Detailed Agenda

Our 2016 Alaska State of Reform Health Policy Conference Detailed Agenda is a list of over 60 speakers and experts from across the spectrum of care. The heading colors correspond to track colors on our Topical Agenda to help you organize your day.

8:30 AM

Morning Executive Keynote Panel: Defining Challenges, Identifying Solutions

Getting to solutions in Alaska's health care system requires first getting to a clear eyed understanding of the problems in Alaska's health care system. Some of the road blocks to system improvement are clearer than others, but many are subtle. This panel will talk through where some of the challenges arise in moving the system forward, and where we might find some common ground

Rep.Seaton: Member, House of Representatives

Karen Perdue: Former CEO, ASHNHA

Rep.David Guttenberg: Member, House of Representatives

9:30 AM

A Healthier Alaska by 2020

Healthy Alaskans 2020, the state health improvement plan, is a unique state-tribal partnership to address 25 leading health goals by the year 2020. This panel will discuss HA2020 progress to date including implementation of strategies and actions. Join us in learning how communities and organizations statewide are working together to improve the health of all Alaskans.

Michael Dickey: Public Health Quality and Performance Improvement Manager, Alaska Division of Public Health

Diana Redwood, PhD: Senior Epidemiologist, Alaska Native Tribal Health Consortium

9:30 AM

Consumer Costs and Affordability

One can debate the merits of policy, but if costs continue to spiral upward, then it's hard to argue those policies are as effective as they should be. This panel will discuss the increasing challenge of increased costs and the diminished affordability of health care in Alaska, and what solutions might be available to move the system forward.

Eric Deeg: President, USI

Lynn Henderson: VP, Sales & Service, Premera

Nathaniel Currall: Partner, Chupka Currall

9:30 AM

How Care Coordination in Alaska is Taking Shape

Nascent forms of care coordination have now been underway in Alaska for a few years, which is starting to reshape the nature of plan-provider relations. This panel will talk through the topic and discuss the strategic implications for the future of Alaska health care.

Jim Grazko: President, Premera Blue Cross Blue Shield of Alaska

Justin Valley: Manager, AKT

Eric Van Allen: Senior Vice President, Beacon Health Options

9:30 AM

Addressing Changes in Long Term Care

As retirees and senior members of Alaska’s community increasingly remain in the state, the needs of the long term care system are growing more acute. Learn how fiscal pressures and changing payment models is pushing the long term care community to become more creative about how it interacts with the rest of the system.

Duane Mayes: Director, Division of Senior and Disability Services, DHSS

Paul Mattfeld: Administrator, PrestigeCare

Sandra Heffern: CEO, Effective Health Design

10:30 AM

Alaska's Fiscal Situation and the 2017 Legislative Session

Alaska’s fiscal situation continues to be both dire and unresolved. Creative solutions are on the table but harnessing the political will for transformational change has been elusive. This panel will talk through some of the tradeoffs and the obstacles between today and resolution.

Rep. Paul Seaton: Member, Alaska House of Representatives

Pat Pitney: Director, Office of Management & Budget

Jim Lottsfeldt: President, Lottsfeldt Strategies

10:30 AM

Are Value-Based Payments Relevant to Alaska?

For years, provider contracting with plans was limited. If it existed, it was only fee for service. However, now that Alaskan has the most expensive health care of any state in the most expensive country in the world, are value based payments a pathway to cost mitigation and improvements in care?

Jason Haugen: CEO, Pinnacle

Jeremy Gitomer, MD: Physician, Alaska Innovative Medicine

Leigh Ann Woodard:Administrator, Alaska Center for Pediatrics

10:30 AM

Reforming the Behavioral Health System

For years, Alaska’s health care system has often disconnected the head from the rest of the body. That is less the case, however, as primary care providers are managing more mental health treatment, and behavioral health providers are modernizing, as well. Learn how the dots are getting connected to improve Alaska’s health care system.

Randall Burns: Director, Division of Behavioral Health, DHSS

Tom Chard: Executive Director, Alaska Behavioral Health Association

Kate Burkhard: Executive Director, Alaska Mental Health Board

10:30 AM

Leveraging Technology to Improve Care Delivery

Technology has often been an aspirational tool of the health care system, but it?s only in recent years that the cumulative and collective investment in technology has begun to fundamentally transform and improve care deliver. This session will highlight the net benefits of those investments and point to the future of care as a result.

Rebecca Madison: Executive Director, Alaska e-Health Network

Ramona Ramadas: Director, COPE Health Solutions

Sandy Kukla: Senior Manager Clinical Informatics & Telehealth, GCI Healthcare Services

11:30 AM

Update from DHSS

DHSS has become one of the primary drivers of system innovation in Alaska health. This is true for Medicaid, but the impacts are being felt well beyond that line of business. This session will provide an update on the initiatives underway and the system benefits to Alaskan health care.

Deb Erickson: Medicaid Redesign Project Coordinator, DHSS

Monique Martin: Special Assistant to the Commissioner, DHSS

11:30 AM

The Challenges of Provider Reimbursement

Alaska has a long history of provider reimbursement issues, and CMS and Medicare may well return to being a driving force in health system reform. If so, MACRA will be the tool that leads that effort. This panel will discuss what’s in the transformational legislation, and what it will mean for provider rates, and how it can address the market’s high costs.

Timothy Kennedy: Attorney, Hall Render

Kate Othus: Partner, AKT

Noel Rea: President, Innovative Solutions (invited)

11:30 AM

The History and Future of Managing Opioid Addiction

Some argue the opioid problem that is raging across America is perhaps most acutely felt in Alaska. What gets overlooked is that the problem is largely one created through a lack of coordination in our health care system. This panel will discuss the history of the problem and what it means for the future of care in Alaska.

Jay Butler: Director, Division of Public Health

Ken Anderson: VP, Public Sector Business Development, Optum

Ron Greene: Clinical Director, Center for Drug Problems

11:30 AM

Role of Hospitals in the Future

The nature of care in Alaska is forcing hospitals to adapt to a changing business model. That model may still be focused on ?beds in heads,? but the additional responsibilities on hospitals through bundled payments, and as a result of economic insecurity have change the conversation. This panel will talk through the conversations on the future in these institutions.

Julie Taylor: CEO, Alaska Regional Hospital

Andrew Mayo: CEO, Northstar Behavioral Health

Gregory Johnson: CEO, Fairbanks Memorial Hospital

12:30 PM

Luncheon Keynote Panel: Hard Truths, Honest Discussion

With change comes insecurity. It’s not a phenomenon unique to health care. However, this panel will bring into the open some of the discussions taking place in Alaska health care today and will reflect some of the anxiety viscerally felt in Alaska’s health care system. These leaders from across the system will have an open, honest dialog about what’s ahead, and what their organizations need to be successful in a changing environment.

Becky Hultberg: CEO, ASHNHA

Albert Fogle: Employee Benefits Consultant, Northrim Benefits Group

Sen. Pete Kelly: Co-Chair, Senate Finance Committee

Noah Laufer, MD: Managing Partner, Medical Park Family Care

1:45 PM

Policy Leadership: Democrats

With the elections around the corner, and a contentious legislative session on the horizon, this panel of legislative leaders will talk through what Democrats have in mind related to health policy. Bring your questions to what is an always lively panel.

Hon. Chris Tuck: Representative State of Alaska

Hon. Bill Wielechowski: Senator, State of Alaska

Hon. Geran Tarr: Representative, State of Alaska

1:45 PM

How to Leverage Purchasing for Smarter Care Delivery in Alaska

If care delivery follows care financing, then purchasers can wield significant influence to push the health care system to deliver greater value and responsiveness. These speakers will talk through various strategies under way to demand increased value and performance out of Alaska’s health care system.

Sheldon Fisher: Commissioner, Dept of Administration

Josh Weinstein: President, Northrim Benefits

David Snodgrass: President, Healthcare Management Administrators

1:45 PM

Addressing Chronic Alcohol and Substance Abuse

Alaska continues to struggle to manage the chronic disease, housing insecurity, and other health related implications of alcohol and substance abuse. This includes both street drugs and “white collar” pharmaceuticals. This panel will discuss the cross-functional needs and strategies behind Alaska’s solutions to the crisis.

Ryan Ray: Health Policy Fellow, UAA Institute for Circumpolar Health Studies

Rosalie Nadeau: CEO, Akeela

1:45 PM

Social and Economic Impacts on Health Status

Solutions to health - from policy discussions to clinical exam rooms - increasingly include consideration of the social and economic impacts on one's health. This group of experts will highlight the latest learnings in the field as well as the most impactful strategies from the front lines of care.

Kate Paris: Director, Thought Leadership, UnitedHealthcare

Melissa Kemberling, PhD: Director of Programs, Mat-Su Health Foundation

Shelis Jorgensen: Executive Director, Sunshine Community Health Center

2:45 PM

Policy Leadership: Republicans

This group of legislative leaders will discuss the most pressing topical issues in health policy, ranging from the implications of this year’s general election to the challenges awaiting the legislature in Juneau in 2017. Bring your questions to this always lively panel.

Hon. Cathy Giessel: Senator, State of Alaska

Hon. Bert Stedman: Senator, State of Alaska (invited)

Hon. Louise Stutes: Representative, State of Alaska

2:45 PM

Sustainability of the Individual Market

The individual market has been in crisis since the implementation of Obamacare, and in particular since the ending of the high risk pool. The legislature passed legislation to help support the market, but was that enough? This panel will take up the topic and discuss what the future of the individual market looks like.

Sheela Tallman: Senior Manager, Legislative Policy, Premera

Lori Wing-Heier: Director, DOI

Jason Gootee: Director, Alaska Sales & Services, MODA

2:45 PM

What Implementing SB74 Looks Like

SB 74 was the most reform minded legislation ever to pass the Alaska legislature, and passed with significant bi-partisan support. There is a lot of work in the bill, however, which is keeping Alaska Medicaid stakeholder busy. This session will survey the various activities related to implementation and the work ahead for Alaska health care.

Nancy Merriman: Executive Director, Alaska Primary Care Association

Barbra Nault: Partner, Hall Render

Elizabeth Ripley: Executive Director, Mat-Su Health Foundationr

3:45 PM

Executive Keynote Address:

Dr. Kitzhaber is the former Governor of Oregon.

Dr. Kitzhaber was elected four times to the position before stepping down in February, 2015. During his time in office, including serving in the state Senate, Dr. Kitzhaber is credited with creating and shaping the Oregon Medicaid system. This includes elements such as the CCO transformation project, the prioritized list, and the Oregon Health Plan itself.

This address, followed by a question and answer period, will highlight the implications for health care across the State of Alaska.

John Kitzhaber, MD: Former Governor, Oregon