Detailed Agenda

Our 2016 Oregon State of Reform Health Policy Conference Detailed Agenda is a list of over 70 speakers and experts from across the spectrum of care. The heading colors correspond to track colors on our Topical Agenda to help you organize your day.

8:45 am

Morning Executive Keynote Address

Dr. Bud Pierce is the Republican candidate for Governor. He is running against Kate Brown who was appointed to the position in February, 2015, and who is seeking election to compete the term of office.

Dr. Pierce is an oncologist in private practice in Salem, Oregon. He also serves as a clinical assistant professor at OHSU.

According to his campaign website, “Pierce favors insurance for all, meaning an adequate basic plan for all and supplemental insurance products for those who wish to have more coverage. He will fight any state-run, one-size-fits-all, single-payer healthcare system or any attempt to herd more and more Oregonians into the Oregon Health Plan Medicaid program.”

Bud Pierce: Candidate for Governor, State of Oregon

9:45 AM

An Update from OHA

This panel includes some of the key leaders transforming Oregon’s Medicaid program. Topics will include an update on Oregon’s waiver, the progress of CCOs, and the future of Oregon’s Medicaid program. Bring your questions!

Varsha Chauhan, MD: Chief Health Systems Officer, OHA

Leslie Clement: Director of Policy, OHA

Mark Fairbanks: Chief Financial Officer, OHA

9:45 AM

The Promise and Challenge of New Pharmaceuticals

“Miracle drugs” are on the horizon with new technologies and advancements in biology opening doors to treatments previously out of reach. But in a time of steep hikes in pharmaceutical utilization and pricing, how will the system provide for both access and financial sustainability? This panel will explore the topic from multiple perspectives.

Jim Rickards, MD: Chief Medical Officer, OHA

Glenn Wachter: Senior Director of Business Development, CredenaHealth

Jeff Griggs: Director, Prior Authorization Operations,OmedaRx (invited)

9:45 AM

Employers Seeking Value From Their Healthcare Spend

As health care costs increase, employers are demanding greater value from the health care system. Hear about how employers are changing the conversation and the relationship they have with the health care system, and what they are learning as a result.

David Snodgrass: President, Healthcare Management Administrators

Brian DeVore: VP, National Healthcare Thought Leader, Wells Fargo

Jason Beyrouty: Partner, AKT

9:45 AM

Hospital Leaders Discuss Strategy, Opportunity on Road Ahead

The changing model of care delivery in Oregon is creating new challenges and new opportunities for the state’s hospitals. This panel of hospital leaders will talk through the strategic approach each is bringing to health care today, and what those initiatives might mean to the market overall.

Jason Faler: Director, Business Planning & Strategic Development, Providence Health & Services

Charles Tveit: CEO, Lake District Hospital

Trent Green: Chief Strategy Officer, Legacy Health

9:45 AM

Integration of Social Determinants of Health

While awareness about the role of social factors in health is high, the integration of that knowledge into care is still widely variable and largely in its infancy. This panel will discuss the latest initiatives related to social determinants on health and where those initiatives are finding traction in traditional health care.

Christina Nicolaidis, MD, MPH : Director, Social Determinants of Health Initiative Portland State University

Lena Teplitsky, MPH: NICH Program Coordinator, OHSU Doernbecher Children's Hospital

Bobby Martin: Foster Care Systems Manager, Health Share of Oregon

10:45 AM

2016 Elections and What That Could Mean For Health Policy

The 2016 elections could be tremendously consequential for Oregon health care. Along with federal and legislative races, a mid-term gubernatorial election is taking place and a major tax initiative is on the ballot. Hear from these smart political observers about what to expect on November 8th, and what that could mean for Oregon health care.

Rep. Mitch Greenlick: Chair, House Committee on Health Care

Dale Penn: Senior Public Affairs Manager, CFM Strategic Communications

Mike Riley: President, Riley Research Associates

10:45 AM

CCOs 2.0: The Challenge of Extending Transformation

Now that the CCO transformation model is in its fifth year, it’s a useful opportunity to assess its success ongoing viability. Will CCOs continue if Oregon’s wavier is unsuccessful? Will CCOs have success entering the commercial space? This panel will explore those topics and more.

Cynthia Ackerman: Chief Quality Officer, AllCare

Lindsey Hopper: VP, Medicaid, PacificSource

Jeff Heatherington: CEO, FamilyCare Health

10:45 AM

Will Public Sector Payment Reforms Impact the Commercial Market?

Will MACRA transform health care? Will CCOs influence care delivery in the commercial space? This panel will discuss how reforms driven by public policy may have deep and lasting implications for the private market.

Zeke Smith : President, Oregon Health Policy Board

Phil Jackson: CEO, Oregon Health CO-OP

Robin Richardson: SVP, MODA Health

10:45 AM

Learned Strategies from Implementing Population Health Management

There is increasing energy and interest around population health management, and moving from theory to practice. Come listen to these experts discuss their lessons learned as well as the topics they see coming on the road ahead.

Adrianne Feldstein, MD: Associate Medical Director, Quality Systems, Kaiser Permanente NW

Riyad Fares, MD, MBA: Medical Director, Legacy Health Partners

Sandra Clark: Director of Population Health, FamilyCare Health

10:45 AM

The New Shape of Community Benefit

The ACA has fundamentally altered the community benefit equation for hospitals. With increases in coverage for patients, charity care is down by almost 2/3rds since 2013. What are the implications for community benefit as a result of these changes, and where are the opportunities to make significant changes to the paradigm moving forward

Alan Yordy: Former CEO, PeaceHealth

Meagan McAninch Jones: Manager, Community Benefit Providence Health & Services

Brian Willoughby: Director of Community Benefit, Legacy Health

11:45 AM

Lunch Keynote

Dr. John Kitzhaber is the former Governor of Oregon.

Dr. Kitzhaber was elected four times to the position before stepping down in February, 2015. During his time in office, including serving in the state Senate, Dr. Kitzhaber is credited with creating and shaping the Oregon Medicaid system. This includes elements such as the CCO transformation project, the prioritized list, and the Oregon Health Plan itself.

Dr. Kitzhaber is now providing consultation services for health care organizations in Oregon as well as across the region.

John Kitzhaber, MD: Former Governor Oregon

1:00 PM

Policy Leadership: Republicans

While Republicans are currently in the minority in Salem, the fluid nature of this year’s election season could change that. This panel will talk through the ideas Republicans will bring to the 2017 legislative session. Bring your questions for an always engaging session.

Rep. Bill Kennemer: Member, House Committee of Health Care

Rep. Cedric Hayden: Member, Oregon House of Representatives

Sen. Jeff Kruse: Vice Chair, Senate Committee on Health Care

1:00 PM

Managing the End of Life Care Experience

The health care system is much more thoughtful about making the end of life a higher quality experience. Yet, tremendous work remains to be done. This cross-functional panel will talk through both the system improvements, as well as what lies on the road ahead.

Barb Hansen: Executive Director, Oregon Hospice and Palliative Care Association

Jerry Cohen: State Director, AARP

Sieko Izumi: Assistant Professor, OHSU School of Nursing

1:00 PM

MACRA & CMS: Driving Payment Change

CMS and Medicare may well return to being the most influential force in health system reform. If so, MACRA will be the tool that leads that effort. This panel will discuss what’s in the transformational legislation, and what it will mean for the provider marketplace.

Tim Kennedy: Partner, Hall Render

Kate Othus: Partner, AKT

Ralph Prows, MD: Chief Medical Officer, Adventist Health

1:00 PM

Behavioral Health and Integration into Physical Health Care

With four years of integrated financing in CCOs, and technology supporting integration across all lines of business, what is the status of integrating care across behavioral and physical health? This panel will discuss the trends, outcomes, and promise of integration.

Jennifer Johnstun: Director of Health Strategy, Primary Health of Josephine County

Paul Ciechanowski: CMO & Founder, SamePage

Maggie Bennington-Davis, MD: CMO, Health Share of Oregon

1:00 PM

Salem Insiders Talk Shop

The 2017 legislative session could be a difficult one. Depending on the November elections, fiscal challenges could be significant. And, it’s not clear that the new 1115 waiver will be approved in time to forestall significant decisions on health policy. Come to this session to learn from folks walking the halls of the capital about what they see coming on the horizon.

Martin Taylor: Executive Director of Public Affairs and Marketing, CareOregon

Fawn Barrie: Government Affairs Consultant, Legislative Advocates

Scott Gallant: Principal, Gallant Policy Advisors

Tom Holt: Director, Government Affairs, Cambia

2:00 PM

Policy Leadership: Democrats

The Democratic Majority in Salem is one of the primary centers of health policy leadership in Oregon. This panel will discuss the areas of interest, and potential innovations, which will emanate from Democrats in 2017. Come with your questions for a dialog on what to expect in the next session.

Rep. Alissa Keny-Guyer: Vice-Chair, House Committee on Health Care

Rep. Barbara Smith Warner: Oregon State House

Rep. Rob Nosse: Vice-Chair, House Interim Committee on Health Care

2:00 PM

Connecting Housing to Traditional Health Care

Increasingly, it is becoming clear that housing is an important element of our overall health care system. Yet only the most innovative organizations are fully adept at working closely with the housing community. This panel will discuss the connection between the two sectors, and explore the deep and impactful benefits from closer collaboration.

Karen Gaffney: Assistant Director, Lane County Health & Human Services

Rose Englert: Senior Leader, Community Health Innovation Programs, CareOregon

Alan Evans: Executive Director, Helping Hands

2:00 PM

Stabilizing the Individual Market

Regulators, market actors and policy makers all likely have continued work to do to stabilize and improve the individual market for Oregonians. This panel will review the progress and challenges to date, but will focus on the road ahead and what it means for the insurance marketplace.

Patrick Allen: Director, DCBS

Ruth Bauman: CEO, Atrio Health Plan

Elaine Corrough: Senior Actuary, Axene Health Partners

2:00 PM

The Mixed Success of Disruptive Technologies

From “meaningful use” to “artificial intelligence,” the nature and role of technology in health care has had and will have both an impressive and disappointing impact. This session will review both sides of that ledger, and will look ahead to whether the disruption from technology with transform or limit health care’s future success.

Bruce Howell: Partner, Schwabe Williamson Wyatt

Mike Shirtcliff: President, Advantage Dental

Ramona Ramadas: Director, COPE Health Solutions

3:00 PM

Afternoon Executive Keynote: Post ACA Perspectives on Reform

This session will conclude our day with a candid discussion on next steps and opportunities for commercial players. From pharmaceutical trends to administrative changes, there will be a number of forces driving the market in the years ahead. How will these pressures shape commercial strategies? This panel of health care leaders will discuss that question and more to round out our agenda.

Andy McCulloch: President, Kaiser Permanente NW

Kraig Anderson: Senior Vice President, MODA Health

Angela Dowling: President Regence Blue Cross Blue Shield of Oregon

Eric Hunter: CEO, CareOregon