Detailed Agenda

8:15 am Welcome and Introductions

Opening remarks to set the stage for the day and put the conference in the broader context of State of Reform activities, which are focused on bridging the gap between the worlds of health care and health policy.

DJ Wilson: Host, State of Reform

8:30 am Morning Keynote: Making Integration Work: The Oregon Transformation Project

The transformation of California’s health care system, catalyzed by the proposed 1115 waiver for Medi-Cal, can draw lessons from the success of its neighbor to the north. Integration of mental health, alternate payment methods, and empowerment of community voices are all key elements of both states’ visions.  Learn from the lessons of the past three years of Oregon’s transformation project from one of the leading health care visionaries in the country.

Bruce Goldberg, MD: Former Director, Oregon Health Authority

9:30 am Population Health Advancement

Managing population health requires a unique level of engagement across key systems and silos. This panel will bring some of the sharpest thinking in California health care about how systems can transform to better manage and engage community health.

Neal Halfon: Director, UCLA Center for Healthier Children, Families and Communities
Peter Long: President and CEO, Blue Shield of California Foundation
Nick Macchione: Director, San Diego County Health & Human Services

9:30 am Shaping the Commercial Marketplace

A number of influences are transforming the commercial marketplace today.  From state and federal regulations to market competition, carriers and providers can learn from this unique panel of experts offer their ideas on the future of the commercial market.

Holly Bui: General Manager, California, Oscar Health Plan of California
Anne Price: Director of Plan Management, Covered California
Shelley Rouillard: Director, Department of Managed Health Care

9:30 am An Honest Conversation About Cost Drivers

For the community outside of the health care industry bubble, the cost of health care is the number one issue consumers and businesses face.  Yet, much of the cost conversation is not as sophisticated as it could be.  This panel will bring some clear-eyed thinking to the topic, with data and innovation to support this engaging discussion.

Dave Axene: Founder and President, Axene Health Partners
Carmela Castellano-Garcia: President/CEO, California Primary Care Association
Dan Vincent: Director, Health Care Consulting, Moss Adams

9:30 am Leveraging Technology to Drive Patient Engagement

Technology is progressing to a point where patients are able to leverage new tools to take control of their health care in ways never before possible.  From labs to EKGs, costs are falling, smart phones are getting used, and consumers can select from a series of choices and information sets.  Learn from this panel about how some of this playing out in the market today.

Corey Shank: Managing Director, Health Systems, PointCare
Mike Townsend: COO, HomeHero
James Brady: CIO, Kaiser Permanente- Orange County

10:30 am County-led Innovations in Health Care

Some of the most interesting innovations in California health care are coming out of counties.  With a long history of central importance to the system, counties have a unique role to play.  With accountability to taxpayers, they have a unique set of interests, too.  Hear about what innovations are coming from counties in this session.

Alex Briscoe: Director, Alameda County Health Care Services Agency
Louise McCarthy: President & CEO, Community Clinic Association of Los Angeles County
Anthony Wright: Executive Director, Health Access California

10:30 am The Impact of Wearables on Health and Health Care

Wearables are changing the nature of how patients and providers engage in managing and delivering health care.  Listen to two innovators in the wearables space talk through their strategic view of the marketplace, and the lessons they are learning through delivering and supporting innovation in the health care sector.

Ian Shakil: CEO, Augmedix
Coleman Greene:
CEO, Sqord
Raquel Aragon: Counsel, Nixon Peabody (moderator)

10:30 am Low Cost, High Return Innovations

Sometimes, the best innovations in health care come without a TED talk or press release.  This panel will feature some of the best thinking underway regarding relatively easy innovations to manage costs and improve quality in health care today.

Patrick Pine: Chief Administrative Officer, Robert F. Kennedy Health Plan
Nate Perrizo: Chief Strategy Officer, PHTech
Kiah Williams: Co-Founder, SIRUM

10:30 am Delivering Coordinated Patient Care

While many organizations are moving forward with improvements in traditional care coordination, the needs of patient-centered care are being pushed farther as prices and complexity of health status increase.  This panel will bring new perspectives to the conversation about care coordination, and will highlight what’s working and what isn’t in care coordination today.

Corinne Eldridge: Executive Director, California Long Term Care Education Center
Brian Warren: Vice President, Center for Advocacy, California Pharmacists Association
Thomas Van Gilder, MD, JD, MPH: Chief Medical Officer, VP informatics & Analytics, Transcend Insights
Donald Rebhun, MD: National Medical Director, HealthCare Partners

11:30 am Leveraging TeleHealth For Improved Access

Telehealth offers a special opportunity to bridge the health access challenges of “provider deserts” which exist in much of rural and low-income California.  With relatively low-cost technology available, often it’s a shift in culture that becomes the most pressing obstacle to overcome. This panel will highlight the changes and challenges to implementing tele-health in 2015.

Timi Leslie: President, BluePath Health Inc.
Mark Schweyer:
Director of Telehealth Programs , California Health and Wellness
Kathy Chorba: Executive Director, California Telehealth Resource Center

11:30 am Q&A with Sen. Ed Hernandez

As Chair of the Senate Committee on Health, Sen. Ed Hernandez has led some of the most important health policy discussions in Sacramento. Medi-Cal funding, pharmaceutical cost containment, and provider access are on his mind. Listen to his ideas for the next legislative session. Bring your questions!

Hon. Ed Hernandez: Chair, California Senate Committee on Health

11:30 am Driving Transparency through the System

The market hasn’t brought transparency to health care by itself.  So, some key leaders in health care are driving the issue forward by fostering discussion around data, legislation, and pricing.  It’s also being informed by key lessons from other states, too.  Hear the latest on the topic from this panel of experts.

Scott Decker: CEO, HealthSparq
Jill Yegian, PhD: SVP, Programs and Policy, Integrated Health Association
Maribeth Shannon: Director, Informing Decisionmakers, California Health Care Foundation

11:30 am Social Determinants of Health

Being healthy and well is about much more than the health care one receives.  With more and more studies and experience pointing to social, personal and non-allopathic influences on health, this panel will discuss how the health care system – in the broadest possible sense – is responding to the science.

Shom Dasgupta, MD: Director of Social Medicine and Health Equity, St. John’s Well Child & Family Center
Elisa Nicholas, MD, MSPH: CEO, The Children’s Clinic
Tracy Finlayson: Associate Professor, San Diego State University School of Public Health

12:30 am Lunch Keynote: Executive Keynote Panel: A Cross-Silo Dialog About Today’s System of Care

Having conversations across silos of health care today is not as common as perhaps it should be.  This panel will address some contemporary issues in California health care from each of their unique perspectives on the system.

Laphonza Butler: President, SEIU 2015
John Baackes: CEO, LA Care Health Plan
Hon. Ed Hernandez: Chair, California Senate Committee on Health

1:45 pm The Future of Medi-Cal: Challenges and Opportunities

Medi-Cal is at a cross roads in many ways.  From state funding to federal waivers, from immigrant populations to provider access, Medi-Cal and its coverage of 12m lives holds as many answers as it does questions.  This panel of visionaries will offer their best thinking on what’s to come and how to wade forward during this time of change.

Jonathan Freedman: Chief of Strategy, LA Care Health Plan
Brandi Wolf: Policy Director, SEIU 2015
Brianna Lierman:  Chief Executive Officer, Local Health Plans of California

1:45 pm Dialog on System-Level Disruption

To move the needle in health, it takes disruptors thinking about ways to improve things from a systemic level. Our experts will talk about how they are using data, drugs, and technology to reach more people at a lower price point to drive dynamic change.

Mark Baum: CEO/Founder, Imprimis Pharmaceuticals
Christina Pluta: Senior Associate, Providence Ventures
Walter Zelman: Department Chair, School of Public Health, California State University, Los Angeles

1:45 pm Improving Cultural Competency in Health Care

It’s not enough to have the right technology and the right academic training if providers can’t meet patients where they are culturally.  Communication and social awareness become critical strategies to bridging gaps which can exists in culture, language, customs, income, and overall literacy of the health system.  This panel will take up the topic with thoughts on best practices applicable throughout California.

Greg Buchert: CEO, California Health and Wellness
Maria Lemus: Executive Director, Vision y Compromiso
Terri Amano: Director of Multicultural Health Programs, Anthem

1:45 pm Models for Provider Risk Arrangements

As physicians and hospitals, as well as other providers, seek to move upstream in the risk arrangement, the models for contracting and organizational alignment become wide-ranging.  This panel will take up a number of those models and talk through the lessons of experience from both successes and setbacks.

Elaine Corrough: Senior Consulting Actuary, Axene Health Partners
Jill Gordon: Partner, Nixon Peabody
Beth Ginzinger:  Vice President, Provider Joint Ventures – West Region, Anthem Inc.

2:45 pm DSRIP Financing of Medicaid: TX,NY & CA

CMS is employing new tools and allowing greater flexibility for innovation in health care through a program called the Delivery System Reform Incentive Payment, or DSRIP.  This model is unique in every state, but early adopter states like New York and Texas have informed California’s model. Learn from these experts about what changes may be coming through DSRIP funds in California, and the lessons learned from other states.

Lisa Chan-Sawin: DSRIP Consultant, Chan-Sawin and Associates
Evan King: Executive Vice President, Cope Health Solutions

2:45 pm Sacramento Insiders Talk Shop

The halls of the state capital building are where you’ll find some of the smartest, most influential players in health care and health policy today. We have a few of them joining this panel, where they will share their insights on the politics and fiscal challenges of health care and health policy ahead in the 2016 legislative session.

Beth Capell: Policy Advocate, Health Access California
Jim Gross: Partner, Nielsen Merksamer
Alma Hernandez: Political Director, SEIU State Council

2:45 pm Integrating Mental Health and Physical Health

As talk of integration moves into action, the challenges of implementing the financing and care coordination of an integrated model become clearer – and more complex.  This panel will take up the lessons learned from envisioning and implementing key strategies to care for – and pay for – whole person care.

Clayton Chau, MD: Medical Director Behavioral Health, LA Care Health Plan
Mike Witte, MD: Chief Medical Officer, California Primary Care Association
David Conn, PhD: Senior Vice President, Mental Health Systems

3:45 pm Executive Keynote Panel: Five Years After the ACA, Looking Five Years Ahead

With five years of the Affordable Care Act under our belts, this panel will take stock of the progress made and look ahead to the challenges of the next five years.  From differing perspective, each borne from significant market and policy experience, this panel will review the changes to the marketplace in place and what we might be seeing in the years to come.

Melissa Stafford-Jones: Director, US Dept of Health and Human Services, Region IX
Brian Connor:
Partner & National Practice Leader, Hospitals, Moss Adams
Gary Toebben:  President & CEO, Los Angeles Area Chamber of Commerce
Peter Long: President and CEO, Blue Shield of California Foundation