

Our 2017 Texas State of Reform Health Policy Conference Detailed Agenda is a list of over 65 speakers  from across the spectrum of health care and policy. The heading colors correspond to track colors on our Topical Agenda to help you organize your day.

The agenda and speaker list are driven by input from our Convening Panel of leaders in Texas health care and we’re looking forward to a great event on February 8th. If you’re not already registered you can do so here.

For now, let us know if you have any questions about the conference. We hope to see you in Austin!


8:00 AM

Welcome and Introduction

This opening session will kick off the day's convening and agenda with comments on the role of State of Reform and the day's program, with 2017 expected to be a memorable year in health policy.

DJ Wilson: Host, State of Reform

8:15 AM

Morning Keynote: An Inside Look at the 2017 Legislative Session

This is a big year for health care policy. Which issues will get attention  in the Legislature and which won't? Hear directly from some key legislators and health care leaders about what to expect.

Hon. Garnet Coleman: Texas State Representative

Hon. Sarah Davis: Texas State Representative

Kay Ghahremani: President & CEO, Texas Association of Community Health Plans

Ted Shaw: President & CEO, Texas Hospital Association

9:15 AM

Update on Federal Policy

Beneath big headlines on health care policy are a number of unknowns about what will happen in Washington, DC on the ACA, Medicaid, and more. These insiders will provide insight on what health care leaders should expect with a Trump Administration and Republican Congress.

Colm O'Comartun: Principal, 50 State, LLC 

Eric Earling: Senior Vice President, State of Reform

Lee Ann Calaway: District Director, Congressman Lloyd Dogget (invited)

9:15 AM

The Changing Relationship Between Insurers and Providers

The need to control costs while improving quality of care requires a level of collaboration between payers and providers that simply didn't exist 10 years ago. This panel will discuss changes and trends as some insurers and providers build new, dynamic relationships.  

Norman Chenven, MD: CEO Emeritus, Austin Regional Clinic

Karl Rebay: Director, Health Care Consulting, Moss Adams LLP

Robert Kalin: Associate VP, Molina Healthcare

9:15 AM

Developing a Workforce to Meet the Needs of Texas Health Care

With so much changing in health care, it can be easy to forget the huge workforce needs that must be addressed so patients get the care they need. This panel will discuss what's needed to serve a large, diverse state in Texas, while continuing to transform a changing health care system.

Tom Banning: CEO, Texas Academy of Family Physicians

Lisa Kirsch: Senior Policy Director, Dell Medical School

Glen Earl, PhD: Leadership Development Consultant, Parkland Hospital & Health System

Sherri Layton: Outpatient Services Administrator, La Hacienda Treatment Center

9:15 AM

Medicaid Reform, the 1115 Waiver, and Block Grants

Many health policy leaders expect the Legislature to act on the 1115 waiver but, a Trump Administration might mean more opportunity to transform Medicaid. These panelists will break down what's possible on this important topic that interests almost every stakeholder in health care.

John Hawkins: SVP, Government Relations, Texas Hospital Association 

Carlos Zaffirini: President & CEO, Adelanto HealthCare Ventures

Jose Camacho: Executive Director, Texas Association of Community Health Centers

10:15 AM

Capitol Insiders Talk Through the Legislative Session

Learn what to expect in the 2017 Legislative Session from these experts on the legislative process in Austin. They'll give insight into the dynamics that are really driving what happens in the halls of the state Capitol. Bring your questions for what is always a lively session.

Kim Ross: Public Affairs Consultant, Kimble Public Affairs

Chris Britton: Managing Director, Caddo Associates

Tim Schauer: Vice President, Cornerstone Government Affairs

10:15 AM

Models of Value-Based Care

There has been lots of talk in Texas and across the country about how to move from the fee-for-service system to paying for quality of care. New financial relationships are emerging to support of new forms of care delivery. The Lone Star State is blessed with some innovative minds on this topic; come hear from them.

Lynda Chin, MD: Associate Vice Chancellor & Chief Innovation Officer for Health Affairs, University of Texas System

Billy Millwee: President & CEO, BM&W Public Policy

Sharyl Jeffries: Vice President, Provider Performance, Superior Healthplan

10:15 AM

Driving to Transparency in Health Care

Transparency is the perfect example of a simple word that means many different things to people in health care. Talk of putting more information into people's hands, including the patient, spans the public and private sectors. Hear the latest that's percolating on this important topic.

Hon. Dustin Burrows: Texas State Representative

Deane Waldman, MD: Director, Center for Health Care Policy, Texas Public Policy Foundation

Byron Mickle: Senior Vice President, Navitus Health Solutions

10:15 AM

Issues in Palliative and Long-Term Care

A patient entering palliative or long term care can be an emotional family moment. These two important forms of care for the sick and vulnerable might be heading in two different directions in Texas. One is expanding while the other struggles for funds. Learn more from two leading voices on these issues.

Dr. Robert Fine: Clinical Director, Office of Clincial Ethics & Palliative Care, Baylor Scott & White

Kevin Warren: President & CEO, Texas Health Care Association

11:15 AM

Policy Leadership: Republicans

The ACA, or Obamacare, gets a lot of the headlines, but there is much more on the table in Austin in health policy. Listen to this panel of some of the most important Republican health policy leaders in Texas discuss what legislators expect to tackle this session.

Hon. John Zerwas, MD: Texas State Representative

Hon. Matt Rinaldi: Texas State Representative 

Hon. Stephanie Klick: Texas State Representative

Hon. Ron Simmons: Texas State Representative


11:15 AM

Sustainability of the Individual Market

2017 is a year of change for the individual market. The ACA expanded access to coverage, but some insurers left the state, others shrunk their provider networks, and premiums went up. Come hear what's next from experts on the topic.

Doug Danzeiser: Director Life & Health, Regulator Policy Division, Texas Divsion of Insurance

Jamie Dudensing: CEO, Texas Association of Health Plans

11:15 AM

Finding a Way to Make Telemedicine Work for Texas

Innovations in health care don't always become the subject of legislative and court battles. Telemedicine has in Texas but, there may be a path forward, both in the Legislature and in telemedicine doing more to support the health of patients. This well-versed panel tells you how.

Nora Belcher: Executive Director, Texas e-Health Alliance

Kristi Henderson: VP, Innovation & Virtual Care, Seton Healthcare Family

Mari Robinson: Director of Telehealth, University of Texas Medical Branch

Dr. Jason Tibbels: Senior Medical Director, Quality Programs, Teladoc

11:15 AM

An Honest Conversation about Cost Drivers

From market leverage to regulatory hurdles, there are a number of real reasons for the cost of health care. But if we can’t be honest about what those reasons are, it makes finding solutions to the challenge of cost all the more difficult. This panel will discuss the question in an open, authentic dialog.

Tom Quirk: CEO, United Healthcare - Texas

Bill Hammond: Former CEO, Texas Association of Business

Kristin Parde: Deputy VP, State Advocacy, PhRMA 

12:15 PM

Lunch Keynote Presentation: The Changed Political Landscape and What it Means for Health Care

The center of gravity for health policy might be shifting from the states to Washington DC for now.  In the Trump administration, a repeal of the Affordable Care Act is a near certainty.  The scope of what will replace it, however, is still unclear.  Mr. Capretta is one of the most important thought leaders on the topic of health policy in Washington DC.  He has the attention of senior members of the Trump administration, and will share his thoughts on how the health policy debate will unfold in 2017.

James Capretta: Milton Freidman Chair, American Enterprise Institute

1:15 PM

Policy Leadership: Democrats

There are many big issues on the table for the 2017 Legislative Session, including navigating policy priorities in a frugal budgetary time. Come listen to these Democratic legislators discuss what they see on the road ahead for health policy in Texas in these challenging and interesting times.

Hon. Jose Rodriguez: Texas State Senator 

Hon. Bobby Guerra: Texas State Representative 

Hon. Barbara Gervin-Hawkins: Texas State Representative (invited)

1:15 PM

What Employers are Worried About in Health Care Today

The cost of providing coverage to employees is always a big concern to businesses. But underneath that concern is understanding the strategies employers are using to improve employee health, while working with providers and insurers to address rising costs. These leading voices in the business community explain more.

Chris Wallace: President, Texas Association of Business

Omar Rodriguez: Chief Service Officer, WebTPA

Marianne Fazen: Executive Director, Dallas-Fort Worth Business Group on Health

1:15 PM

The Implications of Artificial Intelligence and Virtual Reality In Health Care

The health care system isn't known for changing quickly, but rapidly advancing technology in artificial intelligence and virtual reality is transforming how patients are diagnosed and treated. Come listen to executives in this innovative space explain how the delivery of health care can and will change because of technology not yet on the radar screen of many health care leaders:

Swatee Surve: CEO, Litesprite

Jon Pearce: CEO, Zipnosis

Simone Otenaike: Associate, McGinnis Lochridge

1:15 PM

Update from Texas Health & Human Services

Medicaid might be the hottest health policy topic in Austin during the 2017 Legislative Session. Texas Health & Human Services has been in the headlines in recent months for a number of issues, including Medicaid. One of the agency's top leaders will share an update and insight on the Commission's work.

Gary Jessee: Deputy Executive Commissioner, Medical & Social Services, Texas Health & Human Services

2:15 PM

Hospital Leadership in a Time of Transition

This time in American health care may be viewed as the most dynamic, shifting, and complex time in the history of the industry.  Within the hospital sector, many of those shifting pressures are even more stark and challenging. This panel of senior executives will discuss what is ahead for hospitals in 2017 and beyond. 

Stephen Love: President & CEO, Dallas-Fort Worth Hospital Council

Glenn Robinson: President, Baylor Scott & White - Hillcrest 

Fred Cerise: President & CEO, Parkland Hospital & Health System 

2:15 PM

Viewing Health Through a Community Lens

Socio-economic factors play an important role in supporting health and health care. What factors in the community are the underlying drivers of the success or failure of the health care system, and how do we improve them?  This panel of experts will unpack the issue and share their thoughts.

Marcos Pesquera: System VP, Equity, Diversity, & Inclusion, CHRISTUS Health

Kimber Lee Falkinburg: Founder & CEO, Spread Hope Like Fire

Elizabeth Krause: Senior Program Officer, St. David's Foundation 

2:15 PM

System Integration: Behavioral Health & Medical Care

Providers, payers, and patients are becoming more aware of the direct connection between physical and mental health. It's an incresasing point of focus in Texas, including addressing both traditional behavorial health and substance abuse.  This expert panel will tackle a range of topics on this issue in an informative session.

Kevin Denmark: VP, Client Services, Beacon Health Options

Amy Granberry: CEO, Charlie's Place Recovery Center

Sachin Kamble, MD: Peer Fellow, Texans Standing Tall

3:15 PM

Afternoon Key Note Address: What's Next for Texas Health Care After the ACA

Does anyone really know what to expect in health policy in the era of a Trump Presidency? The media, political, and policy worlds are in upheaval after November's election. This select panel will offer insights from each of their unique perspectives on the path ahead for Texas.

Ross Ramsey: Executive Editor & Co-Founder, Texas Tribune

Charles Smith: Executive Commissioner, Texas Health & Human Services Commission

Jamie Dudensing: CEO, Texas Association of Health Plans